PROPOSED BILL: Our Right To Public Lands Access BILL

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Did You Know We Lost Vast ACCESS/USE To Our PUBLIC LANDS?
How did it happen?



    How could this possibly affect me? If you or your children want to access Public Land for any reason, this affects YOU.

    Can you afford a LITTLE TIME, a book of $0.42 stamps or a note on a stack of post cards to advocate Congress to take THEIR & OUR rights back?

    The proposed legislation discussed on this website is to shift "control and management of PUBLIC LAND" back to Congress, and provide easy access back to "We The People" all across this nation.


    This website is updated whenever possible with new information, PLEASE check back often!!!

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    "Humans" have been fighting for control over "LAND" for tens of thousands of years. The battle for control & management of US PUBLIC LAND goes back as far as 1845. Today the fight rages on between Public Land Rights advocates who are fighting thousands of environmental organizations (many claiming to be non-profit) and agencies within the U.S. government who were not authorized by the CONSTITUTION to regulate public land.

    And We are losing!

    Well-intentioned-environmentalist used their power over Federal Lands to shut down the timber industry, close hundreds of sawmills, kill forest communities, and destroy the forests through insects, disease and catastrophic fires -- just as the well-intentioned-environmentalist closed down oil and gas exploration and production in the US and have halted the building of all new refineries on US soil and driven the petroleum industry out of the U.S., along with the millions of jobs that go with them, and just as they did to much of the mining industry -- they have also done to public land access, public land use and public land recreation.


May, 10, 2006

A legislative proposal (PROPOSED BILL) to cut the red tape between "We The People" and "Access to Public Land" that the founding fathers legislated for our use in the 5th Amendment to the Constitution and upheld again and again in case law, was origially submitted to U.S. Congressman Rick Renzi of Arizona a few years ago by Arizona resident and long time supporter Mrs. Deborah Strole. Congressman Renzi presented the PROPOSED BILL to the House Resources Committee but was never able to get the BILL out of "Committee".

As an update (early 2009) Congressman Renzi is no longer a Congressman and an update to this site was required. Instead of sending our pleas to one Congressman, it would be much more effective if letters requesting passage of the PROPOSED BILL would be sent to every Representative in the House Resources Committee. The need has not changed, the situation has changed (for the worse). Since my original efforts began, more and more Public Lands are being found with gates and signs prohibiting entrance to Public Land. We are guided most politely by the Forest Service employees to specific recreational areas designated for the public.

In short; since the Environmental Protection Act (to protect every existing specie and its habitat in existence on Public Land) became law, the EPA and similar Acts and laws have become the Public Land Rights "law of our land". They have ham-strung people wanting to enjoy Public Land as guaranteed by 5th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

In one sentence, "to protect every existing specie and its habitat in existence on Public Land" requires the removal of mankind.

The Nature Conservancy, and other environmental groups have managed to get Laws, Acts, Presidential Executive Orders and foreign treaties signed into law that have removed your public land rights as they existed 130 years ago.

Who regulates your rights to your public (and private) land in the U.S? The environmentalist do! Ask any US Congressional Representative who sits on the Committee on Natural Resources how many environmental lobbyist (literally) stand behind the chair of each Democrat Representative during the House Resources Committee meetings.

In their zeal to protect U.S. land from humans, the environmentalist (1) have managed to create habitats that create thousands of fires every summer; (2) they have taken rights away from recreationalist and land-owners alike. (3) They have managed to force nearly every new law being written to be filtered through the environmental microscope to make sure there is something in there for their cause. That's only the beginning. This website is dedicated to one thing; get legislation passed that will remove the ham-string spiderweb of environmental regulations that separate us from our Public Land Access, Public Land Use and Public Land Rights.

There are several ways "We the People" have lost access to and use of our Public Lands.
Here is one example:

According to the Endangered Species Act (ESA) of 1973; one cannot harm or kill a threatened or endangered specie, or harm or modify the habitat of a threatened or endangered specie, without a permit to do so. The permit to do so, is commonly known as a "take permit".

Even if there is the POTENTIAL to harm a threatened or endangered specie or the habitat thereof, one must acquire a take permit. "All uses have the potential" to harm a threatened or endangered specie, wherever they may exist. If you walk off trails to view the beauty of the natural forest, you are damaging the ground you walk on; this is not a joke according to environmental zealots who control our public land laws.

Then consider that all public lands have one or more threatened and endangered specie upon them. Thus, it stands to reason that one must obtain a "take permit" (by law) to perform any activity, whatsover, upon public lands; unless specifically exempted from doing so by Congress. Congress has not exempted any activity from the ESA of 1973.

Even though an agency official may ignore the law, which is rare (by not requiring a take permit for any given acitivity), the user is still subject (vulnerable) to citizen suit, under the CITIZEN SUIT provision of the ESA of 1973.
The ESA of 1973 does provide for "Program Take Permits"; a take permit for a "class" of activities. The agencies, however, have not processed any program take permits for members of the public for access to Public Land. The Deborah Strole PROPOSED BILL is to direct (enforce) the agencies to do so; to issue program permits for all "traditional" classes of activities.

Deborah Strole's proposed legislation would remove most, if not all of the burden regarding years worth of environmental permit applications, fees, specie studies and "permitting" from small miners and recreationalist of all kinds, and place that responsibility back on the government.

For instance; did you know it could take you years and thousands of dollars to dig a hole on National Forest land even if you filled it in and left it in such pristine condition, it could qualify as a "leave no trace" site? This is due to the Forest Service Handbook that is the current law of the forest, and be damned Congress or anyone else who tries to point out that the Forest Service Manual is USURPING THE POWERS OF CONGRESS.

Deborah Strole was told "getting a law passed takes time". In truth, the PROPOSED BILL died in the SUBCOMMITTEE ON NATIONAL PARKS, FORESTS AND PUBLIC LANDS
They did not allow this legislation to move forward. They put the environmental zealots and lobbyist interests above our constitutional rights and these legislators need to be sent a message (by the truck load) that we want our Public Land Access back.

Congressman Renzi reported that he had some support from other Congressmen on this issue, but hadn't been able to show a strong enough show of support from constituents; that's you and me. A letter writing campaign has been asked for; so that is exactly what YOU can do to make this happen. Write to your own Congressman asking them to cosponsor the PROPOSED BILL; write to your local newspapers, have your recreational club members write letters, etc. Get this message on every website dealing with outdoor recreation you can possibly think of; we need boxes and boxes of written letters delivered to the Subcommittee.


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Here is a SAMPLE LETTER to print out and mail to your Representative or anyone on the Committee or Sub-Committee, or of course write your own:


Date: _________________

Print your letter to your Representative from here or create your own. First: go to link PROPOSED BILL to print out a copy of the BILL to send with your request letter. Second: Use the highlighted link below to access a full list of every Representative on the Committee on Natural Resourcesand the subcommittees they belong to. Once you have printed out copies of the BILL and have your list printed out, copy and paste the below document in a word document, which ever program you use to compose documents then fill in the blanks and mail.

Date: _________________

To: Representative _______________________________________
1324 Longworth Building
Washington, DC 20515

Dear Representative __________________________________,

I am writing to ask you to support Deborah Strole’s legislative proposal titled, “Our Right to Public Lands Access BILL.” This PROPOSED BILL will require the government to prepare “take permits” for each recreational “class of activity,” instead of leaving the red-tape burden of obtaining a take permit on the individual (as it has evolved over the last 30 years). Upon finalization each government-required-permit would be easily obtainable and would resemble a fishing permit or hunting permit.

The burden of researching documentation, years of red tape; including bonding, cultural studies, archaeological and environmental studies would be the responsibility of the government for each activity. These burdens should never have been written "into" the Forest Service Code Books since Congress, not the Forest Service is, and always has been the ONLY constitutionally legal authority over Public Land.

The PROPOSED BILL will allow people directly affected by each class of activity to participate in the setup of this new permit process (because of the EPA, NEPA, ESA, Cultural studies, Heritage Sites, etc.) and the development of each program, unlike the current system where environmentalists have had years of unchecked undue influence.

The PROPOSED BILL will also require the government, by law, to issue an "affordable permit" to those who wish them, to enable even the poor to enjoy recreation on ALL Public Land.

With this simple PROPOSED BILL, We the People, will regain access and use rights to public lands across this great nation. Please support this PROPOSED BILL.








Even the House Resources Committee sees the problem; but without a loud demanding voice from their constituents, corrupt multi-billion dollar "environmental" (non-profits?) (Learn who THE NATURE CONSERVANCY is and why I question their continued ability to exploit the non-profit protections they claim and get away with it) will continue to gobble up our public land and along with it, our rights.

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The goal of the Endangered Species Act is to save all species. It is probably the most comprehensive environmental law in the United States. While the thought of protecting endangered species appeals to most Americans, the high economic cost of recovery, the burden to our nation’s social structure and well-being, and the unchecked federal power it gives agencies administering the act does not. To some, the ESA represents governmental interference at its worst (Yaffe 1982).
From 1989 to 2000, the FWS reported spending a total of $3.5 billion to protect species (see Table 1, page 3). We recognize today that the actual cost of protecting species, when both government and private costs are included, may easily reach or exceed that figure per year. For these expenditures, it is worth asking what the taxpayers got for their money. The answer is that they did not get much. Sterling Burnett and Bryon Allen (1998) wrote a telling analogy in an analytical comment on the ESA. “[S]uppose a federal education program for high-risk students enrolled 1,139 U.S. children and 565 foreign kids but graduated only 60 in 26 years, at a cost of billions. This is the record of the ESA.”"

Follow this link to learn:
Public Land Access, Where would you like to go and what would you like to do?


"The Nature Conservancy paints a pretty picture during the sales pitch: "Imagine a vast natural playground stretching from North Alabama into Central Tennessee. Imagine forests, meadows, rivers and wetlands open to the public for hunting, fishing, canoeing and hiking. Imagine farms managed to be both self-sustaining and environmentally responsible."

Sounds good, doesn't it? And who decides if, and when, and how long the area may be open to the public? Who decides how to manage the farms? The owner, of course – The Nature Conservancy. The private owners who are convinced to sell development rights or conservation easements sell their right to use their land in any way that's not agreeable to The Nature Conservancy. When it comes time to sell the land for retirement or to pay medical bills, the land has little value, except to The Nature Conservancy. The price is no longer subject to market demand; it is virtually useless."


Published Examples of Public & Private Land Rights... Lost & Stolen!

Advancing the principles of freedom in the 21st century
This is an annual event to fight the loss of our rights and freedoms. I wanted to start this section with one possitive note........

1998 National Directory of Environmental and Regulatory Victims
Bobby Unser, race car driver, has nightmares to tell. There are many compelling statistics on how much regulations cost the American economy. I could tell you about the 65,000 pages of federal regulations and how they keep growing. Or, I could tell you that these regulations cost the economy as much as $1 trillion per year. Yet, these facts do not begin to tell the human story - the wrecked dreams, shattered hopes, and endless legal nightmares experienced by decent people. This book, which includes my case, begins to tell the human story.

2000 National Directory of Environmental and Regulatory Victims
Most Americans don't know about these abuses. Unfortunately, before the abuses can be stopped the American people need to know there's a problem. They need to know about the very human cost of these regulations.

That's why I'm so very pleased that The National Center for Public Policy Research has published this National Directory of Environmental and Regulatory Victims. The directory documents 100 of the most egregious examples of government regulatory abuse. The reasons that many of the individuals documented in these pages became victims are varied. Some are the victims of poorly-written laws; others are victimized by a web of confusing and often contradictory regulations; others are simply the targets of abusive government officials.

Shattered Dreams: 100 Stories of Government Abuse, 2003 The National Center for Public Policy Research
Then, there is the case of a high-ranking official at the Northwest Regional Office at National Marines Fisheries Service (NMFS) who took the time to share her thoughts about the implementation of the Endangered Species Act. Let me share with you what she had to say. And I quote from the International California Mining Journal (January 2002): ...when we (NMFS) make critical habitat designation we just designate everything as critical, without an analysis of how much habitat an ESU (Evolutionarily Significant Unit) needs, what areas might be key, etc. Mostly we don’t do this because we lack information. What we really do is the same thing we do for section 7 consultations. We just say we need it all. The nature of these events highlight numerous flaws within federal agencies responsible for managing public lands. The federal land agencies must be held to the same standards of truth, honesty and accountability as the private sector. Americans must be made aware of the liberties lost, and lives destroyed, due to inappropriate use of the ESA.

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Property Rights Advocates Brace for Another Betrayal
"Any property may now be taken for the benefit of another private party...

Property Rights, Regulatory Takings, and Environmental Protection

"Federal environmental laws are not the sole source of so-called regulatory takings by the federal government. However they are the most prominent. For two decades, federal land-use control has been the dominant means of achieving many environmental objectives. Two federal laws, in particular, have been the focus of the debate over compensation for regulatory takings: the Endangered Species Act (ESA) and Section 404 of the Clean Water Act (CWA), the source of regulations limiting the development of wetlands."

(Scroll down to:) "The Muddy Shoe Test" Proves a Wetland, Says Bureaucrat.
"The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers used my shoes to delineate my land as 'navigable waters of the U.S.,'" testified Mrs. Nan Robbins before Congress. All this Tennessee woman wanted was to provide for her husband -- who has been totally disabled for over 11 years -- by selling a 39-acre parcel of the family's land. Now, thanks to the wetlands designation, she lost a $351,000 land deal. "...[W]hen my son asked how they checked the hydrology... [a Corps] bureaucrat said -- without blinking an eye -- 'by your mother's shoes,'" said Mrs. Robbins.

PROPERTY RIGHTS FIRST! For over three decades, the Endangered Species Act has run roughshod over the Fifth Amendment and individual property rights. You correctly stated that the ESA “ has become the preeminent law of the land as well as the preeminent burden to property owners.”

Oversight of our National Park System

By all means, read the whole report, but especially scroll down to:

Ten years ago, the late Representative Gerald Solomon (R-NY) strongly warned that Heritage Areas are targets for increased land use control by the Park Service, as well as funding drains on the agency. Solomon’s September 19, 1994, letter he wrote to his colleagues shows that the Park Service’s maintenance crisis did not sneak up on anyone:
I urge you to defend property rights and strongly oppose the American Heritage Area Participation Program … The environmentalists advocating their bill have FEDERAL LAND USE CONTROL as their primary objective. Their bill wastes tax dollars that could be more appropriately spent on maintaining our national parks … Property rights defenders have legitimate concerns about the provision in their bill requiring localities to obtain approval by the Secretary of Interior for land use plans…
Again, I ask you to defend property rights and oppose their bill. (The emphasis is Rep. Solomon’s—not mine.)
Representative Solomon would be appalled to learn that Congress is pushing harder than ever for a National Heritage Areas program when Park Service’s problems have only increased exponentially since he penned his letter.
When the federal government acquires property it compounds the current crisis in two ways. Of course, it adds more property and burden to the maintenance backlog. But it also removes private property from the tax rolls, thereby reducing funds that could help address the crisis.

National Forest Service vs Jerry Fennell Re: 1872 Mining Law! According to a recent assay report, $20 million in fine gold lies beneath the ground on a few acres at Jicarilla, New Mexico. Miner Jerry Fennell owns the mining claims, and for about 30 years


The NFS continues its destruction of historic structures, cabins, roads, and other things, such as mining markers, blazed tree markers, erecting abandon mine signs upon legal mining operations, closing roads to mine sites and a recent Forest Closure under 36 CFR 261! What is a CFR? The Code of Federal Regulations is divided into 50 titles that represent broad areas subject to Federal regulation. Each volume of the CFR is updated once each calendar year and is issued on a quarterly basis, not by Congress but by the National Forest Service employees themselves. This leaves huge opportunities for abuse to be written into it. The NFS has its own enforcement departments and legal departments to fight any citizen who finds the regulations to be over zealous or even unconstitutional. The CFR and "code books" have been written and rewritten by employees for years, without oversight by Congress. A clear violation of the law.

-- twelve members of the House and Senate who pose the greatest threat to property owners "This 'Terrible Twelve' have threatened property owners across the country by voting against compensation when land is taken by the government.... '


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go to the PERMITS link for all the details (some are verrrry interesting) for getting that permit if you qualify. (what did she say?)

PolicyBot PolicyBot is a search engine and database containing more than 22,000 studies and commentaries from more than 350 think tanks and advocacy groups. It’s free, fast, and comprehensive.

Here's a website (just an example) concerning the laws that can govern your trip if you want to pick up things.
Laws, Regulations, Standards and Guidelines, Executive Orders, and of course The National Park Service Code Books
And that's only The Law and Archaeology website.



"The Endangered Species Act of 1973 is one of the most far-reaching wildlife conservation laws ever enacted by any nation. ........... Before a plant or animal species can receive the protection provided by the ESA, it must first be added to the Federal lists of threatened and endangered wildlife and plants. The List of Endangered and Wildlife, 50 CFR 17.11, and the List of Endangered and Threatened Plants, 50 CFR 17.12, contains the names of all species of mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fishes, insects, plants, and other creatures that have been determined by us and the National Marine Fisheries Service (for most marine life) to be in the greatest need of Federal protection." Read this!


With that in mind; everyone INTERESTED IN PUBLIC LAND RIGHTS needs to know that there are extremist/zealot camps that are not interested in regaining our "Public Land Rights" at all.
They have their own agenda's that come straight out of the "twilight zone". The only reason I mention this at all is because there are many groups committed to (1) the acquisition of more and more public lands; some using corrupt methods (2) the removal of humans from public land, some using corrupt local governments (3) removal of control of public lands from the Congress of the United States. (4) the transfer of our land regulations to foreign bodies through treaties and environmental Acts, Pacts and similar unconstitutional methods. These groups hide their agendas easily among the legitimate environmental groups and sometimes the members of the organizations themselves don't know what is happening with their money and donated labor.

The following is one extreme example and does not represent the majority of groups; just an alarming one because of the ties it has to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

I don't think we need to be overly concerned about the following occurrence, just be aware that in many of our U.S. Universities today, all it takes is one jelly-brained student who picks up the mantra of this particular scientists’ theory of how to save the world and then finds a way to make it happen and life on our planet will never be the same. Step one: The jelly-brain listens intently and decides that since the scientist IS sponsored by the TEXAS PARKS AND WILDLIFE DEPARTMENT, AND THE SPEAKER HAS JUST BEEN AWARDED THE 2006 DISTINGUISHED SCIENTIST AWARD, … Step two: you can figure out the rest........... Here's a snippet of the story that you will find on the link below.

March 2-4, 2006 at the 109th Annual Meeting of the Texas Academy of Science held at Lamar University • Beaumont, Texas. The 2006 DISTINGUISHED SCIENTIST AWARD is given to Dr. Eric R. Pianka nicknamed Dr. Doom (nicknamed Dr. Doom). The reporter who witnessed and brings this story forward is Forrest M. Mims III (Copyright 2006 by Forrest M. Mims III.) and he documents the following which he witnessed at the speech given by Dr. Pianka:


2006 DISTINGUISHED SCIENTIST ADVOCATED EBOLA to control world population


Now, back from the twilight zone; there are several ways "We the People" have lost access to and use of our Public Lands. Here is one example:

Some government agencies and some government employees or if you prefer "civil servants" have gotten power hungry and abused the Constitutional rights of everyday Americans by taking away public and private property rights. Go to

Shattered Dreams book published by The National Center for Public Policy Research

Start on page 53 for a few examples concerning alarming treatment of citizens concerning public land rights and personal property rights.



A Land Grab of the greatest magnitude
Click on the links WITHIN on the above link, view the maps, read the years of planning and preparation to see where the United Nations based program expects humans to live. This would be completely unbelievable except this information was taken from: The United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity, Article8a-e; United Nations Global Biodiversity Assessment, Section; US Man and the Biosphere Strategic Plan, UN/US Heritage Corridor Program, “The Wildlands Project”, WildEarth, 1992.

The Wildlands Project would set up to one-half of America into core wilderness reserves and interconnecting corridors (red), all surrounded by interconnecting buffer zones (yellow). No human activity would be permitted in the red, and only highly regulated activity would be permitted in the yellow areas. Four concerned conservative activists who now make up the board of Sovereignty International were able to find UN documentation that proved the Wildlands Project concept was to provide the basis for the UN Convention on Biological Diversity. They used this information and this map produced by Dr. Michael Coffman, editor of Discerning the Times Digest and NewsBytes and CEO of Sovereignty International, to stop the ratification of the treaty an hour before its scheduled cloture and ratification vote. (See Congressional Record S13790) Since the treaty was stopped, tens of thousands of Americans have used this map to expose environmentalist's efforts to implement this diabolical agenda piecemeal local, just as President Clinton is doing by setting aside millions of acres of public and private land. © 2000 Discerning the Times Digest and NewsBytes.


CARA, Conservation and Reinvestment Act - Congress passed without debate and by voice vote S990 which provides 600 million dollars a year for five years to give grants to the states to acquire land and funding to the most aggressive environmental groups to sue the private world.
This is so disturbing, "II. CARA Takes the Adverse Impact of the Endangered Species Act to a New, Heightened Level"


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How the Forest Service used Unlawful MOU between "The Nature Conservancy" and taxpayer funded Forest Service to usurp Congress


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(1) Why is THE NATURE CONSERVANCY writing parts of the FOREST SERVICE code books?

(2) Why are international (read foreign govt. bodies) programs and others usurping the powers assigned to Congress? The Founding Fathers, in the U.S. CONSTITUTION assigned that duty to the LEGISLATIVE Branch of our government, not the judicial branch and not the White House and certainly not Foreign bodies like the U.N. or environmental international watch dogs?


Click here for gold prospecting info

(Utah website; typical example only, laws differ in number and scope; literally: state, county, region, district, city, BLM, forest, stream, river, section of land, etc.)

Click here to visit Keene Engineering

Most rivers and streams flood on a regular basis. During floods, impacts similar to those caused by suction dredges occur on a vastly wider scale. It is now believed that the regular movement of sediment in a stream is vital to it's health, much as forest fires have come to be seen as a vital part of the life-cycle of a forest. The life in and around a stream or river not only is not hurt by irregular turbidity and re-channelization effects, it has evolved to need these events to occur periodically for the environment to remain healthy. A major threat to the health of many streams is now seen to be the construction of dams. Many of these dams were originally built to help control flooding. Now it is seen that this has actually led to damage to the ecosystems of these streams. This new research sheds new light on suction dredging, and reveals that the movement of sediments in a stream not only does no harm, but is beneficial to the stream. The following websites explores this new area of investigation.

I think all of the above is more about where we can't go, rather than where we can go. And this is what the proposed legislation is all about. The link buttons at the below will take you to the specifics, and more reading than you will have time for in any one sitting. I urge you to become involved. After all, there will always be people who want what you have. IGNORING YOUR RIGHTS? USE THEM OR LOSE THEM!

.......... Click here to go to LINKS page ..........

days 'til the END of the 111th Congressional Session!

Have you written your post card yet?

”Truth is violated by falsehood, but it is outraged by silence.” Henri Frederic Amiel


NEVER FORGET September 11, 2001

Who fired the first shots on 9-11? Our President said the enemy would be tracked down to wherever or whatever other countries (may give them safe harbor), and they will be destroyed.

And lest we forget... we didn't drop the first bombs on Pearl Harbor. When thousands of people are attacked on our homeland; at the beginning of WWII or today, we don't stop until justice is served and Americans are safe again.


In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, any copyrighted work in this message is distributed under fair use without profit or payment for non-profit research and educational purposes only. [Ref.]

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