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Subconciously Freddie absorbs all solar and thermal energy into his body and this energy can be projected in various forms. From a fire ball that can cause minor burns to a flamethrower with a range of about 15 feet. This energy can also be used to cover himself in fire or add a burning feeling on his opponent after striking them with a physical hit. Full control of this power meaning he can turn it on and off at his will. Due to his mutations he could survive in the hottest of conditions and - although never tested - it is believed by some that Freddie is capable of walking upon the surface of the sun with only burning up his clothing. If his body is on fire and he is rendered unconcious then the flames will fade away. When Freddie is wounded, his body can heal faster if he is put into water that is at least at boiling point. The warmer the water the faster he heals.

About Freddie

Freddie grew up as quite the friendly guy with a personnality that is quite unique. There are no ways of describing his attitude or the things he does. Many friends in his life, many girlfriends too. Most of his life he spent partying hard when he could. Using illegal substances and doing things that most wish they could do. Having grown a passion for an old band called MSI (Considering time period is 2020ish) and loves to dance, party and just have fun. When living back in California Freddie got really good grades, not a straight A student but B Average. A hard worker none the less and when someone becomes friends with him they seem to fall in love.


Freddie's family is like most families and so they are not really important to his history. Though Freddie's friends... Everyone of Freddie's friends learned that Freddie was a mutant and none of them cared. They were all unique and for along time Freddie never understood what made him unique and then finally discovered...He was a mutant and for a few years he goofed around with his powers for laughs. Like setting himself ablaze and diving into the ocean or roasting marshmellows for people and such. Everyone was happy until his last girlfriend, when he was 17 had died. A man came out from the shadows and shot her in the head when she was walking home from a friends house. She had been raped first. Freddie was angry and hunted down the killer and though freddie wanted to kill he couldn't Rather he left the man an imprint of a hand upon his back while also having burnt his lower regions so badly that he no longer has a ....sexual organ.

Freddie spent alot of time in jail as well as therapy for the assualt. Not to mention the fact that he is an unregistered mutant has made him a massive target to the sentinels. Easily being noticeable to them due to his mutations of fire. Anytime he uses just the slightest amount of his mutation the sentinels seem to always know and always end up where he is. Though the sentinels seem to be no match as the flames melt the metal of the sentinels quite quickly making Freddie alright until they become fireproof or attack in large groups.

In jail. Freddie gained a nick name of "Hot Shot" by the guards because right when he got in and until his time out everyone seemed to know Freddie for being a firestarter and the fact that he attacked the "big dog" of the yard. Freddie gained the respect and was never bothered for his 2 year sentance. Finally out of Jail he seeks to find a new place to live and hopefully find some peace in his life. Or at least bring peace to other peoples lives.For awhile though Freddie lived with some other ex-con's just to make money and help eachother out if they could. During this time of making money, Freddie got into many fights and saved many lives although still feared and hated for being a mutant as well as a convict. Freddie believes that deep down they are grateful whether they want to get past their fear of mutants or not.

Eventually Freddie makes his way to Westchester County and in this city encountered Wolverine. Due to this X-Man's instinct to fight first ask questions later the two squared off in a fight. A brutal fight that turned into a doom between Wolverine, Inferno, and 10 hoodlums. Freddie had gone to rescue a woman and finally the woman called out to Freddie and Logan about both of them need to stop fighting and help her again as the hoodlums began to go after the woman. Long story short, after the fight. Logan and Freddie go to talking and they realised that they were both looking for the same cause and Wolverine extended an invitation to Freddie to come to "Charles Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters".