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Down icon STB 9.70 04/12/05 1.335MB

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This is a direct crack, this means that Markus can't patch it.
1) Download the file zip;
2) Unzip it and open the file "STB 970! Crack by lucif3r";


3) A message will display to you....don't worry this is a protection of Markus in bypassing:


4) Click on "Yes" and Wait the authorization process....


5) And the crack will open.



Could happen sometimes that our cracks can't open, you will see an error message (Authorization denied or other)
Our cracks are based for the authorization to open themselves to an our domain, therefore if the domain is slow or temporary unavailable the cracks
don't open. In this cases you must to try later, or contact the administrator at:

All Yahoo! programs are compiled in VB. The programs made in VB need some ocx or dll files that a regular version of Widnwos haven't.
If you haven't these ocx or dll files in your system32 folder some programs can't work, you will see a message of error (for examples ritch32.ocx not
found). You must therefore to search that file that you haven't (try with google or download our files needed) and register it.
How to register? Take the ocx or dll file and put it in your C:\windows\system32 folder


Then Go to "Start" "Command" and write this: regsvr32 file.ocx (replace file.ocx with the name of the file that you need to register.



A message will display to you to notify the success of the operation.

If you have some firewall or some protection programs which don't allow to our cracks to connect to the internet at the opening you must to set
your programs protection to allow to our cracks to connect. (For the authorization)


For other problems visit our Forum or contact us at:

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