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     Thank you for visiting the Salvhus and Trydal Reunion 2007 Website.   Please come back (put us in your favorites) and visit again often as updates and other information will be posted as it happens and as it is received.

     With the ever-eroding of our living resources, some of the "older generation" decided it would be a good idea to have a grand reunion, getting as many as possible of the Gunder Salvhus/Betsy Trydal and siblings descendants together to share fellowship, talk story and hopefully update our family tree data. 

     We are planning a weekend event, 13-15 July 2007, at the Sand Hill Lake Bible Camp, about 6-8 miles south of Fosston, MN. We hope to see folks from throughout the United States and maybe some from Canada.

     I have been in e-mail contact a few times with Don at Sand Hill Lake Bible Camp. This is how it is shaping up:

     I have told him that I will make a firm commitment by the end of this week, if my responses continue to be positive. That will require a non-refundable $100 reservation fee which will be deducted from the total at the time of payment for the reunion. There is no "minimum" dollar amount for the whole reunion ....

     There will be a lot of bookkeeping required if we have a lot of different "levels" of entry ... it sounds like we can have people who:

          visit, eat and sleep there (sleeping arrangements vary from tents, dorms, RV hook-ups .... more detailed information later on that)

          visit, eat all the meals, but don't sleep there

          visit and eat for only one day

     In each case, it will be a per person price, payable to a bookkeeper/ treasurer (as yet to be named) at some point in the future, but definitely before the reunion takes place. Will update with more details, after the reservation is made, on cost for each level.

     The e-mail address dedicated to the reunion is: and you can write to me at that address or !!! Thanks everyone!!! Laura Evans, Granddaughter of Gunder and Betsy.


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