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WHAT WE DO : The PRDCís main focus is to bring the community together for the celebrations that include the Pista sa Nayon (The Town Festival). This is a day long celebration, in a Park. Activities include Flag raising ceremony, interfaith spiritual gathering , cultural and educational enhancement of Philippine heritage. Educational activities include essay writing competition, and dissemination of Filipino culture through exhibitions etc, especially to the younger generation born here, and the general public. Cultural activities include Filipino songs and dances. Sports activities include basketball, volleyball, tennis and golf tournaments. Orientation seminars are also conducted on a limited basis for the new immigrants from Philippines. Free Health Camp is also organized especially for the elderly. Filipino food stalls are also setup, serving Filipino delicacies. Historically over 2000 Filipino Americans and other nationalities have attended the function, and the number appears to be growing each successive year. This major event is followed by a Gala evening in a more formal setting. During the gala dinner Filipino cultural activities are showcased,





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