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Solicitation to Celebrate the Philippine Independence Day.

To: The Philippine Communities of the North Texas Region and Friends of the Filipinos Who Wish to join us Celebrate the June 12 Independence Day.

This will be our 109th anniversary of the Philippine Independence for freedom gained under 300 years of domination from Spain. The event we celebrate is usually month long with the two biggest events being Pista Sa Nayon, which will be held on June 9 and a gala night on June 16. Pista Sa Nayon is an event wherein we feature an exposition of various Filipino foods as well as various Filipino products from Filipino churches and organizations. We also feature a Santa Cruzan which shows a cultural event that is traditional during May of every year. We also present various Filipino dances and feature Filipino bands that play various types of music and will feature an all night dance after a short program that is especially prepared every year for enjoyment of all attendants. There will be adult and children’s games and awards of various prizes to the winner including an essay contest. Around these two events, we have various sports festivities including basketball, golf and bowling tournaments. During the gala event it will feature further cultural presentations and a program honoring Filipino leader who has contributed much to the promotion of the Filipino culture and leadership in the area. We would like to get either your response or contribution in order to help us defray the total expenses during these traditional events.

You can do this in various ways such as setting up a booth during the vista and gala celebration or placing an ad in our souvenir program or basically just contributing any amount which we would appreciate. You can also buy tickets for the gala night.


Manuel S. Rivero, M.D

Souvenir Program Ad Form