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Lot Rentals Available at the Circleville Pumpkin Show

Rental Information:

Lot Size Locations

10 X 10 All lots are along the Parade Route UP TO Franklin St.(between Scioto & Court) 120 X 20 Scioto St.(between Main & Franklin)

*Several lots are in front of the Band Stand/Stage/Announcement Areas

Other Services:
  • Electricity (Lights, 110V, 120V) Small, one-time charge
  • Water Small, one-time charge
  • Parking Pass Free
  • Restroom Facilities Free
  • Rubbish Disposal Recepticles available and is the responsibility of each renter

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  • The Circleville Pumpkin Show
    159 East Franklin Street 
    Circleville, Ohio 43113


    Circleville, Ohio is located on US Route 23 approximately 25 miles south of Columbus. If you are traveling on Route 23 to get to Circleville, it will be impossible to miss The Pumpkin Show. If you need directions from your location to Circleville, try or CLICK the Pumpkin Show link for the Circleville, Ohio map.Pumpkin Show Map

    Pumpkin Show Days and Hours: Runs from October 18 - 21, 2006 10:00AM - 11:00PM

    The arrival of autumn means one of the nation's largest pumpkin festival's is right around the corner! The 98th Circleville Pumpkin Show, October 18 - 21, 2006 in Circleville, Ohio (25 miles south of Columbus in central Ohio). The Circleville Pumpkin Show covers more than eight city blocks in downtown Circleville. More than 100,000 pounds of pumpkins, squash and gourds are featured in street displays. There are also displays of canned goods, baked goods, flower show, fruits and vegetables and an art show.

    The Circleville Pumpkin Show attracts over 400,000 visitors to this small Midwest community of 13,000 people. Visitors from all 50 states come to see giant pumpkins, parades, entertainment, contests and sample pumpkin-flavored delicacies. Reportedly Ohio's oldest and largest festival, this extravaganza has been called "The Greatest Free Show on Earth." The Circleville Pumpkin Show is filled with family entertainment including live music, seven parades (each with a different theme), amusement rides and over 300 food booths, games and craft vendors. In addition to its Pumpkin Show Queens pageants, the Pumpkin Show also features fun, crowd-pleasing contests including Pumpkin Pie Eating, Pumpkin Tossing, Hog Calling, Big Wheel Racing, Egg Tossing and a pet contest.

    For additional information about the Circleville Pumpkin Show, you can visit their official website if you click HERE .

    NOTICE: PJ Concessions claims no implied or expressed affiliation to the Pumpkin Show Committee Association. We rent lots to those interested in participating in activities while the Show is going on.

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