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A hot breeze blows through the trees as the Rogue Warrior begins his nightly run. He quickly picks up the pace and gets up to full speed. The Rogue Warrior jumps over a fallen tree and continues on with the run. After about five miles he stops to take a break. He pulls out a bottle, of water and takes a quick drink. When his break is over he runs back to his house and cools off.

"I have been fighting all my life. Either it has been on the street or in a war zone. In both cases there was no rules. Anything goes and it was always life or death. You either took out the other guy, or you could end up dead. Now I fight inside, of a ring, and it could not be any more different. There seems to be no end to the amount, of rules. Man, I wish that I was back on the streets. Back then I could just take down the guy I wanted no mater where he was. I can not do that now. If I was to take somone out outside, of the ring, I could easily get thrown out, of the fed, and have to go back to my street fighting days. That is not something that I want to have to do. I don't want to go back to those days. That was the reason why I had to join the military in the first place. Don't get me started. That is not the right place for most people. For me it started out as hell on earth. Then it got to the point were I was the top dog. The big man on campus so to speak. After my tour, of duty I really was half tempted to rejoin. But I had better things to do. I wanted to make enough cash so I could retire, and what better way to do it then by fighting. So here I am, in a fed where there are nothing but rules. So from now on I am going to take it to the extreme and take out anyone any place. It does not make any difference to me who it is. If it is the world champion or just some rookie getting his feet wet, I will take them out. I am going to start my reign, of terror, this week when I have the man known as the Patriot."

"Patriot, it seems that we have the pleasure of meeting again this time one on one. I no longer have to watch my back. I can go toe to toe against you without worring about being jumped by another opponent. That meens that I can do what I want to do. That is take you out. You have the ultimate task of facing the man that holds your very life in his hands. Does that scare you. I know that it would scare me. In fact it definately would scare the hell out, of me. It kind of does. Sometimes it really scares me how much power I have in my own hands. I am not the type, of person, to brag, but this time I think that I should just to warn you. I am a trained killer. Do you understand what I am saying. In case you are that damn stupid, I am going to explain it to you. I have been trained by the US government to go out and kill people. Either by shooting a guy, or by using my own hands. Do you know that I prefered to kill people up close and personal. Using a guy just seems so damn wron. If you can get up close you really have a good time. Yes, the fun really starts when you can see the white, of their eyes. There is nothing that can reach the thrill, of looking, right in their eyes, when you take a knife across a man's throat. Man, I think I should tone it down a bit before I get censored. Then again why should I really care what those losers think. If they can not take the truth then they should just leave right now."

"Patriot, even though I have faced you before I do not know jack about you. That is the way I want it. if I got to know my victums it would make it that much harder for me to get my job done. It was the same way when I was in the miltiary. I just did what I was told. There was no need for me to get personal with my target, so why should I do it now. Like I said before you are nothing but a target. You are nothing but a peice of meat. Come on man, why would I treat you any different. In the ring my opponent is just a blook in my way to getting my goal. The goal that I am striving for is the world title. I can not allow anyone or anything to get in my way. If I have to take you out so be it. Hell, I seen to remember that you have a relationship with a few other wrestlers that seem to back you up. I will tell you what, bring them down to ringside and let them interfere. I would welcome it. The more the meerier. So bring what ever you want. I am ready and willing to take it to what ever stop that it takes to get the job done. Please, don't make me prove it, because it will not be pretty. May God have mercy on your soul."

The scene fades to black.