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The warm breeze comes through the windows, of the Rogue Warrior's new Mustang, as he drives down the highway. As the miles start to blow by his mind starts to wander. He begins to think about how his life has been. Suddenly the car starts to serve. The Rogue Warrior quickly regains controll just before he hits another car. He then pulls the car into the nearest motel parking lot. "It has been a long and whinding road lately. I have traveled many miles tring to find the meaning to all of it. For some reason it seams that this place does not really want me. Either that or they just completely forgot about me. In the end it really does not mater what the reason was. The facts are the facts and I have been left off the card for the last couple, pf weeks. In that time have have been driving across this land tring to find myself. Does this wrestling buisness really have a future. I have been doing this for many years. It might not have been in the ring, but in one shape or form I have been wrestling. Rather it be with the demons inside, of me, or against my opponents in the ring. Sometimes it just truely seems that I can no longer go on and to this. My demons are starting to win the battle and I no longer have the energy to fight. If they win then it is all over. Well, I guess I can look at it this way. If they do win I can take it all the way. There will be no more strings holding me back. I would no longer have the little voice in my head telling me that this is wrong. Come to think, of it, in this sport that might give me the fuel that I need to go to the top. If you no longer know the difference between right and wrong you could go and do what ever you want. That is what has been holding me back here. So I am no longer going to put up a fight. It is my time to shine. Mine and the demons that are living inside, of my head. That demon is telling me to go and take out each and everyone one, in the fed no mater who it is. Even if it is my ownly freind it does not mater to me. The only thing that can stop me is myself. So look out everyone. The real Rogue Warrior is finely here and ready to destroy everyone. Stinger and X-Rated, you are going to be the first to feel my wrath."

"Stinger, it seems to me that you had a match with my freind recently. If I remember my freind beat the crap out of you. Well, if he could do that what do you thing a man with no cocept, of right and wrong, can do. I no longer have anything holding me back. I can take out all my years, of frustration and anger, that has been building up inside, of me, all these years and channel it in my effort to destroy. Do you think that you can stand up to all the power that those feelings will give me. Come on the sear anger alone will give me enough, of an edge. Please do not take all this as a sign, of weakness. I am not a man that is just standing here telling you a bunch, of lies, to hype himself up. I do not need to do that. I already know where I stand in this world. I have been told the same things all my life. There has been only one person that has told me that I have amounted to more then a peice of shit. That is one reason why I have so much anger inside. Do you have anything to propel you to a victory? Come on Stinger. Do you really have enough left in your body and soul to take me on? I personally doubt it."

"X-Rated, man the former champ. The man that should not have had the belt in the first place. Man, you really got your ass handed to you last week at the PPV. A trained monkey could have done a better job. In fact it looked like a monkey was the one in the ring. Union Jack really handed it to you didn't he. I bet you really feel bad that you let your fans down. Wait you only have one or two and I doubt that they really could give a care less what happens to you. All they what is a peice of your body, and they were not women. I am just kidding, not. X-Rated, you did not have what it takes to be the champion in the first place. You must have bribed the ref. This week your losing streak will continue when you have the unlucky job of facing me. The man before you is not an ordinary man. It is a man of vision. A man totally out or control Can you really hope to survive the awesome power that I possess. I doubt it. X-Rated, take this to heart. When the match is over I will be the one will my hand raised high, and you will be just another victum. May God have mercy on your souls."

The scene fades to black.