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You have requested more drill information and below are more pictures and more in depth info. Please standby as I acquire more pictures I will post them here and they will be avaliable for you to see and hopefully enjoy.


Color Guard




Below are some video files if you are interested, keep in mind I hate viruses just as much as you do.

Colorguard video ©Msid
Drill Video ©

Now lets get back to the explination of drill and colorguard movements. When you join the drill team you learn the basic commands first, that is what I am going over now. The basic command list for the drill team is as follows:
  1. Fall In
  2. Dress right Dress
  3. Ready Front
  4. Cover
  5. Recover
  6. Left Face
  7. Right Face
  8. About Face
  9. Foward March
  10. Rear March
  11. Left Flank March
  12. Right Flank March
  13. Column Left March
  14. Column Right March
  15. Element Halt
  16. Stand At Ease
  17. At Ease
  18. Rest
  19. Element Attention
  20. Fall Out

Now to go over each one in detail:

Fall In: This command brings the Element(an element can be an individual, a squad, a batallion... it all depends on the size) to attention and instructs them to create a formation.

Dress Right Dress: This command instructs the Element to extend there left arm and touch the shoulder of the person to the left to assure the proper distance in the formation while turning there head and eyes to the right, except for the person to the far right who keeps there head and eyes straight foward.

Ready Front: This is the ending command for Dress Right Dress, when this command is called the cadets drop there arms and turn there head and eyes back to the positon of attention which is head and eyes stright foward.