Private Pilot and Sport Pilot Ground School

This is a guided tour of the information you will need to be a safe and confident pilot.

You will need this information to pass the FAA written test.

Where:    Spinks Airport East Ramp Hanger #35, at FlywithRobert LLC

When:      Every Wednesday evening from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Who:        Robert Schulko, Instructor

Cost:        $30.00 per session. After completion of the course any re-visit of classes is encouraged, welcomed and free of charge.

               Study material is available. Gleim Sport Pilot Kit $99.00. Gleim Private Pilot Kit $129.00.

 1.    Airplane Components: Instruments and Engine Systems.

 2.    Aerodynamics: What makes them fly.

 3.    The Flight Environment: Safety, all about Airports, Charts and Airspace.

 4.    Flight Information: Talking on Radios, Radar and ATC services.

 5.    Know the Weather: Patterns, Hazards, Reports and Forecasts.

 6.    Aircraft Performance: Charts, Weight and Balance, Flight Computer.

 8.    Visit to DFW Airport: Tour of a Control Tower and the TRACON.

 9.    Decision Making: Combining all the skills learned to become a safe pilot.

10.    Federal Aviation Regulation and the Aeronautical Information Manual.

11.    Preparation for the FAA written test.