"If clothes maketh the man, frills maketh the sissy"

The most obvious and visual of the three aspects of sissydom is the attire the sissy wears. From clothing to hair and make-up the sissy has many choices to indicate her status to all around her.

Colors and textures should be soft and feminine. Remember girls, as a sissy you are being complimented when others see you and declare you are a "pantywaist" or "nancy boy"!

Pink, peach and pale yellows, greens and blues are all perfect for that sissy dress and matching shoes. Satins, silks and lavishly sleek materials shout "prissy" and should be worn whenever practical. A petticoat is a must have to properly show off the shape of your skirt. Obviously, the fuller, the better.

Ribbons, embroidered flowers and lace should be used to enhance the effect and draw attention to the hem of your skirt, the collar of your bodice or your delicate waist.

Hair should be worn neatly styled; if curly, ringlets look arodable especially if framed by a bonnet; if straight; hair can be plaited and tied in ribbons to match the outfit.

Make-up should follow the overall sissified look, feminine and soft. High and delicate arched eyebrows should sit above dusty pink eye-shadow and lightly rouged cheeks. A shiny bow of color should adorn a sissy's lips...

Accessories such as gloves (satin or lace, of course) and little handbags (to carry lipstick and other small necessities) always add to the overall girlish image being portrayed.

Whilst it is down to the individual what constitutes a complete sissy outfit, here are a few guidelines for achieving the demure and girlish look that shows everyone what a precious cream puff you are:

  • Shoes - preferably heeled and slender to co-ordinate with your dress and/or handbag.
  • Stockings - pale and sheer, perhaps with a lace top, stockings should always be chosen over pantyhose.
  • Underwear - frothy and frilly are the adjectives here - rows of ruffles on panties are the hallmark of a sissy, just make sure they compliment the colors of the rest of your underwear. A slender waist helps to accentuate the sissy posture, so a matching satin or brocade corselette can be worn with a pretty satin and lace bra. A camisole top will help to smooth the lines of your dress over your
  • The sissy dress The garment that most defines a sissy is her sissy dress. The skirt should be full and be arranged over a co-ordinated petticoat. Necklines should be modest (perhaps a lace collar or a frilly ruff). Puffed sleeves can be short and end in gathered lace frills or long and end with satin buttoned cuffs. A broad ribbon tied about the waist in a large bow at the rear never looks out of place. 

The act of transforming yourself into a girlish sissy should begin to change you mentally as well as physically, as you pull your sissy dress over your pretty underwear and fasten up its buttons or slide up its zipper, you should feel a change in your whole countenance. Once you appear effeminate, you should act and be effeminate. Which brings us onto the next aspect of sissydom; deportment.

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