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Plush Christmas Family Collections

These are our 3 most popular plush family collections.

Fabric Snowman Family

Bring outdoor fun inside with our soft, fabric-crafted snowman family, guaranteed to bring holiday cheer to any room!
Papa Snowman stands 32" high.

Set of 3 $129.95

Festive Fabric Santa Bear Family

Papa, Mama and Baby Bear are all decked out in their best Christmas duds to dress up your home!
100% polyester. Teddy Dad: 17" X 32" high.

Set of 3 $119.95

Soft-Sculpture Santa Family

Everyone's favorite Christmastime family has come to visit. Mr. and Mrs. Santa and a merry elf create instant cheer anywhere!
Polyester and acrylic outfits. Santa: 11 1/4" X 8 1/2" X 30" high.

Set of 3 $119.95