George and Leona's Wedding Picture

George and Leona Salvhus

George trapping

George working on trees

George with his team...circa 1930's

George, Laura and Leona

George Salvhus and Kristi Bingham

Leona, George and Laura, circa 1967

George, Leona, Andrew and Bergetta

George and Leona headstones

circa 1942, Andrew and Bergetta Salvhus

Andrew with his co-star pose for pictures

Leona and Children

circa 1948, Bergetta, Leona, George and Andrew Salvhus

Bergetta, Andrew and Laura, circa Aug 2001


Andrew T Salvhus headstone, Our Saviors, McIntosh

Leona and Gunhild

Bergetta graduation

Bill and Bergetta Bingham

circa 2004, Bill abd Bergetta (Salvhus) Bingham 50th Anniversary

Lee & Jen Forsberg Kids

Christian, Matthew and Rachael

Christian Ray 7.5 years

Rachael Ann 5 years

Matthew 2 weeks

Laura Salvhus - The hardest thing to give is, "in".

Laura and Larry

Larry's Harley but we all love it

Grandma Laura's tent and primative camping were a new experience this summer

Dara and Alexander on hot summer day

Kendra and Christopher exploring a fallen tree

She wants to clean my ear!!

Amber and Great-grandaunt Tina Trydal (center) Look familiar?

Troy and Dara Dyrdal

Matthew Harold Evans, 12/29/75-10/13/92, Our Saviors, McIntosh

circa 1997 The Binghams - Linda, Scott, Mark, Debbie (Lofstrand), Bill, Brady and Kristi (Maruska), Bergetta and Pam (Kreidelcamp)

Mary Bingham and Wendy Gettel

Mark,Nina,Mary back Wendy Gettel and Harlee Bingham

Harlee James Bingham hitching a ride

Mark and Pam (Bingham) Kreidelcamp circa 20 Apr 07

Mark and Pam (Bingham) Kreidelcamp, Joey and AnnMarie Narloch circa 13 May 07

Mark and Pam (Bingham) Kreidelcamp, Joey and AnnMarie Narloch circa 20 Apr 07

Joey and AnnMarie Narloch

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