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Fireworks are going off all around the place. The Rogue Warrior is just standing there watching the fireworks. Tears are flowing out, of his eyes. A fan comes up to him and asks him for his autograph. He gladly signs and turns his attention back to the fireworks. When the are finished he quickly heads to his Ford Mustang and speeds away. "This is the one time, of year, that I acturally look forward to. To other people they would rather have Christmas every day, because of all the presents. So what you get a bunch, of gifts, they are not all that important. Hell, I can just go out and buy what ever I want when I want, of course I am rich. Yes, I know and realize that it is a very religious holiday. I am not one of those religious persons. Yes, I beleive in God and the Devil and heaven and hell, but to me it is just a chance to spend time with your freinds and family. That is all well and good. But if it was not for the American revolution there will not be a United States of American. We would still be kissing British ass like we were when the owned this great country. I for one am very greatfull that the people threw off the shakles and formed this country. Man, every fourth of July I drop down to my knees and thank the good lord above that this nation exists. I also pray for the souls, of the people, that lost their lives to keep this nation free. You are looking at one brave soul that would have given his life to defend this country. The Rogue Warrior was once in another life a member of the elite special forces. I was lucky that I was not called on to give the ultimate sacrifice."

Speaking, of the ultimate sacrifice, my opponent this week will be making the ulitmate sacrifice when he dares to enter the ring against me. All you have to do is look at my last match. I totally dominated my opponent and walk away the knew hardcore champion. That is right, in only my second match I became the new face, of hardcore. To me there is not one person that is worthy of my title. You sure as hell are not. I have not seen you, in the ring, but to me you are not even worth, of my damn time. Please do the world a favor and jump off a tall damn building. Man, you damn face alone makes me want to throw up. You have no buisness being here. All you are is another big guy that is tring to make a name of himself. All those big men have one thing in common. They can not wrestle. All they like to do is throw their weight around. Sean Hale, I am not some damn loser that will allow you to have your way with me. I am the type, of person that will take you one in a blink, of an eye."

"I watched you earlier this week and you had the nerve to strangle some one half your size. I bet that took some balls. Come on man, what did he do to you? All he was doing was his job. Then again I think you are just to stupid to realize that. You do look like one of those brain dead losers. The type, of people, that would not know right from wrong or even how to tie their own shoes. I doubt that you even know the difference from a wrist lock and a head lock. In the end it really dose not make a difference what you know or do not know. This week is a week for me to once again show case my talent, and to prove to the world that last week was not a fluke. That I am not some flash in the pan that got lucky and won a title. Well Sean Hale, I want you to step up to the plate and bring it. Do what ever you want. If you want to take it to the extreme then do it. To me you are just a man that is tring to use me to get what he wants. You will not succeed. There is no way in hell that I am going to let you take my career away from me. When the final bell sounds you will be looking at the lights and thinking to yourself why in the world did I sign on the dotted line. May your soul rest in Peace."

The scene fades to black.