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Gorillaz - 19-2000

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  1. NOTE: If you are using Internet Explorer and a dialog does not show up, please right-click the "click here" link above to download the file.
  2. A dialog box should display asking if you would like to save the current file or play it.
  3. After you select "Save File", rename the file to what you like and make sure the file type is a ".MID" file.
  4. You may need to adjust your browser settings to stop the MIDI files from automatically playing.
    • Internet Explorer 6.0
    • There are no settings in IE that stop MIDI files from automatically playing.
    • You will have to save the file from your audio application.
    • Or right-click the "click here" link above and choose "Save-Target As" to save the file.
    • Firefox 1.x
    • Navigate to Tools -> Options -> Downloads Tab
    • In "Download Actions" section, click the "View and Edit Actions" button.
    • Scroll down to the MID extension, select it and then click the "Change Action" button.
    • Select the "Save them on my computer" radio button and press OK.
    • This will tell Firefox to prompt you to save the file.

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