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Welcome to the first complete

Populous: Age of Chaos online walkhtrough!

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1/6/2007: Level 3 Updated

If you are like me, you enjoyed populous so much that you checked it out on the internet and found that there were more levels you could download and play for free!  So I downloaded and easily beat the Undiscovered Worlds expansion pack, and innocently moved on to Populous: Age of Chaos (AOC).  I also like to beat a game when I start playing it.  Then I found out.  It’s hard.  Really, really, really hard.   No cheats are allowed.  There are no walkthrough that I could find on the internet for this game, so I decided to make one. This is for everyone who needs help, hints, tips, instructions and a walkthrough for Populous: Age of Chaos.

Due to programming differences, glitch updates and individual variation, not every level’s walkthrough will work for everyone.  Even using the walkthroughs I’ve listed here there is a LOT of dying and reloading. However, I have beaten every level by myself, often with a laptop mouse instead of a real one.  So always remember that you can beat it. The screen shots were all take as an afterthought, so they’re not of me beating the game my first time through.  They are just to give you an idea of what I am taking about.

If you guys have any questions or suggestions for my walkthrough, please email me at  I made the email just for this walkthrough, so please no spam. Keep in mind that this walkthrough is how I beat the game. Please link me if you have a populous site! You can copy any or all of my walkthroughs providing that you credit me.


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