1. First of all this is a brand new site and I currently have no administrators other than myself. There will be an eveuntal ranking system for my registered users but for now please bear with what i currently have.
  2. When you register to become a member you must meet my requirments. Im currently only accepting members 16 and over however if you can prove you will not "play" with my site and are no younger than 13 i will accept you with a mandatory 2 week GUEST membership to be evaulated on your involvment and thread posts. if you post no threads your membership will be rejected and if you post unorthodox threads your membership will also be rejected.
  3. When you register your personal information (email, screen name...) will not be revealed without your consent. I will also be selecting certain people to become a site administrator with limited acess to member databases and member info, administrators will be limited to screen name activity reports and email addresses. only I will see your other personal info. Sycreme is dedicated to be a sucess and not to be brought down by the scammers and attackers of those other forum sites, keep in mind if you are an administrator or of high enough rank you will be able to ban or revoke other users rights to post, however you , the administrators, must keep in mind you can also be banned completely and your user name deleted. All it takes is a complaint from another administrator or an unhappy user.
  4. If you attack Sycreme to gain access to the user database files then you will be perescuted to the full extent of the law for the stealing of personal information, which is a felony in many states and other countries.
  5. I am open to conversation and will often post a thread or reply in the normal thread string however I am still watching.
  6. Guests will be able to post and read but in order to use the forum tools you must be a member, A new addition is the members only area with extra rights and privelages avaliable to only the members with at least 5 posts and 1 reply and must have been a member for at least 4 weeks with no complaints against them.
  7. Please have fun and feel free to use any of the avaliable tools and keep in mind I want to keep this site free so do not enter any credit card information, in any of the threads and I will never ask you for credit card information when you sign up. And since I do not limit the access age to 18, no adult content unless you are in the 18 or older section.
  8. Have fun and go POST!
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