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The crowd continues to file in as the game is about to start. The Rogue Warrior is sitting up in the sky box with a beer in his hand. The rest, of his team is also in the sky box. They are having fun before their big match this week.

"This should be a good game. I hope that you all enjoy it, because come tomorrow night we will not be having all that much fun. We will be in for one hell, of a fight. Trust me I have faced both, of these losers, before and they are not push overs. In fact I have to hand it to both, of them, they have what it takes to beat all, of us. It does not mater that there are four, of us. All it takes is three seconds. That is all it takes for them to win. In the mater, of three seconds, are lifes could change forever. I know for experiance that those three seconds can take a lifetime. The last time I faced Union Jack I lost my damn US title to him. I knew that I had him beat, but in the brink, of an eye, his hand was raised and I was the former US champion. You do not want that to happen to you. It is not I nice feeling. What we all need to do is put all are differences aside and band togeter for one night only to get this job done. After this match me and Scumbag will go are seperate ways and leave the rest of you alone to your own vices. If we do that Union Jack and Shane Jenkins will be the ones on the losing side and we will walk out, of the arena, with our hands held high.

"Union Jack, I still can not beleive that you beat me for my US title. I know that was one hell, of a fight. A fight that I should have won. It was in a triple cage for god sake. I had not lost a triple cage match since I started wrestling. That was along time ago. I definately have to hand it to you. You took me to the limit and beyond. There has not been a person to do that in a very long time. Since you already hold a victory over me it seems that I am the underdog this time out. You know how to counter my every move. If you can beat me in my own match why couldn't you manage to beat me this week. I will tell you why you can not beat me. I am not the same man that you faced last time. You see I am the type, of wrestler that can learn from my mistakes. This time out, I will be ready to counter your every move. I will even be able to counter your moves before you even make them. Union Jack I am going to take you out this week. After this week I am going to go on a total rampage untill I get my shot at your US title. It does not mater how long it takes to get that shot. When I do you will no longer be the United States champion. That will be the finest day, of my life. It also will be the worst day for you. You see that when I win that title I not only will be ending you title reign I will be ending your career."

"Shane Jenkins, you are a peice of work. You think that you can come out here week in and week out and do what ever you want. Well you can't. I do not care who you are or who you think you are. This is my damn time. It is my time to shine. The last time to we fought you ended up some how retaining your title. I do not know how or why that happened it just happend. i should be the internet champion right now. Hell I should be the damn world champion, but that is another story. Right now I am going to mike it my lifes work to take your old ass out. Have you not learned by now that your time has past. It is not the time, of Dark Forces, and for thoses that stand beside us. Everyone else in this fed can go to hell and that includes you. Since I have been in this fed, I have been pushed around be people just like you. People that think they can do what ever they want to others and get away with it. You know that I truely hate those kind, of people. Those people deserve to die. Shane Jenkins this is it for you. When this match is over I am going to take you totally out. Dark Forces will not be held responsible for what we are about to do. I might have to team with two non DF members this week, but that does not mean that I can not band together with them to complete my mission. When this match is over you will be the next victum. After we get done with you all you will be is just another fotenote in the history, of the sport."

The scene fades to black.