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Web sites that fucking suck

power 96.5
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99.1 jamz
The new X 102.3

Thank you for visiting my page at Angelfire. Please come back and visit again! I hate rap. I hate John Marcilin who was born 1971, in july. He is a cheap fuck. He has pissed me the fuck off. He never answers his phone, and makes me take taxi cabs to his condo. When I miss my train home at night, he makes me sleep at the train station. All he wants to do is be like micheal jackson. He uses little boys as his pawns. He makes me pay for dinner. He has never started a conversation. He stops talking to me when I lose my fucking car. When I get my r all os a fucking sudden he wants to be my best friend. He also wants me to suck his dick, and for all you out there reading this, I do not put dicks in my mouth. He has given me a fucking complement. He makes me pay for food as I have already fucking mentioned. When I go to court for domestic battery, he refuses to come with me for general fucking support. need I say more. Sonya Abramowicz

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