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Gunder Snareson Tweten history - 1

Gunder Snareson Tweten history - 2

Aase, rt and ?

Aasa and Olina

Believe this is Aase

front:Tellef(Tom) and Thora Stavnus Tweten and Emma back: Ole and Snarey

Snarey, Aase and Lillian

Snarey and Aase (Trydal) Tweten

Toralf and Ester (nee Tweten) Enden

Snarey and Emma Anderson? Question here..woman is one of Trydal girls but not sure of the man. Any guesses?

Marlow Tweten and Jeanne Noel, Wedding day, circa 25 Apr 1942

Asse (Trydal) Tweten, Snarey and Ruth Tweten...circa 1940

Ruth, Snarey and Aase (Trydal) Tweten

Tweten boys after enlisting in 1939. Lt to Rt: George Tweten, Toralf Enden, Lauris Burdette Tweten and Marlowe Tweten

Lauris and Gwen Tweten married in England  - May  1941

Lillian (Tweten) Jones & Harry Jones-wedding-Dec '31

Lillian (Tweten) Jones & Harry Jones-1976

Halee and Madison Martin circa Apr 07

Kelly & Kris Craig, Jeanne (Noel) Tweten, Aaron Dobroskay

Joanne (Cavanagh) Petrychyn & Wayne Petrychyn wedding circa Oct 2006

Leslie & Cheryl Jones, Travis Wiltse circa Aug 2006

Back-Brayden & Doug Trebel, Wendy (Martin) Trebel, Jeff holding Halee Martin, Elwood & Shirley (Jones) Martin. Front-Alyssa Treble, Sheree (Dmyterko) Martin holding Madison Martin

AuBree, Taryn & Kellen Cavanagh circa Oct 2006

Don and Marlene (Jones) Dawson, Brad Cavanagh, circa Aug 2006

Leonard and Lori (Derraugh) Moncrief, Riley and Evan, circa 2006

back-Richard Jones, Rhys & Callie Bye. front Craig & Rhonda (Tye) Jones, Margaret Anne (Wiggins) Jones, Karen (Jones) Bye and Chris Bye circa Aug 2006

Arlo Jones, Barbara (Jones) Frieson, Gladys (Jones) Holitski, Shirley (Jones) Martin, Richard Jones, Marlene (Jones) Dawson, Douglas & Leslie Jones, circa Aug 2006

Barbara (Jones) Friesen, Randy Friesen, Sean, Tania & Paige Frieson, Brent Friesen and Amy Breker circa Aug 2006

Kris, Kelly, Janet (Tweten) Craig,& Doug Craig circa Dec 2006

Cousins - Krysta Dobroskay and Taya Tweten. Taya is named after her great grandma Aase Thea.

Al Tweten and Janet's Dog

Jeanne (Tweten) Joerrisen and Andy Joerrisen

Kelly Craig and Heather Hallett

Kris and Lisa Craig

Reginald and Ruth (Munro) Tweten and grandson, Adam Munro

Stella Tweten (George Tweten's wife) with sons Brian and Floyd Tweten and Brian's Godson, Teyan

Thelma (Enden) and Ron Morgan

Christina Jeanne (Tweten) Annest and her husband Lon