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Print your letter to your Representative from here or create your own. Use the highlighted link to get a full list of every Representative on the Committee on Natural Resources and the subcommittees they belong to.

Because this web-page has advertisements that would not look good in a letter to your House Representative or Committee member, you should "copy" and "paste" the below letter into a word-document program on the computer you are using. You should print out the list of Representatives; the Democrats are in the left hand column and the Republicans are in the right hand column (in italics).

Date: _________________

Honorable Representative _______________________________________
1324 Longworth Building
Washington, DC 20515

Dear Representative __________________________________,

I am writing to ask you to support Deborah Strole’s legislative proposal titled, “Our Right to Public Lands Access Bill.”

This bill will require the government to prepare “take permits” for each recreational “class of activity,” instead of leaving the red-tape burden of obtaining a take permit on the individual (as it has evolved over the last 30 years). Upon finalization each government-required-permit would be easily obtainable and would resemble a fishing permit or hunting permit.

The burden of researching documentation, years of red tape; including bonding, cultural studies, archaeological and environmental studies would be the responsibility of the government for each activity. These burdens should never have been written "into" the Forest Service Code Books since Congress, not the Forest Service is, and always has been the ONLY constitutionally legal authority over Public Land.

The bill will allow people directly affected by each class of activity to participate in the setup of this new permit process (because of the EPA, NEPA, ESA, Cultural studies, Heritage Sites, etc.) and the development of each program, unlike the current system where environmentalists have had years of unchecked undue influence.

The bill will also require the government, by law, to issue an "affordable permit" to those who wish them, to enable even the poor to enjoy recreation on ALL Public Land.

With this simple bill, We the People, will regain access and use rights to public lands across this great nation. Please support this bill.