Power Pulling Productions LLC
Pro Modified Trucks

1. Vehicle weight: 7,500lbs., 2WD Trucks short wheel base up to 150” 8,000lbs., 2WD Trucks long wheel base over 150” 7,500 lbs. Any 2WD running under national association rules will weight 6,200 lbs.

2. Hitch height for all trucks will be 26”. Naturally Aspirated trucks will be 28". Naturally aspirated with nitrous will be 26”. 2WD trucks will be 30”. Hitch from point of hook to center line of rear axle shall be no less than 27% of wheel base. Secondary hitch is mandatory for 2019

3. Power Pulling reserves the right to alter Hitch height and truck weight after the second hook of the season.

4. Aluminum block and heads are permitted. Bore spacing may be altered.

5. Gas 4x4 trucks will be permitted to run turbo.

6. Gas 4x4 trucks will be permitted fuel injection with alcohol aspiration only. No electronic fuel injection.

7. Gas 4x4 trucks will be permitted to run Nitrous Oxide. Pressurized bottle system only.

8. The use of any agents other than nitrous oxide as part of, or mixed with, this pressurized fuel system is strictly prohibited.

9. All bottles must be securely mounted (no plastic brackets), stamped with minimum DOT-1800 pound rating, and identified as Nitrous Oxide.

10. Nitrous Oxide bottle(s) located in the drivers compartment must be equipped with a relief valve and vented outside of the compartment.

11. Nitrous Oxide system must be commercially available and installed per manufacturer’s recommendations.

12. Blower Trucks will be limited to 14.71 blower. No screw type blowers. No cubic inch limit.

13. Pro Fab transmissions and transfer cases are permitted.

14. Bar Tires are permitted. 165" maximum wheelbase.

15. Side windows are not required.

16. Fiberglass bodies are permitted.

17. Tube Frames are permitted.

18. Solid suspensions permitted.

19. Front weight and bracket may not extend more than 60” forward from the center of the front axle.

20. Hitch can be adjustable, but it must be stationary in all directions.

21. Drive shaft loops and U-joint shield are required.

22. Bell housing or transmission blanket required.

23. Kill switch (gas) or air shut off (diesel) is required.

24. Helmet (Snell 90 min. or SFI 31.1 min.) required. Neck collars are recommended.

25. Fire Suit (SFI 3.2 min.) and gloves required

26. Seatbelts are required. Recommended SFI 16.1 spec.

27. All trucks are required to have a minimum 2.5# fire extinguisher within reach of driver.

28. Membership fee will be $50.00 by May 1st. After May 1st fee will be $100.00. Must attend 2/3 of scheduled events to receive points fund money and one drop hook can be used for missing one event.

29. All diesel powered competition vehicles will have a fuel sampling valve (closest to injection pump) on the return line from the fuel injection pump to be used in obtaining a fuel sample. The sampling valve needs to have a flexible hose. Diesel engine needs to be running when the fuel sample is obtained.

30. All diesel powered competition vehicles will have a water injection sampling valve. If no valve exists, the tank line will be unfastened to attain a sample.

31. All fluids are subject to diagnostic screening.