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Mansfield Motorsports Speedway - Mansfield, Ohio - May 14th, 2005

BAM! Right outta the gate cheek to cheek club at the speedway!
Psst. Hey I'm over here.
Getting a lift.
Mmmmm mmmm Bud.
What weather!?!?
Feeling red?
I got a blurry can.
George from Itchy Poodle.
I can blend into the background.
Cheek to cheek II.
We're not ca-ca-cold.
There's nothing like drinking out of a parking cone..mmmmm.
Look what I got..(hick-up)..A Bud-La-light.
Elvin wants that coat!
That's a killer banner!!
I like that guys shirt.
Been rolling in the mud?
Hey Bob my shirt matches the night.
Where's my mom?
What's that a camera?
I gave at the office.
I'm going to try to fit this in mommy's eyelid.
Moving on up!
It's Heather!
Yup, I know that one.
Hello. What's with those monitors?
Gimme another!
Lookin' guilty.
Can we just be alone? Can we?
Catch me!
Hi, it's me again.
Cheek to cheek III.
Duckman and a tiny drumset.
Duckman at the speedway.
Yeah that's right I got the tickets!
Wilbur Allison.
Group hug.
Can I use your earring to open this?
Arms crossed and trying to act natural.
(dark) Crowd shot.
What? What did I Do?
Cassie asks: Do ya like my hat?
Gimme a H! Gimme an A! Gimme a P! Gimme an P! Gimme an Y!
It's me again II.
How's the sax Elvin?
Looks like a newborn all wrapped in a little blankey.
Ron going for the vocal. AHHH, watch out for that monitor!!!
Oh golly I'm just
That better be a Bud product!
Please leave us alone, please.
This is a first: dome to dome.
Crowd shot II.
The four red lights match my face!
Just take my picture and move along fella.
Elton Allison.
Oh yeah! yes sir-ree....
Girl and a half.
Look, if I let go of my hair it falls.
More red.
Cheek to eye, eye to eye.
My Dad has a cool hat.
Sideways peace.
Cheek to cheek IV? (I lost count)
Thank you! Goodnight! See ya on the flip-flop!

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