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Prairie Moon Sculpture Garden


This environment is the work of Herman Rusch.He bought the defunct Prairie Moon Dance Hall, filled it with "unusuals", and then decided to make some objects for outside.

The fence is deliciously pink and shaped like a princess' tiara.

Wander back behind the museum, a gray quanset hut building with a giant orange moon dot painted on either end, and you will find many extraordinary sculptures. There is a castle, a Rapunzel tower, a giant ewer, a rocket, "Stonehenges", and more stone-in-concrete pieces.

On the day I visited there were four other people wandering the grounds. One of the older men said to me, "That's one way to get rid of those rocks in your pasture." Funny. I bet he was a local farmer.

Location: Between Fountain City and Cochrane along the Mississippi River.

Watch for the Cochrane-Fountain City High School. The next road east is Prairie Moon Road. Turn and immediately look to the south. You can't miss it.

The sculptures can be viewed anytime. If you wish to visit the Museum check the Kohler Foundation website.

Website by LuLu Fry.

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