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The temperature continues to drop as the day goes on. The Rogue Warrior sticks his head out, the front door, and imediately goes back inside. He turns the heat on and sits down in front, of the tv. He watches continued coverage, of the plane crash, in New York City. A sad look apears on his face as tears roll down his eyes. Rogue Warrior quickly turns the channel then throws the remote across the room.

"What in the world is happening here. Yet another plane crashes into a building in New York. At least this time it was not another attack. Instead it was something worse. It was someone that was well known that crashed into the building. The man in fact was a starting pitcher for the best team in the history, of baseball, the New York Yankees. We do not have a clue what cause the crash. Was there something wrong with the plane, or was it pilot error. No one really knows. In fact no one really knows who was fling the plane. Yesterday was a very sad day. I do not really want to go through that kind, of day again. The last time that happened it took me many weeks to get back to normal. I know I do not have the same amount, of time to recover. I have to step back into the ring this sunday night. There is no excuses. I have to step into the ring at a PPV, and try to regain my US title. The same title that I was robbed, of during my last match against my opponent this week. I know if there was not all the interference I would have retained my belt. Well, like I said before there will be no excuses this time. I am coming into this match with one thing on my mind. That is my belt. I am going to regain that title no mater what happens. Corey Phoenix you are going to see why they call me the Rogue Warrior."

"Corey Phoenix do you truely think that there are forces that are tring to steal the title from you? Well let me tell you this. I am not invoved in any, of it. I do not care what anyone else does. If the top brass wants to take you out, they can do it themselves. I am no ones toy. I do not do what some starched shirts in the front offices do. They could fire you and hand me the belt and I would not be phased by it. the only thing that I care about is winning this match. There is nothing else on my mind this week. If you were smart you would not even give a rat's ass what happens outside, of the ring. Look at me. I do not allow what happens outside, of the ring distact me from what I have to do. Maybe you just do not have what it takes anymore. You know it happens to the best, of them. One day you think that you are on top, of the world. The next day you are nothing but a fote note in the history books. I bet when you started out, there was nothing that would stop you from getting the job done. Now look at you. All you are doing is complaining about what the boss is doing and saying. Come on grow a set, of big ones. Please, man if you were acturally a real man then you would do something about it. Take care, of your business and get the job done."

"I think that I have wasted enough time talking about that shit. I really shoud talk about the match this week. At the PPV you and me will go one on one for the title that you stole from me. The title that should still be mine. If it was not for all the interference in the match you would have felt the Final Solution. Everyone knows that if I had hit that move you would be nothing, but that fote note in the history. Now just look at this match from the point of veiw of an outside observer. On one side we have a man that has come out, of retirement to try and regain some, of his lost glory. A man that is past is prime. A man that should nevert have come back in the first place. On the other side, of the ring stands a man, that is still in his prime. A man that has worked so damn hard to get to were he is. A man that has one title after title no mater where he has been. Who do you think you are in this tale. You are the man that no longer has it. I am the man that this fed is going to be built around for years to come. This is my time. This is the time for the Rogue Warrior to shine. I am going to take this fed by storm. When it is all said and down I will be the world champion and you will be nothing but a washed up former wrestler in a retirement home. So before I go. Corey Phoenix do not take this personal. You are nothing but a peice, of crap that deserves to be flushed. May God have mercy on your soul, because I sure as hell will not."

The scene fades to black.