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On this 110 years of Philippine Independence , we honor the Filipino Heritage: rich in its being unique for the multifaceted impressions the world is finally appreciating, timely assistance to neighboring and faraway countries in time of disaster, strong belief in one Omnipotent God cements its STONEWALLED faith, community and resiliency, respect and undying care for its young and elders alike, brilliant minds producing never ending supply of professionals that other countries try to entice, musical prowess entertaining the International Community, resiliency to adopt to environmental and cultural modification.

These are some of the contributions that we of Filipino Ancestry are proud to be a part of. Thus making us truly a partner of every nation in keeping this world a better place to live in.

We, Filipino Americans have so much to work for. This year, we are looking forward to another celebration of our 109th Philippine Independence from Spain. I, in behalf of all the officers, board members and advisory board members of PRDC, I wish to invite you all to help us in making our celebration an emblem of unity amongst us, our common love for freedom just like our forefathers. Let us be one in our celebration. Join us!

Dr. Manny Rivera
PRDC President- 2007-2008




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