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    One of the goals of this site is to allow our customers the opportunity to jump in on their own and make something great!  You can send us ideas, photos, sketches, examples, etc. of your own work and we can make it into a great shirt or a trendy piece of jewelry to show off to your friends.  We all know that nothings worse than getting caught wearing the same shirt as that other, slightly less popular (or god help you if he/she be your rival) kid.  Well this way, your guaranteed to be wearing the most unique thing where ever you may be.  Plus it's really hot when someone asks you where you got that great shirt or amazing necklace or scarf and you say it's of your own design.

Simply fill out this form, and you will receive an e-mail immediately with a quote on how much the item will be expected to cost and when it can be completed and shipped to you.




Item you wish your design to be made into: Screen Print     accessory     Both

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 You can also contact me at my e-mail at  Thank you very much for taking the time to read and complete this form.

- Alex