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We are happy to announce the beginning of another productive year for Psi Chi.  The University of North Texas Chapter of Psi Chi represents the outstanding and innovating representation of the scholarship and academic achievements of its members.

We are honored to invite all students in the field of psychology to participate and interact with fellow peers, faculty and the community. Over the course of the semester we hope to enhance the area of psychology and other related fields at the University of North Texas.

To achieve the honor of being a registered member of the National Honor Society in Psychology the following requirements must be met:

Psi Chi National Membership is open for all undergraduate and graduate students meeting these requirements, however, if at the current time requirements are unable to be met we still open our arms to those willing to participate in regular meetings and activities.  Until the requirements are met we are unable to offer National Membership, however, the experience and knowledge Psi Chi offers is beneficial to any student in the field of Psychology.  Psi Chi is present for the betterment of the individual and should be an added benefit to any resume, even if National Membership is not attained.

If good standing is met up to graduation, Psi Chi offers the opportunity to wear honor cords and to receive a Psi Chi diploma seal.

The initial dues of $45 include a $35 lifetime membership fee that is sent to the national office and the chapterís annual dues of $10.  Annual dues are collected in order to cover the administration costs of the organization.

To learn more about becoming a member of Psi Chi or participating in Psi Chi please attend the introductory meeting, which will be announced with flyers posted in Terrill Hall.  If you cannot attend the introductory meeting or you have further questions, please feel free to contact any of the officers (please see the Officers page).

We sincerely hope for your participation and attendance in order to better enhance this yearís University of North Texas Chapter of Psi Chi.


 Psi Chi Chapter Officers