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The alarm goes off and an asleep Rogue Warrior begins to stir. He quickly reaches for the alarm clock and shuts it off. Slowly the Rogue Warrior gets out, of bed, and heads towards the bathroom. After he takes a show he heads goes and checks out his email on his laptop computer. When he is done he heads down stairs and leaves the hotel.

"It is just another beautiful day, not. Man, I truely hate staying at hotels. You can never get any sleep. All you do is toss and turn all damn night. No mater how much I spend on the room, it is allways the same thing. If I did not have to stay in another hotel room my life would be a whole lot better. But what can I do. My job requires me to travel not only all over the country but all over the world. When you do all the traveling that I do you have no choice, but to stay in hotels. I guess I could have my jet standing by and just fly home after every match. Maybe I could if there was time. When you have one match one night and another match the next night, you have no choice. Right now I am so damn still that it is going to take me hours just to losen up. That is why I am going to head, to the local gym, and get in a quick work out. I definately do not need the added workout to prepare for my match. I am definately as ready as I can be for that. There has been nothing else, on my mind, except my match. This has been my main focus ever since I won my match last week. Man, would I look good with that US title around my waist. I can just see it now. Me, the Rogue Warrior, the new United States champion. This federation would finally have a champion to look up to. I can not say the same thing about my opponent."

"Speaking, of my opponent, where has he been. I am wondering if he has the balls to show up. I truely hope so, because I really want to kick his ass. Then again a win is a win. What am I saying. If the Patriot does not show then all the damn work that I ahve done this week would be for nothing. All the hours that I have spent in the gym would be a complete waste. Not to memtion all the damn time I spent training in the ring with all those losers that I hired. Trust me when I tell you that they do not come cheap. There is not many people willing to step into the ring against me no mater who much I pay them. So, Patriot, please show up. Do what ever it takes to get your dumb as to the arena. If it means that you have to steal a car go ahead. You could always serve your jail time after out match. It would give you a built in excuse for you to take some time off to heal. If that is not your thing then beg for a ride. There has to be a fan or two, of yours, around. Maybe one, of them acturally has a car. Then again all your fans are toothless dumb asses that do not have to pennies to rub together. Just do me one favor and show. Make my life and time mean something."

"Patriot, let's assume that you do manage to show. I know that you are not supposed to assume anything because you make an ass out of you and me, but let us take that for granted for a minute. Let me give you a quick preveiw, of what I have in store for you. You might get a kick out, of it. Well, the opposite might be true also. You could get so damn scared that you would want to run and hide. Maybe run and tell your mother that the big bad Rogue Warrior is tring to get me. Either way it does not make a difference to me. So here I go. You enterance music will start and you will slowly make your way down to the ring. Then you will carefully climb into the ring and await the ring introductions. While they are going on you will have time to look into my eyes and see your own destruction. This would be the perfect time, for you, to run and hide, but we both know that you are too damn stupid to do that. No, you would be a good little boy and stay. Yes, you would stay and see if you can some how manage to beat me. We both know that is not going to happen, but then again stranger things have happend. The bell will then sound and the match will begin. I will just toy with you, for the first couple, of minutes. Then I will start to get serious. Yes, that is when the ass kicking will begin. I will nail you with every move that I know. I would even but my own life on the line, if that would be what it takes. The match will end when I connect with the Final Solution. After that the only thing left is the three count. Well, you would not be awake by then so you would not even know that you have been pinned. The bell will ring and my hand would be raised. The Rogue Warrior advances and you will be just another victum. May God show your pathetic soul mercy."

The scene fades to black.