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Load music blares in the background as the Rogue Warrior sits dehind is desk in his office. Rogue Warrior has a beer in his hand, and takes a big swig. There also is a big American flag on the wall behind him. "Everyone has a story to tell. Some stories acturally make you think and some are just stupid. I have head all kinds and types, of stories. There are a couple that would make you want to cry. Then there are the ones that are so damn stupid that you want to laugh. Well, I guess my story fits somewere in between. Let, me start at the begining. I come from what would be called a poor family. We always had food on the table but we did not have all the nice things that some, of my freinds, had. Man, I was definately envious. I would do anything to have all the nice toys and clothes that they had. When I entered high shcool, I fell in with the so called wrong crowd. You know they type that always got in trouble and did not give a rat's ass if they got suspended. Yes, I was one of them. We even took all thaty childish stuff, one step farther when we decided to start stealling things. It started out small. Stealling candy and that kind of stuff, from stores. Then we wanted to go big time. We broke into this guys house. While we were robing him blind, I silent alarm was trigered. The police was there before we knew it. We all tried to run away, but it was no use. They caught us before we were off the block. The police then handcuffed us and put us in the back of a police car. The judge that was to hear my case gave me a choice. I could either go to jail with the rest, of the boys, or I could join the military. Well, there was no way in hell I was going to jail. So I decided to join the miltary. During basic training my instructors singled me out and asked me if I wanted to join the special forces. I told him yes. After my training was completed I was sent to Iraq. You do not know the horrors that I have seen over there. Alll the stories are true. You really grow up fast when you see the guy beside you blown to peices. For awhilw all you can think about is the fact that it could have been you. When my tour was finished I decided not to renlist. There was no way I could watch another freind die. So here I am. Pro wrestling was the only thing that I could find that would give me the trills that combat did."

"Last week I made my debut here and I think that I held my own. The only thing bad about it was the fact that I walk away with a damn draw because someone decided to interfere in my match. I can not even remember who the moron was, but he cost me first victory. Then again maybe I was destined not to win my first match last week. Just maybe the gods above wanted me to win my first match at the PPV when it is for the hardcore title. Can you beleive it? In only my second match I have a shot at a title. That is something that can only happen if you are very lucky. I guess luck definately is on my side. Then again, I think that you make your own luck. I did show the top brass a small sample, of what I am capable, of doing. After all I was ready to give my opponent the final solution. If I was able to nail that move it would have been all over anyway. This week I will not be stoped my outside interference. Since there are not damn rules it does not does not mater how many people decide to interfer. Bring the whole US Army and I will destroy each and everyone, of them. This is my time. No mater what anyone says or does, this week I am going to walk away with that gold around my waist. My opponent is a cruiserweight that goes by the name, of Kris Myers." "Kris Myers, I do not really know alot about you. I know that you grew up with out your real parents. That had to be tough. At least you were luckier them most and found a man that was able and willing to raise you as his own. Most kids in foster care do not even have it that good. So do not blame the fact that you had a tough life growing up as the reason for you putting a bullet in that man. You must have had a very nice judge, come on only two years for shooting a man. I know you got off early for good behavior, but come on that would have at least been asault with a deadly weapon or attempted manslaughter. There is not a judge I know that would have let you out after only two years. Then again what do I know. I could have become you if I was not smart enough to get out before I took it that far. The miltary really helped straighten me out. To bad you had to learn your leason while being a cellmate with a guy named Bubba. I bet you never droped the soap one time in the whole two years you were behind bars. Come on don't pull you your gun and try to shoot me. I am only kidding. Then again maybe I was not. So what you had a tough childhood. You made a couple of wrong choices and ended up behind bars. Well, you joined the thousands of teenage punks that do stupid stuff each year and end up behind bars. I bet if it was a fair fight you would have gotten your ass kicked. I real man would have went face to face with that loser and pounded the loser's face in with his bare hands. Then again that would imply that you were I real man."

Come on Kris, don't be afraid to tell the world that you are nothing but another scared little boy that is tring to make a name for himself, by wrestling a bunch of losers. I bet that if you had to fight a real wrestler like me your record would not be 4-0-1. I bet it would be 0-4-1. Who did you beat a bunch, of cruiserweights like yourself. If you beat any heavyweights I bet they were to bussy laughing at you to really fight you. I am not that type, of person. I do not give a care how you look, or how bad you wrestle. All that stuff does not mean a thing to me. The only thing that means anything to me is the hardcore title that I would be walking out, of the arena with. You might be the currnet champion and I do not give a care what you did to when the title, but you will not be keeping it after the PPV. At the PPV the Rogue Warrior will be starting his regn, of terror and you will become nothing but a foot note in histroy. I wish you well in what ever you do after the match, because it will be the last match that you ever will be in. May God have mercy on your pathetic soul."

The scene fades to black.