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A steady rain pours down outside the Rogue Warrior's window. A tired US champion is seen sitting on his chair watching highlights from last night's sports on ESPN. I slowly gets out, of the chair and heads towards his kitchen. He goes to the fridge and takes out a beer. The Rogue Warrior opens the beer and quickly downs it. Once he finishes it he goes and grabs another. He then goes back into his lvining room and sits back down.

"It is just another boreing day. There is nothing to do but sit here and watch the same old shit over and over again. I know that if I really wanted to I could go outside get into my car and head towards my gym to get in a quick workout. But I just am not in the mood. No mater how much training I do this week it will not change the outcome, of the match. The out come has already been determined. No amount, of training can change what is going to happen this week. Not even thew Gods above can change the fate, of my opponent. His fate was sealed the moment that he decided to go, for the world title, in the first place. You see as the United States champion I am the number one contender. That means I have the right to face whom ever is the current world champion. I am going to exercise that right this week when I step into the ring with the currnet world champion. A man that should never have been the champion, in the first place. Come on we all have seen the match at the PPV. We all know that my best freind should still be the world champion. My opponent this week only won the title with some help from a man that I am not going to speak his name. In fact he is not worthy, of my time. That man will get his in the end trust me on that. Original Gillesp, your time has come to face the one man whose soul purpose in life is to take you out."

"Original Gillesp, were have you gone. Earlier this week you were out here spewing all kinds, of shit. Telling the world that you are the greatest, and that I do not stand a chance. It also seems to me that you think that this is your time. That you are the king, fo the world. The man, of the hour. The man with the power. Please, don't make me laugh. All you are is just another in a long line, of paper champions. This fed has seen way to many paper champions since I have been here. I do not know why, but it seems that all it takes to win a title is a pulse. The only true warrior that was a champion was Bane. He would sacrifice his very life for this sport. There was not another champion like him untill know. After this week you will be looking at a true champion. Original Gillesp do the right thing and hand that title over to me right now. I am begging you. For your safety please do the smart thing. You reall do not want to go into the ring against someone like me. I am a man that would do absolutely anything to win. If it takes my very life so what. I would gladly sacrifice everything that I have to become the world champion. We all know that you would not do the same. After your actions last week the whole world knows that you could not win the title if you did not have help. When this week ends the world will be rid, of you, once and for all. Like I said earlier there is nothing that you can do to change anything."

"Usurally I would go on and on about how I am going to beat the shit out, of you. Well, that is getting old. Everyone has heard the same lines ocer and over again. So I have decided to not waste my time with all that stuff. Instead I am going to spend what little time I have left talking about you. You see since I joined this fed, there has been something that has been bothering me. Something that just would not go away. Trust me I have tried to ignore it. No mater how hard I tried it would not stop. That something is you. Original Gillesp, you are definately the something that has been bothering me. You are there no mater were I turn. And it is the same old shit time and time again. There you are week in and week old telling the world that everyone else is gay and that for some reason you and you alone are straight. Let me get this straight. For some reason you are the only one that is not gay. How could that be. I have never been in a fed before were everyone is gay. Come on there at least has to been more then one straight wrestler not counting your little freinds. It is just the law of averages. There has to be a portion, of th4e population that is not gay. A closer look at you and one will find out that you are the only one that acturally looks like he is gay. A straight man would not go out here week after week telling the world that he is not gay. Only a gay man would do that. Since that is cleared up I am going to say one last thing. When the final bell tolls I will be the next world champion and you will be nothing but another loser. May God have mercy on your soul, because I will not."

The scene fades to black.