Our gymnastic equipment is top of the rage here you can meet all your gymnastic needs you can learn the basic or you can learn the more harder moves.


Here you can train on your running jogging speed you can build on your cardio rest time and make your endurance longer.


Our specialist tanners will train you up to become an expert kick boxer and you will be entered into tournaments. However if you are a kickboxer already you can still come and practice or oves.

Swiming Pool

Our Olympic size swimming pool has all the space you need you can either relax or go for a light swim or you can go for an endurance swim.

Running Tracks

We have an outdoor running track you can practice hurdles, sprint or the relay. Also experience the rush from races with other people.


After a hard days training you can go relax in our sauna and just let your muscles relax and let the hot air do its work.


At Global Gym we have a world class health and beauty spa here you can just let your mind be free and relax while we do work on your body.


Here you can practice on light weight training. Or if your someone who is new to weight training here is were you would start.

Weight Room

Here is were the you can practice on the more heavy weights this is heaven for you if you love weight training.

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