2 Corinthians, Ch.5
Heaven and How to Get There

1. Realize there is only one way to heaven.

2. Admit that you have sinned.

3. Realize that God loves you.

4. Believe that Christ died for you. 

5. Acknowledge the gift.

That is how we get to heaven.



1 Corinthians, Ch.3
The Dangers of Refusing God's voice

1. God will be angered

2. Their fears will be greater than their faith

3. Their heart will be hardened

4. We will run out of time.


Things I know about you.

Acts 26:24-27

1. I know you know There is a God.

2. I know you know that Life was given to you by God.

3. I know you know that the Word is true.

4. I know you know that there is a place called Heaven.

5. I know you know that they are a place called Hell.

6. I know you know you are not what you ought to be for God.

7. I know you know that they is a time to die.

8. I know you know that Jesus is the Savior of the world. 


Christ the good shepherd

St John10

1. He knows His sheep by name.

2  He calls and guides His sheep.

3. He feeds His sheep.

4. He laid down his life for His sheep.

5. He gives eternal life to His sheep.


Some Plain Talk to Christians.

2nd Corinthians13

1. Be ready for my visit.

2. Be sure you are saved.

3. Be Obedient to God's word.

4. Be mature in your faith.


When Christ comes to your house 

Mark 1:29-31

1. There is healing.

2. There is help.

3. There is hope.

4. There is happiness.


Believerís privileges

Psalms 105.1-4

1. Giving thanks to him

2. Calling upon him when we have a problem

3. Serving his name. Making know his acts of grace

4. Singing to him praise and glorify him.

5. Mediating on him there is a time to speak and a time to sing but we must also have a time to think thank on these things.


Hope misplaced

Romans 8:1,  john 3:14-17, acts 16:31

1. Build hopes on things eternal.

2. Hope in the blood of Jesus.

3. Hope in god.

4. From the gutter most to the upper-most.

5. Prayer meeting at midnight.

6   one cannot make it on their own.


Making time for prayer

Text matt 26:36-46

1. Prayer is how we get things.

2. Prayer is how we find joy.
3. Prayer is how we get forgives and cleansed from our sins.

4. Prayer is godís way getting over anxiety and worry.

5. Palms 84:1-24

6. Prayer is expressing praise and gratitude.


Jesus on the finish line tells him what u want to.

Text. Romans 8:1 eph1:1

1. The power of prayer.

2. The name above every name.

3  keep your eyes on there salvation.

4. The god of supply.

5. Every knee shall bow.


Lord over Situations

Genesis 15:20, Acts 19:12

1. God brings to Salvation.

2. Salvation for family's

3. Guaranteed blessings.

4. Transformation from shortcomings.

5. Baptismal significance.

6. Healing by yielding.

7. Wholeness and boldness.

A. Altitudes. Christians.

B. In Jesus name.

C. Whole well and complete.

D. Conciliation and restoration.


Some people our church could do without.

TEXT: Philippians 3:15-21

1. Those that are living sinful lives.

2. Those who want the highest positions.

3. Those who indulge in Destructive Criticism.

4. The gossipmongers.

5. The over sensitive.


The true bread of life.

Matthew 11:1-5, john 6

1. The bread of life.

2. The way to heaven.

3. The way to life.

4. The way to mental life.

5. The way to spiritual life.

6. The way to physical life.

7. The way to Christian adequacy.