This page will be dedicated to finding Christian made series in Asia. Thanks for all the help from all our brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus out there! We always welcome more help from those who would like to help supply us with information or pictures for this web page.

Most anime fans are all too familar with classic Christian anime series like,


since they have been translated into dozens of languages and brought to America and very many other nations around the world, so we'll save reviewing them towards the end of this page. So what else is there, now that we are in the 21st Century? Praise the Lord! There are now many more new Christian anime series being made and brought to the U.S. and around the world from various nations in Asia!

An alliance of Christian ministries, organizations, and individuals, from Hollywood to the Heartland, is forming around the dream of bringing the Gospel to folks in all parts the world in Anime format from many nations in Asia! Listed below are links to many other web sites sharing various pictures and info on some of the newest anime series that are now coming out of Asia.

Thank God for dear brothers in Christ like Paul Crouch, who has been so blessed with his Trinity Broadcasting Network! We now have a new Christian channel available free (where available) for kids and adults too with the new "Smile of a Child" Network! Paul is now asking folks for suggestions we can make for new "family friendly" made programs for this new channel. This may be an awesome opportunity to help get even more classic anime imported to America again like we had years ago back during the 1970's and 80's with the CBN cable channel. Most older anime fans can still remember the good ol' days back when we could watch classic anime like ,

to name a few.

These anime series may not have been considered to have been Christian. But maybe the more important question has more to do with whether or not they are "family friendly" in nature or not. Are they in any way objectionable to some viewers? The answer of course is no. So should something have a strong Christian message in order to be considered Christian? Or can something that is "family friendly" be considered acceptible?

Maybe we should ask, just what exactly makes a series considered to be "Christian"? Does it have to take place during Bible times and be based upon scripture? Does it have to have an all out preachy message to it? Some would argue that it doesn't. Just like that old cable tv channel CBN had for quality programming, TBN too may decide to also have for their newer channels as we have already started to see happen to some extent.

Some Christian rock bands have been known to make songs without a real message but then are we missing something? Some would say yes. But does that then mean a Christian song must always have lyrics by that logic? I have known some Christian bands that have made songs with no lyrics. Some would argue that even "clasical music" in a way is Christian since often those that made it were themselves Christian and indeed, as you will see below, some Christian anime that has been made is indeed about Christians who created "classical music". So what about other stuff then? For starters let us try to find other "Christian related" series made in Asia.

God willing we may be able to soon see a lot more on Paul's new channel which can be seen free! Go to TBN's website and help out! Let them know you want to see more classic anime like CBN used to have! Why waste time with paying every month for cable? You can watch TBN online for free! Praise the Lord! Things will likely change for the better over the coming decades with the rise of Christianity in China and elsewhere.

Only recently did dear brother Paul send me a letter sharing the good news of what has been happening in Asia! TBN has entered into an agreement with "Asia Broadcast Satellite"! Praise the Lord! "Asia Broadcast Satellite" is a new satellite service provider, which will allow TBN to now further expand their broadcasting coverage of the great Asia-Pacific region of the world! Home to more than half of the Earth's population!

At the same time, work has now been completed on TBN's own new satellite uplink station in Manila, Philippines. Now fully operational, this new facility is literally the "launch pad" from which TBN's signal is beamed throughout Asia and the South Pacific! Praise the Lord! This will likely encourage more Asian program makers to begin making even more Christian related series in the future! Praise the Lord!

Remember folks to Praise the Lord and keep TBN in your daily prayers! TBN is now able to reach the world with the Gospel through Christian television! But remember dear brothers and sisters, if you too have accepted Christ Jesus as Lord and Savior that you too are the key to reaching our world for Christ.

God is really awesome in how He answers prayers! For those of you who grew up with Trinity Broadcasting Network, you too have seen how awesome prayers can be answered and what can be accomplished through our dear brothers and sisters in Christ throughout the world! Let us stop and take a look back at how the Trinity Broadcasting Network came about many years ago...


TBN's story began way back on May 28th 1973, in a converted warehouse in southern California with just one borrowed TV camera, a few makeshift props, and a Sears shower curtain for a backdrop. That humble seed planted 34 years ago has grown into a worldwide network of over 16,000 television stations and cable affiliates, fed by 66 satelite channels. But the glorious news is that through the years more than

36 MILLION SOULS - that TBN knows of -

have contacted TBN to confess faith in Jesus as their Savior! The love, prayers, and support of our precious brothers and sisters in Christ are woven through the fabric of TBN's history. There would be no TBN without the help of folks like you! Together we must continue to help spread and expand Christ's church to all parts of the Earth! Before you know it all remnants of 20th Century's Communism will at long last colapse and be over thrown! Democracy will triumph thoughout the world probably before the 22nd Century! So let's try and work together to help!

In the meantime let's also try to find every Christian related series and so on ever made in Asia for starters. If anyone knows about any not mentioned on this page, please let us know! The links to other web sites listed below also do mention some other comics and manga. We can not be held responsible for what another web site may have for content, but if anyone finds anything objectionable, please let us know and we will correct the matter immeadiately.

As for some of the newest in Christian Anime, here are some of the titles we have found so far...


One who commits to serving God and passing on the light of the Gospel,
even when the going gets tough. You, too, can be a Torchlighter!
* True-life Christian heroes
* Action-packed animation
* Faith-building stories
Values emphasized:
* Following Gods calling
* Sharing the gospel
* Enduring through trials
Highlighting the honor, integrity and life-changing experiences of those well-known and little-known Christian men, women and children who in response to Gods call, dedicated their lives to a life of whole-hearted commitment and passionate service to Jesus.

The Torchlighters is a new ongoing anime series of programs with strong values and educational content for the whole family. Each Torchlighters episode presents the story of a true-life hero from Christian history.

You will see what God can do through a "Torchlighter" and will be challenged to carry your own torch while learning about the history of our Christian faith!

You can now be a "Torchlighter" too and share your own testimony story with others and test your knowledge on other Torchlighters like William Tyndale and more at the new Torchlighters web site!

Now The Torchlighters series is available in other languages too aside from the subtitled versions the new english dubbed version is now being released throughout the the whole world by the Christian History Institute and V.O.M. ministries. Now you too can enjoy some of the newest and best quality made anime from China.

The Torchlighters Heroes of the Faith series is a very interesting and educational anime made for the whole family, filled with lots of action, excitement, and adventure. This series starts off with one of Chistian history's greatest "Heroes of the Faith", Willam Tyndale. The Christian who helped make the first english translation of the Holy Bible.


This episode of The Torchlighters follows William Tyndale's adventures as he works in secret, moving from town to town as a fugitive to avoid capture. Friends and allies help him along, but enemies may be lurking around any corner. Come along and see whether this Torchlighter completes his task before the king's men close in on him.

William Tyndale tops King Henry VIII's "Most Wanted" list in 1535 and is being pursued across Europe by the king's bounty hunters. What is his crime? Murder? Theft? No, none of these. William's "crime" is translating the Holy Bible into English for the common people!

Is he willing to risk his life for this cause?

Follow William’s adventures as he works in secret to complete his task.

Angry religious leaders burned William Tyndale's Bible translations and other writings.

Living as a hunted fugitive has its challenges.

William Tyndale’s calling is to right a great wrong. The church and government authorities have made it illegal to read, write or even speak the sacred Scriptures in English. The most important book ever written is being kept from all but the most educated and powerful people of the day. Sensing that God’s Word is for all people, William defies the authorities and begins the difficult and dangerous work of translating the Old and New Testaments.

King Henry VIII has ordered his bounty hunters to track William Tyndale down and

William can almost feel them closing in.

Tyndale and Roy flee by night to a ship.

After he was denied support from the Church, he secretly traveled to Germany to print his translation. Tyndale was eventually betrayed and put to death in England. Soon after his death, however, the King approved the translation of the Bible into English, which led to the King James version. The realistic animation, energetic characterizations, and fast-paced plot will keep viewers engrossed.

See how William risks his life to bring God’s word to England. When they see the sacrifice William is willing to make so that others may read the Bible, their appreciation for the Scriptures will increase.

In 16th century England, translating the Scriptures into English is William's calling. It won't be easy with the English government and established church firmly opposed to anyone who even speaks the scripture in English. Follow this brave fugitive on a journey of faith as he works to complete the task he has been given.

This realistically animated production describes the devotion of William Tyndale, a Christian. Tyndale was a language scholar in England in the 1500’s, a time when all copies and readings of the Bible were in Latin. The church and government authorities made it illegal to read or speak the Scripture in English, and those who did were prosecuted. However, Tyndale felt that the Bible was for all people, not only those who understood Latin, so he felt that it was his duty to translate it into English.


Work is now also well on the way for completing the second episode on William Tyndale. In January, they recorded the sound track at the Churches Television Centre in Bushy, Watford . Russell Boulter, formally of ‘The Bill’ played the part of William Tyndale with real passion and conviction, and it was great to meet up with Timothy Bateson again who played Cardinal Thomas Wolsey and one or two other parts.

As a part of the William Tyndale story we did an interview with Professor Daniell, President of the William Tyndale Society. This interview will be on the DVD as one of the extra features. What a fascinating and moving story it is. We were completely inspired hearing about the background to this man of God who brought the first English Bible to this country. Who can say what the impact has been of this one life – a man who dedicated himself to serve God and paid the highest price for it. In 1594 Tyndale was burnt at the stake as a heretic. And his heresy? Putting the Bible into English so that the ordinary people could read the word of God for themselves.

Such was the power of the Church under Cardinal Thomas Wolsey that they didn’t want the people to think for themselves, lest they should revolt against the authority of the Church. Thank God for men like William Tyndale who refused to be held down and submit to such an atrocious law.


It is hard for us today to imagine not having a Bible in our own language, but it hasn't always been that way. When William Tyndale was a little boy growing up in England in the 1500s, ordinary people did not own Bibles. They had to go to church to hear what the Bible had to say. But there was one problem--the priest read the Bible in Latin, a language only the most educated people could understand.

As William Tyndale grew older and finished college, he felt that God was calling him to translate the Bible into English so that all people could read it for themselves. But--believe it or not--translating the Bible was against the law. Like many others during his time, William Tyndale was called a false teacher and was put to death for his beliefs.

The English Bible on English Soil Once the printing was completed, copies had to get into England without being seized. Smugglers hid the Bibles in shipments where no one expected them: in flour barrels, in trunks with false bottoms, and in airtight boxes inside wine barrels.

The Bibles sold as quickly as they reached England, even though one cost about half a week's earnings (over $100 in today's dollars). Families saved and put their money together, and a farmer would trade an entire load of hay to get just one Bible. Groups would meet together to hear the Word of God for the first time in their own language.

The religious leaders and the King were furious! They tried to destroy as many copies as they could. They also intensified their search to find and arrest William.

Based on historical sources, this is his story as he might have told it.....

My Gift for Languages Lets Me Read the Bible for Myself (Tyndale learned a total of 7 languages). I grew up on a farm in Gloucestershire, England. Life was very difficult for English families. Children worked very hard to help their parents. Disease and famine often killed thousands at a time.

My parents could tell early in my life that I had a gift for learning languages. I was able to go to Oxford University, one of England's finest schools. By the time I graduated, I had mastered SEVEN languages! Of them, Hebrew and Greek were most useful to me, because I could now read the Bible in its original languages.

I learned so much about God as I read the Bible for myself! I knew I had to use the gift God had given me so that others could read the Bible for themselves, too! I was well aware that translating the Scriptures was against the law and could cost me my life, but how could I not do what God was calling me to do?

Church and King Try to Keep Me Quiet

At first I asked the Church authorities for permission to translate the Bible into English. The answer was no. The Church believed that only the Pope and priests were educated enough to truly understand and interpret the Bible.

One day a discussion with a priest became a heated argument when he told me that it was better to be without God's laws than the Pope's. I could not believe what I was hearing! I answered him by saying, "I defy the Pope and all his laws; if God spares my life, I will cause a young farm boy to know more of the Scriptures than you do."

I also did not agree with the Church's teaching that doing good things was the way to get to heaven. The Bible clearly says that salvation is a free gift from God for those who believe. Many in the Catholic Church and also the King of England, Henry VIII, looked for ways to keep me quiet.

Hiding from Spies

I knew I must leave England immediately. I secretly traveled to Germany, where others had also taken a stand against some of the Church's teachings. When I arrived, I quickly changed my name--so no one would be able to find me--and began my work.

Translating the Bible into English was a difficult job. Each word had to be recorded correctly. The language also had to be simple enough for even an uneducated person to understand. It took more than a year for me to complete the New Testament translation.

I had to find a good printer whom I could also trust to keep my whereabouts secret. I could not risk being caught. English spies would be paid well to turn me in. One spy eventually did find out where the first printing was taking place. I narrowly escaped capture, getting away just in time with some of my materials!

A "Friend" Turns Me Over to Killers

I had begun to feel quite safe in Germany. I had also become somewhat of a celebrity. But I let nothing get in the way of completing my task. I worked late every night translating several books of the Old Testament.

One day I met a young Englishman in Germany who seemed to share my ideas about the need to translate the Bible. Over time we became good friends. What I didn't know was that this young man was a spy who would soon betray me. He led me right into the hands of my captors, after inviting me out for a meal. I was jailed, charged with heresy (false teaching), and sentenced to death by burning.

The last thing we know about William Tyndale is that he was led through a crowd into the public square. A noose was placed around his neck. His last words were, "God, please open the King of England's eyes." He was then hanged and his body was set afire.

God answered his prayer in a wonderful way. Within one year of William Tyndale's death, the King of England gave approval for an English Bible to be published. Tyndale's Bible was used as a guide for the new translation. This new translation is the father of the King James Bible that is still read today.

William Tyndale had a talent for learning languages. Instead of burying his talent, he worked hard to develop it and use it for God. What talent has God given you? What can you do to develop your talent and use it for God's glory?

Translating languages is very difficult work. To get a feel for the difficulty, try translating the Ten Commandments into language that a preschooler could understand. You can find them in the Old Testament book of Exodus, chapter 20.

It seems strange that some people in the 1500s thought the Pope's law could be more important than God's law. Can you think of a time when you have had to choose between following God's laws and following man-made laws? What did you do?

William Tyndale tops King Henry VIII's "Most Wanted" list in 1535 and is being pursued across Europe by the king's bounty hunters. What is his crime? Murder? Theft? No, none of these. William Tyndale's "crime" is translating the Bible into English for the common people. Is he willing to risk his life for this cause?

This awesome new anime is now sold in stores and can be bought online. The DVD even includes, a stimulating interview with Dr. David Daniell, Tyndale scholar and a fascinating interview with actor Russell Boulter, voice of Tyndale. As well as a comprehensive leader's guide with background information, timeline of the period, additional resources, and much more! Check it out, you'll be amazed how far Christian anime has come since the days of SUPER BOOK! I'm certain you won't be disappointed!


Jim Elliot, missionary-martyr 1927-1956.

A glimpse into the life and heartbeat of the young man who said:

"He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose."

Growing Up

As a little boy growing up in Portland, Oregon, Jim Elliot listened carefully as visiting missionaries told about life on faraway missions fields. He asked them questions and dreamed about being a missionary himself some day. It made him sad that so many people in other countries died without knowing about God.

The Long Boat Trip

On February 2, 1952, Jim Elliot waved goodbye to his parents and boarded a ship for the 18-day trip from San Pedro, California to Quito (Kee-toe), Ecuador, South America.

He and his missionary partner, Pete Fleming, first spent a year in Quito learning to speak Spanish. Then they moved to Shandia (Shan-dee-ah), a small Quichua (Kee-chew-wah) Indian village to take the place of the retiring missionary. Jim and Pete studied hard to learn the language and fit in. Their hard work paid off; in six months, both were speaking Spanish well enough to move to Shandia. When they arrived in Shandia, they also had to learn the speech of the Quichuas.

Planning to reach the Aucas

Three years later many Quichuas had become faithful Christians. Jim now began to feel it was time to tell the Aucas about Jesus.

The Aucas had killed many Quichuas. They had also killed several workers at an oil company-drilling site near their territory. The oil company closed the site because everyone was afraid to work there. Jim knew the only way to stop the Aucas from killing was to tell them about Jesus. Jim and the four other Ecuador missionaries began to plan a way to show the Aucas they were friendly.

Nate Saint, a missionary supply pilot, came up with a way to lower a bucket filled with supplies to people on the ground while flying above them. He thought this would be a perfect way to win the trust of the Aucas without putting anyone in danger. They began dropping gifts to the Aucas. They also used an amplifier to speak out friendly Auca phrases. After many months, the Aucas even sent a gift back up in the bucket to the plane. Jim and the other missionaries felt the time had come to meet the Aucas face-to-face.

The Mission Begins

January 2, 1956, was the day that 29-year-old Jim Elliot had waited for most of his life. He jumped out of bed, dressed as quickly as he could, and got ready for the short flight over the thick Ecuador (Eck-wah-door) jungle. Almost three years of jungle ministry and many hours of planning and praying had led Jim to this day. Within hours, he and four other missionaries would be setting up camp in the territory of a dangerous and uncivilized Indian tribe known then as the Aucas (Ow-cuz), known now as the Waodani (Wah-o-dah-nee). The Aucas had killed all outsiders ever caught in their area. Even though it was dangerous, Jim Elliot had no doubt God wanted him to tell the Aucas about Jesus.

The Tragedy

In 1956, news from the steamy jungles of Ecuador spread rapidly around the world. Five young American men had been mercilessly killed by members of the Auca (Woadani) tribe the very same people those young men had gone to serve and befriend. That seemingly senseless tragedy has become an inspirational marvel as family members of those young men have now befriended that very same tribe!

Faith in Action

This is the story of one of the brave Torchlighters who lost his life that fateful day. Jim Elliot spent his youth preparing to share the Gospel with those who never heard it. But nothing could have prepared him for the dangers and challenges he would face in the jungles of Ecuador. The remote Auca tribe was suspicious and antagonistic toward even the friendliest gestures from outsiders. Would Jim and his fellow missionaries ever be able to break down the hostile barriers and carry a torch of faith to these people who are determined to attack all outsiders? In this episode of Torchlighters we follow Jim's adventures in faith from his college years to his work in the jungles, showing young people his faith in action as he answers Gods call to do the seemingly impossible.

Operation Auca,

One day while flying over Auca territory, Nate Saint spotted a beach that looked long enough to land the plane on. He planned to land there and the men would build a tree house to stay safe in until friendly contact could be made.

The missionaries were flown in one-by-one and dropped off on the Auca beach.

After four days, an Auca man and two women appeared. It was not easy for them to understand each other since the missionaries only knew a few Auca phrases. They shared a meal with them, and Nate took the man up for a flight in the plane. The missionaries tried to show sincere friendship and asked them to bring others next time. Would Jim and his fellow missionaries ever be able to break down the hostile barriers and carry a torch of faith to these people who are determined to attack all outsiders?

For the next two days, the missionaries waited for other Aucas to return.

Finally, on day six, two Auca women walked out of the jungle.

Jim and Pete excitedly jumped in the river and waded over to them.

As they got closer, these women did not appear friendly.

Jim and Pete almost immediately heard a terrifying cry behind them.

As they turned they saw a group of Auca warriors with their spears raised, ready to throw.

A Woadani (Huaroni or Auca) warrior hurls a spear. Jim Elliot reached for the gun in his pocket. He had to decide instantly if he should use it. But he knew he couldn't. Each of the missionaries had promised they would not kill an Auca who did not know Jesus to save himself from being killed. Within seconds, the Auca warriors threw their spears, killing all the missionaries: Ed McCully, Roger Youderian, Nate Saint, Pete Fleming and Jim Elliot.

Jim Elliot clings above a cliff during a flood.

Waiting to Hear

Late in the afternoon of Sunday, January 8, Elisabeth Elliot, Jim's wife, waited by the two-way radio to hear Nate Saint and his wife discuss how things had gone that day. But there was no call. As evening turned to night, the wives grew worried. They knew the news was not good.

The next morning another missionary pilot flew over the beach to look for the men. He saw only the badly damaged plane on the beach.

News quickly spread around the world about the five missing missionaries. A United States search team went to the beach, found the missionaries' bodies, and buried them.

But don't think Operation Auca ended there, because it didn't. In less than two years Elisabeth Elliot, her daughter Valerie, and Rachel Saint (Nate's sister) were able to move to the Auca village. Many Aucas became Christians. They are now a friendly tribe. Missionaries, including Nate Saint's son and his family, still live among the Aucas today.

Elisabeth Elliot even helped make a movie about Operation Auca called "Through Gates of Splendor". It showed real life scenes of the five missionaries on the beach with the friendly Aucas. It also included footage of the two years she and her daughter spent living in an Auca village.

This is the story of one of the brave torchlighters who lost his life that fateful day.

Jim Elliot spent his youth preparing to share the Gospel with those who'd never heard it.

Nothing could have prepared him for the dangers and challenges he would face in the jungles of Ecuador. The remote Auca tribe was suspicious and antagonistic toward even the friendliest gestures from outsiders.

In this episode of Torchlighters we follow Jim's adventures in faith from his college years to his work in the jungles, to the legacy he and his fellow missionaries left behind.

The Auca became Christians through the efforts of the widows of the martyred men. Steve Saint the son of missonary pilot Nate Saint (one of those killed), became a pilot himself and worked among the Huaorani.

In January, 2006, "The End of the Spear", a live film, retelling the story of Jim Elliot, Pete Fleming, Ed McCully, Nate Saint and Roger Youderian came out. It gives even more information.

Jim's Mission

During his life, Jim Elliot longed for more people to become missionaries. In his death, however, he probably inspired more people to go to other countries to share the love of Jesus than he ever could have in life.

In the mid fifties, a group of five young American missionaries flew into the jungles of Ecuador to reach the Auca Indians with the gospel of Jesus Christ. But just when they thought they had made the breakthrough, disaster struck and all five of them were brutally martyred.

News from the steamy jungles of Ecuador spread rapidly around the world. Five young American men had been mercilessly killed by members of the Auca (Woadani) tribe – the very same people those young men had gone to serve and befriend. That seemingly senseless tragedy has become an inspirational marvel as family members of those young men have now befriended that very same tribe!

The Jim Elliott story is an exciting, challenging and inspiring anime for the whole family. This true story is accompanied by a moving interview with Steve Saint, son of one of the martyred missionaries and includes lots of original movies shot by the missionaries themselves.


John Bunyan (November 28, 1628-August 31, 1688) was English-born.

Best known for writing the most famous Christian allegory,

"The Pilgrim’s Progess".

John Bunyan is a hard-working family man. As a tinker, he goes from town to town, mending pots and pans for all who will pay. He’s put aside the pranks of youth and his rough days as a soldier and is trying hard to live a good clean life. No cursing, no fighting and no stealing! But despite all his efforts, John can’t free himself from a heavy burden of guilt. Fear of eternal damnation haunts him day and night.

Finally, a chance meeting helps John to understand that he must hand his sin over to the One who can carry the load. Once he’s free of the burden of guilt, John is like a new man. Nothing can stop him from sharing the good news of salvation with others. Before long, this uneducated tinker is preaching to crowds that are hungry for solid spiritual food.

John Bunyan became a Christian writer and preacher.

There’s just one problem. Preaching outside of the official church is illegal in England in 1660. When the authorities learn of the tinker-preacher and the large crowds coming to hear him, they draw up the necessary papers and send their officers to do the dirty work. If Bunyan preaches even one sentence, he will be arrested and thrown into prison. With his wife, his children and his congregation watching, John Bunyan steps to the pulpit. With a glance toward the waiting officers and their arrest warrant, Bunyan takes a deep breath and begins his sermon. He would rather follow his calling and suffer the consequences than cower in fear as a free man.

To stop preaching just to save his own skin is unthinkable for Bunyan. But, how can his work continue from the confines of a cold, prison, while his wife and blind daughter struggle to survive?

He spent the majority of his days in prison, separated from his wife and children. Because he would not agree to stop preaching the Word of God, John Bunyan was thrown in jail for going against the Church of England. Interestingly, Bunyan had a very active imagination, which led to his curiosity with the “unpardonable sin.” He continually heard voices urging him to “sell Christ” and was tortured by nightmares and horrible visions, but to stop preaching just to save his own skin was unthinkable for Bunyan.

They imprisoned his body but not his faith.

How can his work continue from the confines of a cold, prison, while his wife and blind daughter struggle to survive? Watch as John serves his Lord in trying circumstances.

Once in prison, John’s ministry continues in a new way. The man with little education and much personal grief uncovers a distinct talent for writing. After completing several non-fiction books, John begins the most important work of his life. The Pilgrim's Progress follows the struggle of a Christian Pilgrim to stay true to his beliefs, avoid temptations, and remain on the narrow path to reach heaven. Published in 1678, this book’s description of Christianity as a journey containing both highs and lows has impacted countless numbers of people. After the Bible, it has been the most circulated Christian work of all time that has blessed millions.

John Bunyan is a real-life hero of the Christian faith and will inspire you to carry your own personal torch of faith for Christ.

John Bunyan: The Jailor's Story

Taking a Stand

I watched for trouble as John Bunyan preached to a crowd in the town square. The foolish man had been warned he'd be arrested for preaching outside the church. At this rate, he'd end up in my jail before long.

"I must preach," I once heard him tell an officer. "When God lays that on a man's heart, it is terrible to disobey, more terrible than your jails."

"Humph," I thought. "Does he really know what jail is like?" Did he understand how dark they were, how only the faintest light penetrates the damp stone walls? Did he realize that he'd get just a quarter loaf of bread a day and that no one in the crowded cells got to bathe?

If Bunyan did know about these conditions, he didn't let it stop his preaching. I became curious. Why would a man act like this? Did Bunyan really believe what he said about God? What did I believe? These questions were in my mind when I went to hear him, hoping no one in the crowd would recognize me.

Bunyan's preaching kept my attention. I'll give him that. He spoke about what makes a person a Christian. Now that was a funny thing to talk about. Weren't we all Christians since we were born into the Anglican Church?

"Those who receive Christ are the ones who truly know God," he shouted.

That's when it started-- a disturbance at the edge of the crowd. Officers of the British government muscled their way past worshipers. "John Bunyan, we arrest you in the name of the king for holding an illegal religious meeting."

I slipped away and returned to the jail; there'd be a new prisoner to process.

The Times

I stood before him with my hands on my hips. "Well, Bunyan, look at where your preaching got you."

He sat on the rough bench regarding me with peaceful eyes. Fear usually envelops my prisoners' faces.

"You understand the law, don't you?"

"Yes, of course. These are troubled times, and the new king fears that hotheads could stir up revolution. But I'm not interested in politics. My zeal, as you know, is for bringing lost people to Jesus Christ," insisted John.

I jumped. "And how would I know?"

Again, the smile. "I saw you out there today."

"Yes, well, a man can be curious, can't he?" I grumbled and hurried away. John Bunyan wasn't going to get his hooks in me.

Bunyan drew a lot of visitors to my jail, including his devoted young wife, who was expecting a baby. She always came in with her head high and proud, as if defying the stench and the darkness. She constantly went to the authorities to plead Bunyan's case. One man shouted her out of his chambers claiming, "John Bunyan does the devil's work!" Like her husband, she never quit.

When she didn't come to see him for several days, I figured she was out badgering the judges again. When she did come, it was clear that she had lost their baby. Bunyan remained in prison, toiling away, making shoelaces to earn money. I didn't hear him complain, but sometimes he looked very sad.

Never Give Up

Three months after Bunyan came to jail, a big-shot came looking for him, wrinkling his nose at the smell.

"If you promise to stop preaching, you may go free," I heard him tell Bunyan.

"I cannot go against God," he said.

"Pitiful," I thought. "After all he and his family have been through, he's still holding out. What's wrong with him?"

Preach and write, write and preach. That's what Bunyan did day in, day out. Many a morning while I passed the bread along to the hungry inmates, I'd hear him preaching to the others. "God will come to the aid of anyone who believes in Him," he said.

"Don't you ever stop?" I growled at him.

He shook his head and smiled. "I'm already in here for preaching the Gospel. What's to prevent me?"

Did John Bunyan continue to preach? Find out in part 2 of this Glimpses for Kids worship bulletin.

John Bunyan: The Jailor's Story, Part II

Blind Mary Brings Soup

For all the hardships I saw him endure, what really got to me was his daughter, Mary, a little girl of 10. The first time I saw her I said, "Why do you want to be coming to a place like this?"

John Bunyan shares his faith with his jailor in "The John Bunyan Story."

"I've brought my father his supper," she replied holding up a hot jug of soup.

When she tripped over the stoop, I shook my head at her clumsiness. "Better watch where you're goin'."

"I can't help it, sir," she said. "I'm blind."

I could've eaten my words and bitten my tongue. Poor lass! Naturally, I let her in. She memorized the way to the prison and started coming daily to give her father soup. I knew where she got her dedication.

It nearly broke my heart when, three years later, she didn't come.

"Where's the lass?" I asked her brother.

He hung his head. "She's awful sick."

Then she died. I half expected Bunyan to start wailing at the news. Instead, he took up his pen. Through his quiet tears he explained, "I must write about the resurrection of the dead."

That's when I started wondering if it might be true.

John Bunyan's Progress

Twelve years passed, and finally Bunyan was set free. It seemed as if his troubles were over and he could go back to a quiet family life. Yet, one day three years later, I looked up and there he was again.

A pompous looking officer said, "This man is under arrest for illegal preaching."

I sighed. Was there no end to this man's troubles?

"C'mon in," I said. "I believe you know the way."

When he got settled, he started writing again as if he had something urgent to say. He paused a few weeks later and looked up as I brought his bread. "And what keeps you so busy these days?" I asked.

"There's a story I've been working on for a long time. It's about a Pilgrim named Christian who is making his way through a world full of hardship and temptation. He's going to make it, though, to Heaven, or what I call the Celestial City."

droplet"A Celestial City? Ha! This world is so full of troubles, how can anyone believe in heaven? Surely, all your trials have taught you that, John!"

John's eyes held compassion. "My friend, we all have trials in this life. But if we put our faith in God, then we will see that we are just pilgrims passing through this world on our way to heaven."

Finally, it was all so clear to me! John Bunyan was like a Pilgrim on a difficult journey, but he knew he was going to a better place. By keeping his sights on heaven, he could face anything, even imprisonment!

Learn More!

* Suggested reading:

o The Pilgrim's Progress by John Bunyan

o Dangerous Journey by Oliver Hunkin (available from Vision Video)

o The Pilgrim's Progress Audio Drama

Other Websites:

Questions to make you dig a little deeper and think a little harder.

1. In John Bunyan's time in England there was no freedom of religion. Can you think of places in the world today where religious freedom is restricted?

2. John Bunyan could have been released from jail if he would stop preaching. Do you think he made the right decision?

3. John Bunyan's most famous book is The Pilgrim's Progress. The book is an exciting adventure that shares spiritual truths. Why do you think this has become the bestseller of all time, besides the Bible?

4. John Bunyan used his time in prison for good. Look up Philippians1:12-14 to learn of another man who worked for good while in prison. Have you ever served God during a time when your circumstances were bad?

John Bunyan’s life was filled with challenges and victories. No matter what his circumstances, this "torchlighter" followed God to the fullest. Like the main character in his book, Bunyan used all his gifts and resources to press on through thick and thin. His message still rings true today.

"Dangerous Journey"

A live version is also available.


“Chariots of Fire”

Eric Liddell breaks the tape in his Olympic run.

Eric Liddell has committed his Sundays to worship and rest and he intends to keep that commitment. But with all of Scotland begging him to run for Olympic gold, it will be difficult to stand firm. Watch as the fastest man in the world chooses to honor God rather than chase a gold medal. Then watch how God uses Eric’s deep commitment to his faith to bring the light of the gospel to China.

Pressure to follow public opinion couldn't get much stronger. National hero Eric Liddell is Scotland's pride and joy. The entire country is eager for their running celebrity to sprint past the rest of the world and bring home Olympic gold in the 100-meter race. But when Eric make the stunning announcement that he won't race on Sunday because of his religious convictions, he is soon labeled a disgrace and a traitor. See how Eric's famous stand during the 1924 Olympics prepares him for even greater challenges as a missionary to China during World War II.

Eric Liddell is well known as one of the heros of feature film "Chariots of Fire." This anime version starts with his Olympic aspirations, but continues the story into his time as a missionary in China, culminating with his death in a Japanese internment camp during the Second World War.



Perpetua: Her Prison Became Her Palace


Gladys Aylward's Long Road to China



The action-packed story behind The Salvation Army. William Booth is determined to bring the life-changing Gospel to London's worst neighborhood, the East End. But when the local pub owners realize some of their best customers are becoming Christians, they hire big strong thugs to get rid of the preacher once and for all. Watch as William's rag tag band of followers marches into the East End with Bibles and Prayer as the weapons of choice. An inspiring story for all!



Now there are more chapters in the new Torchlighters anime series! If you want to learn more about some really cool heroes. These aren’t made up heroes or Hollywood creations. These are real heroes who lived truly adventurous lives and did some amazing things! We'll soon start sharing more reviews on the new chapters of the new TORCHLIGHTERS anime series in the coming months. Make sure ya check back again , real soon!

In the mean time check out some reviews on the newer episodes that have recently been released,


Up until now the Torchlighter episodes appear to be made based upon the upon the popularity of the Christian Glimpses magazine. You can take a sneak peak at possible future episodes at this link,

2 interesting possibilities for future episodes may include...

Mitsuo Fuchida: The Enemy Whose Attack Provoked America

Squanto and the First Thanksgiving


This is a wonderfully animated series made in Asia with the help of fellow Christians in America. They bring the best-known and best loved Bible stories to life for the whole family. Each program details the Bible stories with the reality of the lives of the characters from Moses to David in the Old Testament to the New Testament from the life of Jesus to the disciples spread the Good News of God’s love and salvation.

Each episode is also introduced by Charlton Heston. Make sure you visit TBN's Website to learn more!


So far 12 award-winning episodes have been made in Asia with the help of Nest Family. These are anime stories that entertain and educate! Using original music and captivating stories, each episode provides opportunities for relational intimacy based on the Word of God. Learn about the love of Jesus and be inspired to embrace a biblical worldview!

You can visit the website at,

And learn more from TBN at,

This series offers fun interactive history and Bible lessons in anime format. But these are no ordinary cartoons. They teach the valuable bible stories we all grew up with. Bible stories about John the Baptist, Daniel, Ruth, Elija, Paul, Jesus and more!

The Following is a list of all 12 episodes that have been made so far and where you can get them,

Episode Guide

The Story of Abraham and Isaac

The Story of Daniel
The Story of David and Goliath
The Story of Elijah
The Story of Elisha
The Story of Esther
The Story of Joseph in Egypt
The Story of Josephs Reunion
The Story of Moses
The Story of Ruth
The Story of Samuel
The Story of Solomon


This anime series appears to continue where the former left off. 24 episodes have been made in Asia so far with the help of Nest Family.

It will help you learn more about the ministry Jesus started, the Good Samaritan, the Prodigal Son, and much more!

To find out more you can visit,

The Following is a list of all 24 episodes that have been made so far and where you can get them,

Episode Guide

Bread from Heaven

Built Upon the Rock
The Good Samaritan
The Greatest is the Least
He is Risen
The Parables of Jesus
The Messiah Comes!
Worthy is the Lamb
The Lord's Prayer
Ministry of Paul
The Miracles of Jesus
The Prodigal Son
The Lost is Found
Lord,I Believe
Lazarus Lives
Kingdom of Heaven
The King is Born
John the Baptist
Jesus The Son of God
Righteous Judge
Saul of Tarsus
Signs of the Times
Forgive Us Our Debts
Treasures in Heaven

The Animated Passion Trilogy
He is Risen 2 Pack

K 10 C

This new anime series from Asia with the help of Tyndale makes God's Top Ten List easy to understand. While staying true to the basic story of Moses and the Israelites wandering in the desert, this telling of the Exodus tale offers a perspective on why God set out clear rules for us to live by. Each Commandment is translated to a real-life situation that helps folks see that God really does want what's best for us. This series will delight your children and bring the majesty of God's work in the lives of the Israelites to life.

Check out,


to learn more.






Episode Guide






























Simeon (John Schneider)




More Web Site Pics ...

"No one has ever taught the Ten Commandments like this before! Your children will want to watch these engaging animated stories over and over again and as they do God’s life giving laws will take root in their hearts and minds. I wish every child in America and around the world could have The Kid’s Ten Commandments videos. What a joy to see something good for kids and God honoring coming out of Hollywood!"

- Josh McDowell

All of Scripture is God-breathed and informs our mind and quickens our spirit, but the Ten Commandments give us the essential rules for living a successful life that pleases God. First carved into stone tablets by the finger of God, the Ten Commandments were given to Moses to bring to God's people. The Ten Commandments Project seeks to communicate God's Commandments with anime. TLC Entertainment, SMEC Media, RichCrest Animation, and Tyndale Entertainment have teamed up with Asian animators to release the first products in support of an anime version of the Ten Commandments. The first products will harness the power of story and the entertainment value of ground breaking animation to catch your attention and communicate the Ten Commandments to you in a memorable way. Expectations are high that these anime projects will spark a worldwide movement as partners around the world join the Kids' Ten Commandments Project.


This anime series is a bit harder to find information on since it is still rather new. It too has been made in Asia with the help of Nest Family and can now also be seen on TBN.

Friends and Heroes is an epic animated tale of two young people in the First Century - Macky and Portia - whose idealism and friendship leads them across the ancient world, from the fabled Egyptian port of Alexandria, to the besieged city of Jerusalem and finally, to the very heart of the Empire: Rome. As they fight for justice and even survival against the might of the Roman Empire, they become friends and then, in turn, heroes. Through Macky and Portia, Friends and Heroes brings the inspiring stories of the Old and New Testament to a new, worldwide generation in the Twenty-First Century, whatever their faith or background. Like our heroes, brothers and sisters will be empowered by what they see and hear, as they share the courage and compassion, the everyday dangers faced by Macky and his friends.

To find out more you can visit,

The Following is a list of all the episodes that we have been able to find so far and where you can get them,

A Friend in High Places

Long Journey


This new Asian made anime series is more about Christians in America like the Founding Fathers and so on. So far 20 episodes have been made out of 56 that are planned.

To learn more visit,

Episode Guide

Abraham Lincoln

Alexander Graham Bell


Benjamin Franklin

Christopher Columbus

George Washington

Harriet Tubman

Helen Keller

The Wright Brothers

The Wright Brothers

The Wright Brothers

William Bradford


Joan of Arc

The Maccabees

Marco Polo

Marie Curie

Louis Pasteur

Leonardo da Vinci

Florence Nightingale


Thomas Edison


Welcome to the world of Nicholas, a completely normal kid who happens to find himself in not-so-normal situations. Fortunately, Nicholas and his anime buddy McGee always seem to learn a valuable lesson from their wild adventures. Unfortunately, when you are eleven years old (or, for that matter, a anime character), there are lots of lessons to be learned.

This is a rather interesting series made mostly in the U.S. with the anime done in Asia. It mixes the 2 elements together much in the same way as we saw done with Roger Rabbit.

To learn more you can visit,


The Big Lie

A Star in the Breaking

The Not-So-Great Escape

Skate Expectations!

Twister & Shout

Back to the Drawing Board

Do the Bright Thing

Take Me Out of the Ball Game

'Twas the Fight before Christmas

In the Nick of Time

The Blunder Years

Beauty in the Least

Out of Control

More Links to other anime pics!


The episodes "In the Nick of Time" and "Beauty in the Least" appear to have been made later after the first series and had their animation made by a different source, maybe with computers. Anyone have any info on this?


Although animated in Asia, Cherub Wings is definetely made more for younger children. It educates and informs, by teaching practical living skills with important values through Bible stores.

You can learn more at,

or visit,


Little Things

Gratitude Attitude

The Angel Song

Follow the Leader

Heaven's Troopers

Never Outta Sight

Moldy Gold

Ooops! Sorry!

Out of Bounds

And It Was So!

Shine Your Light!

The King’s Castle

Bold and Brave!


This is another classic Christian made series from 1978. Although not made in Japan, it is still an Award Winning series that is full of delightfully animated Bible stories for children. 13 stories in all provide a scripturally faithful representation of the Bible. These fascinating short stories begin with six Old Testament Heroes: Joseph, Moses, David, Elijah, Esther and Jeremiah. Then there are seven episodes on New Testament Heroes, including five devoted to Jesus and one each for The Apostles and Paul. Recommended for all ages. If you enjoy revisiting the teachings of the Bible in an animated format, this very entertaining and educational series contains stories that you will always remember. A winner of the "Award for Excellence" from the FILM ADVISORY BOARD.

Make sure you also visit,


Young Francis Xavier had everything going for him. A champion at sports and studies, he was ready to win the whole world for himself. Then one day his best friend, Ignatius of Loyola showed him that true champions are of a far more heroic breed - those who risk their all to win the world for God.

Francis became a Jesuit missionary and set off to the farthest reaches of the world. He saved pearl divers, stood off pirates, and even quested with a mysterious samurai warrior in search of a hidden treasure.

Francis Xavier and the Samurai's Lost Treasure captures the true spirit of a daring Christian who braved the pearl coasts and jungles of India and the forbidding castles of Japan, in amazing adventures of courage and faith.

This is an incredibly interesting Chinese anime that has been dubbed into english recently. I highly recomend it. I'd like to learn more about this myself actually so if any one else knows any more about it , please contact me. What I found most interesting was how the Japanese Emperor so openly welcomed the Christian missionary and helped him. It reminds me a lot of how Odo Nobunaga interacted with the early Christian Church.

Although the Japanese Emperor never accepts Christ in the anime , his samurai warrior who also helped the early Christian missionaries in their work after completing his own mission to retrieve the lost treasure , defeat his enemies and restore his honor , title , and position , comes forward and expresses an interest in learning more about and accepting Christ Jesus as Lord and Savior.

Francis Xavier later teaches the Japanese Emperor the correct way to respond to his enemies after a fierce battle and helps save some more lives as well. The Emperor then helps the missionaries with starting some of Japan's first Christian churches. This anime was definitely worth getting. You'll learn a lot from it.


The following series mentioned below are the most commonly known ,


In The Begining was animated by Osamu Tezuka , the creator of ASTROBOY. He has often been referred to as the "Walt Disney of Japan" and the "Father of Japanese Animation" since he pretty much started anime in Japan back in 1962 with the 1st series "Manga Calendar".

In The Begining was the last anime series made by Osamu Tezuka's before he left us. It was a co-production worked on by Tezuka Productions Co., Ltd., Nippon Television Broadcasting Network Co., Ltd., and Italian National Broadcasting Company for the Vatican.

In The Begining animated real life events from the Bible. Osamu Tezuka spent two years to complete the pilot film about Noah's ark. He not only used accurate scripture from the Bible but also drew pictures as well. During production, however, he unfortunately passed away and went to be with our Father in Heaven, so Director Dezaki took over and completed the series. Only 26 episodes were ever made.

Episode Guide

EPISODE01: The Creation

Adam and Eve, God's creations, are living happily in the Garden of Eden. But then a snake entices Eve into eating the "forbidden fruit of the tree of knowledge" despite God's warnings. Eve then makes Adam eat the fruit too. This behavior incites God's anger, and the two are expelled from the Garden of Eden.

EPISODE02: Cain and Abel

Adam and Eve have two sons: Cain, who tills the land, and Abel, who raises the sheep. Cain is jealous of Abel because his work seems easier than Cain's. One day, Cain becomes angry when Abel's sheep ruin his fields.

EPISODE03: The Story of Noah

One day, Noah hears God's voice saying, "I will flood the ground in seven days to destroy everything on earth. You must build an ark and get on board with your family along with one pair of every single living creature."

EPISODE04: The Tower of Babel

Asaf, who lives in the desert, longs to see the city that merchants have been speaking of. So he follows them to the city. There stands a huge tower that is still under construction. Asaf is thrilled to hear someone say, "We will build a tower that reaches all the way to heaven." God, however, considers admonishing humans for their arrogance.

EPISODE05: Abraham, the Forefather

Abram is worried about his wife Sarai, who has not been able to bear a child. He heads for Canaan with his whole family on the word of God. On the way, he rescues an orphan girl, Hagar, from bandits. Later, she bears him the child Ishmael. Then, after a few years, Sarai finally bears a son called Issac.

EPISODE06: Sodom and Gomorrah

God decides to destroy the two cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, which have fallen to corruption. In Sodom, Abraham's nephew Roto lives with his pious family. When Abraham hears the revelation of God, he pleads with God not to destroy the city. God's messenger, however, tells Roto to leave Sodom at once and to never look back...

EPISODE07: Issac and Ishmael

As Ishmael, the son of Abraham and Hagar, matures well, Sarah starts to worry about whether her son Issac will be able to succeed his father. So she asks Abraham to expel Hagar and Ishmael to the desert. God reveals that the troubled Abraham should do as Sarah says.

EPISODE08: Issac's Destiny

Issac, son of Abraham and Sarah, grows up to become a fine young man. Then God gives Abraham the greatest test of all: he asks him to sacrifice Issac to God. Abraham, in agony, takes Issac to the mountains of Moria and puts him on an altar. Then he hears the revelation of God.

EPISODE09: Jacob's Children

Jacob has twelve sons. His tenth child, Joseph, is his father's favorite. His brothers are jealous of Joseph, so they sell him off to a caravan. Joseph is taken to Egypt where Potiphar, the Grand Chamberlain of the palace, buys him. At that time, Pharaoh, the king of Egypt, is troubled by strange dreams.

EPISODE10: Joseph's Triumph

Joseph saves Egypt by predicting the dreams of Pharaoh, and his reputation spreads throughout the country. One day he comes across his brothers in Egypt and orders them to bring the youngest brother. Only when he realizes that they are sorry for what they have done does he reveal his identity, and feels happy to see them again.

EPISODE11: Moses, The Egyptian

The Egyptians begin to fear the Hebrews, whose population is increasing. Pharaoh orders the Hebrews to kill every newborn boy. One Hebrew mother puts her baby in a basket and sends it down the river to save it from the Egyptians. A princess of Pharaoh finds the baby, names him Moses, and raises him together with Pharaoh's son Ramses...

EPISODE12: The Fire in the Desert

Moses becomes depressed when Ramses tells him that he is a Hebrew. Then in a city called Pitom, when he sees an Egyptian flogging an old Hebrew man, he impulsively kills the Egyptian. He runs away to Median in fear of Pharaoh's anger. One day, after a few years, Moses hears the words of God.

EPISODE13: Moses and Pharaoh

Moses and his elder brother Aaron demand that Pharaoh free the Hebrews. This infuriates Pharaoh and brings more suffering to the Hebrews. Then God gets angry and causes a series of disasters in Egypt. After losing his son, Pharaoh finally frees the Hebrews.

EPISODE14: The Exodus

Moses leads the Hebrews out of Egypt to head for Canaan. God protects them from attacks by the Egyptian army. When they reach the Red Sea, however, the Egyptian army is already closing in on them. As Moses reaches his hands outward toward the sea, it separates into two and a road appears.

EPISODE15: Laws Carved in Stone

The long and hard journey to Canaan is torture for the Hebrews. They begin to complain and quarrel with each other, and some even start to doubt God. Moses climbs Mt. Sinai after hearing the revelations of God, and receives the Ten Commandments. The Hebrews promise God that they will follow the commandments.

EPISODE16: Israel's Treachery

Moses does not return from Mt. Sinai for forty days. The Hebrews begin to worry about whether Moses will return or not. Then they start to make a statue of a god of another religion covered in melted gold. Aaron cannot stop them. Thus one of the Ten Commandments has been broken. Moses is witness to God's anger, and when he returns from the mountain, he destroys everyone who has been involved in making the statue.

EPISODE17: New Alliance

During their journey to Canaan, the Hebrews have a terrible fight with Edom's Army and the Amorite Army, which are standing in their way. With the help of God, they always win. At last they arrive at Canaan, but God says that Moses shall not set foot in Canaan because he had once doubted God.

EPISODE18: Jericho

Joshua takes over the leadership of the Hebrews after Moses' death. In front of Canaan lies the seemingly invincible city of Jericho. It seems impossible to destroy Jericho, but then Joshua hears God's voice. People are perplexed by Joshua's odd strategy, but they succeed in destroying Jericho just as God had revealed.

EPISODE19: One King for Israel

After their victory over Jericho, the people of Israel continue to fight to protect the Promised Land. The elders of the twelve tribes of Israel think that Israel will be stronger if a king unites the nation. So Samuel, who is the most respected and authoritative man in Israel, chooses Saul as the king after he hears God's revelation.

EPISODE20: King Saul

King Saul brings victory to Israel in many wars. Then he becomes arrogant and even performs a ritual of sacrifice without consulting Samuel. God forsakes Saul for breaking his promise, and Samuel chooses the new king David. Then Saul is killed by Periste's army.

EPISODE21: King David

King David recovers Jerusalem from King Jebus of the Periste tribe after hearing the revelation of God. Jerusalem is thus called "The City of David." Then he brings a box containing a lithograph of Moses's commandments, and attempts to build a shrine. God, however, tells him that it is the next king Solomon's task to build the shrine.

EPISODE22: King Solomon

Following a revelation of God, King Solomon builds a golden shrine. "The City of David" enjoys peace, and King Solomon's reputation spreads to distant countries. After a long period of time, however, King Solomon allows people to worship idols outside the ramparts of Israel.

EPISODE23: The Exile of Israel

Babylon has occupied Jerusalem. The people of Israel are captured, and Babylonian soldiers take everything away from the shrine. The prophet Ezekiel manages to save some writings of the commandments that are written on papyrus.

EPISODE24: The Release from Bondage

Time has passed, and Babylon has gradually lost its power. King Kyros of Persia now wields great power. King Kyros destroys Babylon and tells the people of Israel to build a new shrine in Jerusalem.

EPISODE25: Prophets in the Desert

The people of Israel rebuild the shrine, but their faith has become superficial. They have forgotten the true teachings of God. God sends many prophets to various places, but nobody listens. Eventually, Rome comes to rule Jerusalem. At that time, God's messenger appears before Mary, a poor girl in Nazareth, and says, "You will be blessed with a baby boy. Name him Jesus."

EPISODE26: The Birth of Jesus

In order to collect more tax, Rome takes a census of the population of Israel. Mary and her husband-to-be Joseph head for Bethlehem to register as residents in their hometown. All inns, however, are full. So they enter a cave halfway up a hill. There, Mary gives birth to a boy. Then the sky suddenly turns light, and God's voice echoes: "Today a savior has been born from David's descendants. He is the Messiah."

Characters from the Bible

in anime form by Tezuka,

Additional Information

Original Plan and Story line: Tezuka Osamu

Writer and Production:
Nippon Television Broadcasting Network Co., Ltd., Italian National Broadcasting Company
Production Studio: Tezuka Productions Co., Ltd.
Planning: Okada Shinkichi, Kurata Katsuhiro, Matsutani Takamasa, and Luciano Scaffa
Screenplay: Tezuka Productions Co., Ltd.
Producers: Takagishi Masami, Miura Hime, Takei Hidehiko, and Nakamura Masao
Music: Hattori Katsuhisa
Character Design: Tezuka Osamu, Seya Shinji
Animation Directors: Yoshimura Masateru, Sugino Akio, Kobayashi Junji, and Shimada Hideaki
Art Directors: Okada Kazuo, Saito Masami
Director: Dezaki Osamu
Recording Production: Audio Planning You Co., Ltd., APU Studio
Sound Director: Kobayashi Katsuyoshi
Supervisor: Imamichi Yoko (Saint Paulo Monastic Order for Women)
Producers: Iwasa Yoshihiro, Kubota Minoru
Production Coordinator: Kuwahara Satoshi
(Japanese version)
April 1, 1997 - May 9, 1997,
Monday - Friday (except holidays and May 8),
7:00 - 7:30 AM, 6:00 - 6:30 PM

Through TBN and CBN anime has even gotten shown in countries and places we never thought posible back in the 1980's.

TONDERA HOUSE along with PASOCON TRAVEL TANDEIDAN and PASTCON TRAVEL DETECTIVE TEAM have been now shown in well over 50 countries!

Thank God for that!



SUPERBOOK was a translation of the 2 anime series ,
The 2nd series was said to have been a co-production done between
CBN and Tatsunoko Productions.

It's about two children who stumble upon an ancient book and open a fascinating gateway to adventure. This superbook transports Chris, Joy, and their toy robot, Gizmo, back across the centuries and right into the middle of the days of the Bible. For more information on these series click the pictures,

Anime Oyako Gekijo

Pasocon Travel Tanteidan








More Superbook Websites ...

More Web Pages!

"Anime oyako gekijô"





Alternative title:
Det flyvende hus (Danish)
Great Adventures of The Amazing House
La Casa Voladora (Spanish)
Las Grandes Aventuras de la Casa Tondera (Spanish)
Tondera House no Daiboken (Japanese)
Genres: Historical, Science Fiction
Number of episodes: 52
Vintage: 1982-04-05 to 1983-03-28
Opening Theme:
"A Large Adventure of a Tondera House" by Fusako Fujimoto

Join Justin, Angie, and Corky on their adventures aboard the unusual old house that turns out to be a flying time machine. Travel back in time nearly 2,000 years with these delightful characters and witness Jesus' teaching firsthand.

One day Corky, Angey, and Justin are playing hide and seek in the woods when a sudden storm appears and they come upon a house in the woods. They go inside and meet Professor Bumble and his Solar Ion Robot, SIR. They discover the house is a flying time machine and a sudden mishap send them into the past where they end up witnessing events from The Bible's New Testament as they keep trying to get home.

A genius , but very forgetful profesor inventor of the time-mashine. Thanks to this an old house becomes a flying one, and with its help the main characters come into the past - 2000 years back. The profesor , a friendly robot , and the children touch down the Holy Land, where they become witnesses of real events of the New Testament times.





More Christian Related Series


Ask an Otaku or a real anime expert about what other Christian-related series were ever made and the first that may come to mind is BABEL 2. But Babel 2 is not really "Christian". It may be "Christian related" but some could say that it kind of adds to scripture or takes scripture out of context.

It's about a teen named Koichi who is an ordinary youth given extraordinary powers to fight a shadowy underworld of renegade demonic psychics. Hidden in a forgotten desert lies the remains of the Tower of Babel. As its successor, Koichi summons three guardians by telepathy and challenges Yomi, Leon and any other renegades brave enough to stand in his path.

From what I recall the main differance between the history taught by scripture and what this anime says happened is that the Tower of Babel was actually being created for some alien that crashed on the Earth back then and he wanted to try to communicate with members of his race. Kind of sounds like what happened with the fallen angels getting thrown out of Heaven for their rebelion against God. They too crashed on the Earth after that. In the scriptures it teaches about how the tower was being built by some who wanted to try to find an easier way to get into Heaven which was impossible anyway. And some do think that the so called UFO sightings people used to claim to see years ago may of been nothing more than some stupid demons trying to confuse people. Anyway BABEL 2 aside from having past events that relate to events mentioned in the Bible, has little else in it that has anything to do with Christianity. The 1973 anime series lasted for only 39 chapters. And later in 1992 was remade as an OVA series that was much worse.

Little House on the Prairie / Laura the Prairie Girl
Sogen no Shojo Laura

Yes believe it or not there was a Little House on the Prairie anime made way back in 1975. It lasted for only 26 chapters and sadly has never been translated as far as i know. But I'd still like to find it some day. Needless to say the American series was somewhat Christian in nature so this series may have simular elements as well. I have seen other "old american" related anime series as well that reminded me much of this series but without translations it's hard to tell much about them.

Check out ...

One Pound Gospel

Another anime title that some of you may of heard of was " ONE POUND GOSPEL" from 1989. It was mainly about a nun falling in love with a boxer of all things! Not a very good message here I'm afraid. It has about as much to do with Christianity as maybe the Flying Nun! Or probably less! Owell.



Another series made that retold past events in ancient Japan hundreds of years ago was " NOBUNAGA , KING OF ZIPANG " This is a series that I would like to find the rest of someday. It has been shown in the U.S. on Japanese stations with english subtitles too. It was not a Christian series but had Christian characters portrayed in a positive way too. Really interesting how Japan almost became a Christian country back then. Too bad it never happened. History would of been a lot better had things worked out better back then. But on the bright side of things you learn about how some missionaires start and build a new church in ancient Japan and how the leader of the country actually helped them as well. Praise the Lord for all the souls won to Christ because of that!


A soul searching drama of one man's quest to be a Christian in early 20th century Japan. Inspired by his Bible believing girlfriend who is bedridden the main character begins a quest to understand God and to be identified with Christ. Challenged by an old street preacher he tries to "love his neighbor as himself". The neighbor turns out to be a thieving co worker exiled to a remote station. Follow this stirring tale as the hero makes the ultimate sacrifice to show God's love. Directed by Noboru Nakamura in 1977 and made entirely in Japan.



Outside of Japan there were other Asian related titles that I'd recomend including the well known CHINA CRY , THE INN OF THE 6th HAPPINESS , and especially HOME BEYOND THE SUN. TBN has been known to even offer some of these through their web sites for free by download in addition to showing them from time to time. TBN has made a real difference in Asia with helping to spread Christianity. Only recently it was reported that they have been getting hundreds of letters even from Communist China where they are not supposed to be available!

Praise the Lord!




The true story of an English parlor maid (Ingrid Bergman) who journeys to China and opens an inn for tired, hungry mule drivers crossing desolate mountain trails. Gradually over-coming the natives’ hostility, she converts a powerful Mandarin to Christianity. But her greatest feat is achieved when she leads 100 homeless children to safety across enemy-held terrain.

"INN OF THE 6th HAPPINESS" has even been translated into Spanish, and French. Subtitled versions were also done in English and Spanish.


“Home Beyond the Sun” is the story of two girls, Jenna (Melyssa Ade) a 22-year old American teacher and the other Chu Lee (Molly Sayers) an eight-year old Chinese orphan. Together, with the help of the Lord and the guidance of His Word, they overcome the adversity of prejudice, persecution, and political oppression to find solace and protection in the bossom of a Christian family. This extraordinarily moving feature explores the social and political realities of China today. In this deeply committed visual adventure, the creative fire of Christian love warms the hearts of rebels with a cause. “Home Beyond the Sun” is the story of despair and hope, deceit and compassion, depression and renewal. It is both an everlasting lesson and an enduring testament to Faith in God.

Inspired by a true story, the movie tells the tale of Jenna Wilton ( portrayed by Canadian actress Melyssa Ade), a 22-year old Bible college grad who travels to China to follow in th footsteps of her guardian and mentor, Pastor Dan (Stan Coles). Upon arrival in China, Jenna takes a job teaching English at a Boy's school. Alone in a strange new world. Jenna meets a little orhan girl, named Chu Lee, (Molly Sayers) and instantly bonds with her.

When Jenna discovers that Chu Lee will never have a family or a future , she decides to get involved. She contacts Pastor Dan in America and pleads with him to search for a family who might adopt Chu Lee: Inadvertently setting the wheels of conflict in rapid motion. What follows next is as old as time itself: a modern day re-telling of “ David verses Goliath.”

Take a look at ...


If you're a fan of SUPER BOOK or FLYING HOUSE and wish there was something else more like these 2 series , actually there is one series that comes to mind that I would recommend. I'd like to find all of it someday. So far I've mainly located the subtitled version retitled "TIME QUEST", although the correct name is actually "TONDEKEMAN". And No I'm not talking about "TIME BOKAN" either thank God.

This series is not Christian and if anything may even be considered totally the opposite. Still if someone wants to learn more about the Arab muslim culture and their behavior , this may help! The story is over all very much like SUPER BOOK and FLYING HOUSE but is more comedic like "BACK TO THE FUTURE" , where as FLYING HOUSE has been known to be considered to be more of "a Christian version of DR WHO" by some fans.

TIME QUEST starts out with a poor inventor named Professor Leonardo similar to Professor Bumble but even more of a "bumble" you can say. His time machine winds up being built into a talking kettle with a sarcastic attitude at times called TONDEKEMAN. After the professor returns from a time quest to the time of the dinosaurs , 2 kids then wind up going back to ancient arab muslim times and help rescue a princess from a fat guy and his giant hundred foot genie. But they wind up losing Tondekeman in the process. They make friends with the prince of a neighboring country and get to live in royalty while they are stuck back in ancient times.

Each episode usually has the enemy try to kidnap the princess by transporting her and others to different eras in time. While the 2 kids keep trying to save her and get back Tondekeman. Sometimes they get Tondekeman back but usually only temporally. As it turns out however after the first few episodes we find out that Professor Leonardo is none other than the famous Leonardo Da Vinci. No this series has nothing to do with that junk "Da Vinci code whatever" that some of you may have heard about. This anime came out in 1989 and lasted only 39 chapters. It's a lot like SUPERBOOK mixed with BACK TO THE FUTURE but takes place in just about every time period except Biblical times.

So far #1-6,9-11,13-19,21,22,24-31,33,34,36-39 of the subtitled version has been located and 3 chapters of the non subtitled versions as well. If anyone has any others please let us know. This series I think may have been translated into other languages as well. It's a shame that this anime never got more attention. It should of.

Adam & Eve

Perhaps worst of all that has been found yet, there is an Adam and Eve OVA which was a sci fi porno that tried to say that Adam and Eve were from outerspace. It was junk. Megazone 23 which was a lot better had a simular message but didn't mess with scripture like the porno junk did one could say. Definetely Avoid this title!

Other Anime

Some Transfans were rather suprised with seeing some of the kids in some of the Japanese Transformer series like Master Force go to a Christian school. Something that you didn't see in the American episodes. But aside from this there was really nothing much to it. Occassionally other anime or action series will have a church or something like that but nothing all out Christian like SUPERBOOK , FLYING HOUSE or IN THE BEGINNING.

Aside from that there is not much else that I have come across unless you want to count something like GODMAN but I don't think that has anything to do with the Christian God as far as I know. It appears to be actually related to GODZILLA of all things! So no it's not another BIBLEMAN type series. Too bad. Hopefully that will change in the future. Since Hollywood has become more open to Christianity maybe Japan will then follow! We can pray!

If anyone knows of anything else that has ever been made that is not mentioned here , please share that info. with the rest of us!


Other Christian Sci Fi

While there have been quite a few new titles that have come out recently, let's stick to series now on TBN for starters,


For the past decade, "The Bibleman Adventure" series has thrilled millions and set the standard for action packed family home entertainment. Bibleman’s spectacular battles against the flamboyant villains of Darkness are an exciting way to introduce your children to the Bible and the power of God’s Holy Word.

You can visit the website at,


Move over DR WHO! Here's a new Time Traveling series that reminds fans a lot of FLYING HOUSE down to the lighthouse!

A group of teens looking for adventure discover a mysterious old lighthouse and the even more mysterious keeper, Rafael. Through the lighthouse, the young teens are transported to Bible times where they interact with timeless characters and learn of a loving God who cares for His people throughout all the ages. These action-packed, top quality dramas are great for the whole family.


Check out TBN regularly as they now show many other cool titles from many other nations around the world as well!


Thanks again for reading!

Take care and God bless!


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