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This is the place were you get to make your complaints, tell us how much of a good job we're doing, what sort of changes we need to make, if our clothes are tacky, if the text is hard to read, if the buttons aren't working or if you just think the whole thing is just a pretty dumb idea.   This is also were we get to know you.  we ask (but by no means

require) you to please fill out this form and submit it with any purchases you make as well as first time visitors to the site.  We hope this doesn't bum you out, remember - your not required.



it would be appreciated though.

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What do you think of the site?  Any Suggestions?


Would you like yourself (as a model) or a piece of (your) original work to be featured on the site?

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    You can also contact me at my e-mail at  Thank you very much for taking the time to read and complete this form.