SURE MONEY GFL 510-07 Direct Daughter of SURE BET & DOLLAR GIRL!! I have searched for years for a SURE BET daughter that would knock your socks off to no avail, or that anyone would let go of!! And with SURE BET now residing in China I had all but given up hope!! Then one amazing day my good friend Tim Lucas of Champ Camp Lofts says to me "I may have something you would be interested in!!" I'm thinking either something off Creator or down from Mona Lisa as we both share a fascination with those families. To my astonishment he says I have a daughter of SURE BET & DOLLAR GIRL that I would be willing to let you have!! I about dropped as it has not been that many years ago that Tim had a son of SURE BET & DOLLAR GIRL that just blew me away and on top of that raised Tim money winners in one loft races!! I just about had to pick myself up off the floor!! Well it took a month of saving for this huge investment, but I finally have her!! I had to drive through a blizzard to get her and dodge a 50 car & semi pileup on the interstate, but she is all mine and will go on the Best Handling Sure Bet son I have ever felt and he breeds winners too, that would be WIDOW'S BET!! I have been using him for 5 years now nearly exclusively for my BLACK WIDOW Family!! I never had a SURE BET hen that was good enough for him, now I do!!

I have always given a lot of credit to SURE BET's breeding success to his grandmother OLYMPIA QUEEN, not really paying a lot of attention to the other side of the pedigree, because at one time I owned for a few months SURE BET's mother MONEY MAKER, whose mother is OLYMPIA QUEEN. Well there is another grandmother to SURE BET and that is what really drew me to a bird bred like SURE MONEY, that other grandmother is the super breeder from Gaby Vandenabeele, PICANOL!! Ganus bred so many great breeders off this fantastic hen!! She is not only SURE BET's grandmother, she is SURE MONEY's grandmother creating a perfect mate for WIDOW's BET, something to bring forth one of the fantastic breeders in the pedigree of SURE BET!! If you are working the SURE BET Family, then a son or daughter off this mating could be invaluable!!

They should come perfect as well, WIDOW'S BET is one of the two best handling cocks in my loft, SURE MONEY will easily be one of the three best hens in my loft!! You could not ask for a better mating of SURE BET's, there will be no sharp as a knife keel come from this mating and if you are a SURE BET breeder you know what I am talking about!! SURE MONEY is one of the strongest willed pigeons I have ever come across, she is intelligent always watching, always observing and to top it off she has the strength of a lion, stronger than most cock birds I own, in taking her photo, I push on her to adjust her pose, most birds will be pushed backwards or try to escape, she watched every move I made, then braced herself, you could not move her, knees were locked into position, feet planted, you just were not moving her!! Brilliant and strong hen, just what every breeding loft needs, thank my dear Lord that he delivered her to me and now I can share some of her youngsters with you. I am positive they will come with the same strong willed traits, and a personality that is dominant in the loft and on the race course!!

SURE MONEY will be mated to WIDOW'S BET to start 2013 off, the introductory offer on their youngsters is $350, shipping included in the price for all prepaid orders!! As with all other offers, the first 3 nest are for sale!! Normally these will be priced at $500 plus shipping, so huge savings for you!! You may either send a check or money order or if you wish send the $$ through Paypal to my email address Only the first 6 will be sold, then all others this year will be retained for my breeding team for the future of Deisher's Sure Bets!! Yes I am EXCITED!!!