February 10, 2013

Hold the presses!! The best acquisition in quite sometime, maybe ever just happened this evening, that is the purchase of TEXAS SWEETHEART!! That is correct, the hen that did fantastic in the TEXAS SHOOTOUT ONE LOFT RACE, scoring Equal 1st, clocked 3rd, on the 250 mile race vs 717 of the best birds from around the country!! She also scored flat out 1st on a couple training tosses, the kind of tosses that can win you a New Car in South Africa!! I looked deeper into the results and she was 26th Average Speed as well, Mike's next bird in Average Speed was 52nd!! TEXAS SWEETHEART is an absolutely amazing hen, bred from two of Mike's premier breeders, HELICOPTER & GOLDEN GIRL!! HELICOPTER has bred many a race winner in Europe and now in the USA, and then GOLDEN GIRL is a direct daughter of Houben's CARLTON who is the foundation of Houben's present winning Family!!

I think I have the perfect mate for her too in UPTOWN'S PRIDE!! So confident in this mating the 1st nest of youngsters off this pair goes to SOUTH AFRICA MILLION DOLLAR RACE!! I look at the results of both TEXAS SWEETHEART and then UPTOWN, and then DA VINCI & MONA LISA, all solid as a rock race results, don't think I will miss with this mating!! Also HELICOPTER & CREATOR were the grandfathers and MONA LISA the grandmother to Mike's other equal 1st, clocking 2nd at the Texas Shootout 250 mile race!! The mating is proven of bringing HELICOPTER and MONA LISA together!! I am excited, man I cannot wait to get her here, I have had UPTOWN'S PRIDE waiting for the perfect mate!! They will be mated on Valentine's Day!!

UPTOWN'S PRIDE is a direct son of UPTOWN, grandson of the super mating of DA VINCI and MONA LISA!! DA VINCI was 22nd Average Speed in the World Ace Challenge, MONA LISA was the 27th Average Speed Bird in the World Ace Challenge!! UPTOWN was 3rd Average Speed in the East Coast Challenge!! Together DA VINCI and MONA LISA have not only produced UPTOWN, but many other stars including JERSEY GIRL, CITY LIGHTS, TEXAS STAR, and many others!! MONA LISA is mother/grandmother now to well over 100 1st place winners, Mike has found his best breeding hen EVER!! UPTOWN'S PRIDE is a double grandson of MONA LISA!!

I would like to make an introductory offer to all my friends, the first 6 babies off this pairing will be sold!! I would normally be asking $500 each for these youngsters, but for the 3rd through the 8th youngsters I will be offering them to my friends at $350 each, that includes the shipping when they are weaned. To take advantage of this offer you must prepay by February 23, 2013 to be included on the list for one of the first six. Of course I cannot guarantee the sex of the babies unless you want me to have them DNA'd. But I will have your babies hatched and weaned no later than mid June, you'll get to watch your prized breeders grow up in front of your eyes through next summer!!!

If interested, just drop me an email, do not hesitate, these intros go quick!! Thank you and good luck with your matings in 2013!!