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Darkness settles outside as the Rogue Warrior climbs out, of bed. He tries hard not to wake the woman next to him. The Rogue Warrior then heads down stairs to his study and turns on the tv. First he turns on ESPN to see the college football scores. A big smile comes across his face when he sees a certain score.

"I knew that they would loss. There was no way in hell that they would be able to go undefeated. Notre Dame was going to get killed and I was right. They just were not as good as people thought they were. Yes, they have a desent offence but their defense sucks. I sure as hell am going to collect a shit load, of money on that game. After this week's match I am going to head to Vagas and collect my big payday. Speaking, of a big payday, I sure as hell had one last week. That was one hell, of a match. I told everyone that I was going to win that match and that is exactly what happend. In case you were living under a rock, you are looking at the new United States champion. There was many people that said I could not win. They said that I did not have what it takes to become the US champion. They were wrong, dead wrong. I destroyed each and everyone that the prez put in front, of me. In fact I even forced one to retire. I know people are going to tell you that he just did not want to compete anymore. Beleive anything that you want. I know that I forced him to retire. Yes, he had no choice after I beat the shit out, of him. So now that I am your new US champion, I should move on to bigger and better things. Usurally the US champion goes on to get a world title shot as the number one contender. Well, my best freind just happens to be the world champion at this time. What I am going to do is go after the tag team gold. You might be asking yourself, why. Why, would a US champion not cash in his shot at the world title even though the world champ is his freind. Let me spell it out for you all. I just plain hate the current champions. All they do is run their pie holes. Come on what kind, of champs are they. They should have lost along time ago. Well, their time as champions will be ending this week. Count on it."

"The Original" Gillesp, man it seems to me that you really enjoy running your mouth. In fact that is all you do. Week after week you are on tv talking trash. That is all well and good if you can back it up. I do not beleive that you can. There are many types, of people in the world. You are they type that will run their mouth off all the time, but when the time comes they will shy away from a fight. That same type, of person will also find any excuse possible to explain why they lose a match. I am wondering what your excuse is going to be this week. Are you going to blame your brother because he was too chicken shit to show up? Or are you just going to run and hide after we beat you this week. Let me be truthfull here, I could give a rat's ass what you do. After this week you will be nothing. In fact less then nothing. You would be nothing but a man in the opening match. Earlier this week you decided to open your mouth and tell the world that not only you were going to beat the two best wrestlers that this fed has to offer, you were going to see to it that you are going to make us were homo tee shirts. Come on man, who are you kidding. Everyone knows that you are the one that should be wearing the shirt. No mater how many times you deny it, there is no way that you can hide it. A straight man would not need to come out here week in and week out telling the world that he is not gay and that everyone else is. Let me tell you something. After I win the match and claim my third title since I have been here, I will make you wear the shirt. Even if I have to knock you out to put it on you."

"Gillesp V2.0 , where are you? Are you going to be smart enough to allow your older brother to do all the talking. That would be the smart thing to do. Everyone knoes that he has already stuck his foot in his mouth. Do you want to do the same. If you do you will get the same treatment. What am I saying? I do not care if you open your mouth all week or not. I am still going to treat you just like I do your no good brother. I am going to take you out. This is the week for the Rogue Warrior and Bane to reign supreme. Your time as come and gone. There is not a single person that would be sad to see you go. Well, there would be some people that would be sad, they would be the gay people that really find you hot. Come on, come out, of the closet. Everyone alreadt knows that you are gay. There is no reason to hide that fact anymore. After all we are all just people. As long as you to not try to dip your stick into me we will get along fine. You see I am a very open minded person. That does not mean that I swing that way. In case you did not see the woman in my bed, I certainly prefer the company of a naked woman. Let me get back to the match, before I say something that would get me in trouble. When this match is over, I am going to leave the arena the newly crowned world tag team champion. May God have mercy on your soul."

The scene fades to black.