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A lone man walks through the empty stadium. The man turns towards the camera and we see that it is none other the the Rogue Warrior. He stops on the very spot were the ring will be set up. Rogue Warrior looks up to the celling and a big smile spreads across his face.

"In a couple, of days, I will be back in this very stadium. Only this time it will be filled with thousands of screaming fans. Fans that have only one thing on there mind, and that is a good show. That want nothing but non stop action. They do not come here to see some pretty boy run his mouth or to see so loud mouth freak try to wrestle. Come on they want to see a real man climb into the ring and do is thing. A man that has no fear and would do what ever it takes to get the job done. That man is me. Everyone comes to the arena to see the Rogue Warrior. I am the only true reason wht people would ever spend their hard earned dollars to watch this sport. All the other so called wrestler just do not have what it takes. Yes, they all talk a good game. In fact they come out here week in and week out running their mouth saying that they are going to do this and that, only to fail. In my mind if you do not have what it takes to get the job done then just do not bother to show up. We can always find bums off the street that at least will try hard. I am not going to single anyone out because that would be wrong. Then again when have I not spoke my mind. The man that I am talking about is none other then my opponent this week the Patriot. That no good punk is the one man that I am going to have to destroy this week."

"Patriot, I hope that you watched my little show last week. In fact I hope that you enjoyed it. After all I enjoyed beating the shit out, of your loser partner. If I remember right I am the one that put him out. He might say otherwise, but after the beating that he took there was no way he could get back into the ring. I know that I can do the same to you. You are no differnt then he was. I guess that you might be a little bit better, but your still a pile of shit. It does not make a difference to me how many victories you have. You could have won every damn match you have ever been in. None, of that, means anything when you step into the ring against me. All, of your former opponents did not have what I have. I have everything and nothing. I possess what it takes to winn each and every match that I am in. To me one match is just like any other. Be it hardcore or a standard match, it does not make any difference. I stand alone as the standard. I alos have nothing as in nothing to fear. When you fear nothing there can not be any reason why there should be anything standing in your way. Patriot, I know what you fear. You fear your whole world crashing down on you. You fear that when this is all over there will be nothing left. All those fears will stand in your way."

"Patriot, you are nothing but a two bit wanabe. You stand there saying that you have nothing but love for this country. Ya, you portray yourself as some kind of good guy. A man that stands for truth justice and the american way. Come on what I bunch, of bullshit. You do not know the first thing about what this country stands for. I have seen men sacrifice it all for this great nation. Have you ever been in battle and held the hand or a dying man. Have you stood next to a man that has just gotten his head blown off. I have and it is not pretty. I am what a really patriot is. Me and my fellow service men have the right to stand in front, of the red right and blue with our head held high. You will never have that right. You have to earn the right to be called a patriot. Right now you are nothing but a peice, of crap. This week I am goimg to show the whole world what you truely are. In the end I am going to be the one that will be moving on. There is no way that I ever will alow a wanabe peice, of crap, like you be the next US champion. The US title should be around the waist, of a man, that deserves it and that would be me. No mater what it takes I will do it. After this no one will remember your name and everyone will never forget the name of Rogue Warrior. May God show mercy on your pathetic soul."

The scene fades to black.