Blue the carbuncle and Drake the charmeleon decided to go stargazing one afternoon. Though rare, carbuncles weren't unheard of. They were 3 foot tall small aqua marine furred creatures that looked like rabbits with longer feet and legs. Their long feet made walking hard so hopping and their using the little magic they could use to float was their main way of getting around. The tips of their ears had blue on them along with more blue being visible on the bottom of their tails. Between their ears was a triangle strip of fur that went almost straight up, two more identical ones angling downwards. Their tails themselves looked were thin and possessed limited mobility, so their only purpose was really just to look pretty and give them something to sit on. Lighter green fur went from their stomach downward to between their legs and almost to their tail. Their arms extended to half way to their legs and they had deep blue eyes and a triangle shaped muzzle with a small black nose on top. In the center of their foreheads was the fabled carbuncle stone. A large ruby that glowed with its own inner fire and could be brightened or darkened whenever its user so wished. Its brightness also seemed to be connected to how happy the carbuncle was feeling. Aside from that it also granted the carbuncle protection from almost all natural dangers and some supernatural ones to. They were all shy and naive most never seeing a fight in their entire lives. Rather than be aggressive they would much rather socialize and go on a picnic. They also had a natural aversion to eating meat, choosing instead fruits and grains, thus making a fat carbuncle impossible to find.

      Blue was an oddity among his kind by socially. He didn't like to get out and spent most of his room. He hated the spring (which happened to be prime time for picnics) and was shy by even their standards. Despite all of this he did still talk to others, just on the internet instead of live and in person. His computer was his window to the outside world and he spent hours on it everyday. He liked the freedom it gave him and he didn't feel as nervous talking to people when they were actually miles away. There was only one person he had met in a chat room that was near him, a charmeleon by the name of Drake. They had actually been talking for a long time and had become friends instantly. After a while they determined that getting together would be a great idea scheduled to meet each other at a coffee shop around noon. When they finally did meet they stared at each other for a few moments. Blue was instantly jealous of Drake's strong body, Drake was way taller than Blue, most of Blue's height being contributed from his ears. His strong arms and lean body was some that Blue dreamed about having but could never quite reach.

      Drake on the other hand was trying hard not to laugh at how nervous and fragile Blue looked. <i>Probably wouldn't last long if any real trouble came up</i> he thought, looking him over <i> Still, his is kinda cute </i> he thought before smiling and putting his hands on his hips "Well, are we going to stare at each other all day or are we going to have some fun?"

      Blue snapped out of his reverie and blinked, "Oh, uh…yeah, let's go then".

They spent the most of the day swapping philosophies about life and bowling, with Drake winning easily due to the fact that carbuncles weren't really suited for that kind of thing, he still had fun though. After that they had pizza. Blue (true to his kind) ate spinach pizza while Drake decided not to freak out his friend with his horrible meat eating ways and settled with a few slices of cheese pizza. Then they moved on to watch one of the many mind numbing action movies that played nowadays and went to the park at night to watch the stars, chatting with each other and just chilling out. The sky was clear and twinkling stars dotted the nighttime sky. The moon however wasn't full but they hadn't been interested in the moon in the first place so it didn't bother them. Eventually they ended up on one of the small hills with a lot of grass on it, both flat on their backs and waiting for something interesting to happen.

      Blue yawned and stretched, sitting up," Well, today was fun." he said turning towards Drake and waiting for a response. He was sorely disappointed as Drake had fallen asleep shortly after lying on the grass.

      Blue frowned, "Drake! What are you doing? How can you sleep with all these stars out? It's kind of boring doing this all by myself you know."

      "Zzzzzzz *snort* Huh? What's going on?"

      Blue started poking him in the ribs. "You're what's 'going on'. Why are you so sleepy all of a sudden?"

      Drake yawned and sat up as well. He rubbed his eyes and looked at Blue groggily "Because I'm full of pizza and popcorn from the movies. How could you even be awake? You've been staring at the stars for hours now"

      Blue shook his head and looked towards the sky" It's just so beautiful; I've always loved staying up late and looking at the stars."

      Drake looked at the sky for a brief moment "Stars are pretty and stuff but I'm just going to fall asleep again if nothing interesting happens."

      Blue sighed "What do you want to do? Most places are closed now" he said, looking back at the sky.

      Drake didn't respond at first, seeming to ponder what he really did want to do. He looked at Blue again, noticing that his ruby was giving off a dim glow. His eyes wandered around Blue's body, admiring his long ears and small button nose. At first he thought their long feet looked funny but it really just added to their charm. During the day got a few glimpses at Blue's cute rump, but his tail got in the way most of the time. Suddenly, he had a great idea as to how they could burn some time, "I know something we could both do" he said, grinning toothily.

Blue, naturally naive, had no idea what Drake was getting at. With a completely innocent look on his face he asked "What?"

      Drake chuckled to himself, finding Blue's innocence adorable. Beating around the bush with Blue would take all night so he decided to be blunt. "We'll," he said, before getting up and sitting on his knees directly in front of Blue" we could always yiff, that'd be fun" .

      Blue shook his head "Drake, we've been over this before. I'm not like that."

      "But you're so submissive and..."

      "Yeah I know that's the way I am, but that doesn't mean I'm gay"

      "I'm not gay, I'm bi. There's difference."


      "Oh c'mon Blue," Drake sighed "no ones watching. Besides, don't you ever get any? From what you've told me earlier, all you do is stay at home and play video games, irc chat with people, and study for school. You need to loosen up a little. There's more to life than 'finding the perfect woman and marrying, then loosing your virginity at the same time and maybe starting a family'. Being stuck inside all day can't possibly be healthy."

      Blue thought about it for a moment," You might have a point. I do get called shy all the time, and mom does say that I need to go outside and meet people. Although I doubt this is what mom had in mind."

      "Well there you go. Trust me; you'll feel a lot better once I'm done with you."

      Blue still seemed nervous but stood up nodded his head anyways.

      Drake looked pleased" Finally, tonight is really going to get interesting now. I was hoping that we would have been able to do this earlier but this is good too, I finally get to stuff my cute little carbuncle." He really had been waiting all day, but every time he tried to make an advance on him Blue just shrugged him off. Now though, it seemed that he'd get his chance at last. He paused before he did anything though; he wanted to be absolutely sure Blue wanted to do this." If you want it you're going to have beg for it"

      Blue was extremely nervous, he blushed when Drake called him cute but wasn't really sure about all of this. <i> But if this makes me" looser" then I guess it isn't so bad, and Drake seems like a nice person so I should be alright </i>. With that thought in mind he moved towards Drake until he was just inches away from him and lowered his ears just to add to the effect. Then he put both paws on Drake's chest and looked him straight in the eye with the most pleading face he could muster," Drake...yiff me...yiff me hard" he murmured, his face reddening even more as he said it.

      Drake smiled widely and licked at Blue's blushing cheeks, nuzzeling his muzzle. "You little cutey, how could I say no to that?"

      Blue was still new at all this so he just nuzzled back, murring slightly. His mind was racing with different thoughts like <i>Oh my gosh, I'm not ready for this</i> and <i>What would mom say?</i> but he tried to ignore them, choosing to focus on the nuzzling instead of worrying about minor details.

      Drake smiled more, glad that Blue was going through with this. He got tired of nuzzling however and decided to move on to deep kissing, putting his paws at Blues checks and messing around at the fur there. Without warning his tongue darted into Blue's mouth rubbing against the roof of it, causing Blue to squeak and stiffen up in response. His paws also left his face and maneuvered their way behind Blue, pulling him closer. One stroking his ears while the other one trailed down to his lower back, scratching softly with the tip of his claws and rubbing up and down until he loosened up again.

      Blue closed his eyes and murred a little louder now. He had gone years without as much as a hug from anyone other than his mom and her hugs never made him feel like this. Drake's playing with his ears and stroking his back alone was an experience but the French kiss was a whole level of intimacy that he had never explored before, and he couldn't get enough of it. He had heard from others more experienced in the art that French kissing usually involved work from both parties but he just contented himself with letting Drake have his way with him. Blue normally would never have agreed to have sex with other males but the years of loneliness caused him to throw his inhabitations to the wind. Right now, he just wanted to be used and make Drake feel good in return. He finally took action after that thought and put his paws on Drake's back and began to rub slowly, his eyes closing as he enjoyed Drake's strong arms around his back. The ruby on his head started to brighten a little, the warm light bathing Drake's face in its radiance as they continued on.

      Drake ignored the light and rubbed at Blues ears, marveling at their softness. They twitched slightly as he played around with them. He closed his eyes as he continued the kiss, his tongue going everywhere. During his exploration of Blue's mouth his tongue brushed slightly against Blue's.

      Blue shifted slightly as Drake toyed with his sensitive ears, his ruby getting brighter as he tied not to laugh from Drake's ear strokes. It was extremely ticklish and it helped him to ignore his pounding heart. He had never really kissed anyone like this but he hoped he wasn't doing a bad job. He was enjoying letting Drake have his way with him but decided that he should at least do something. His tongue was nowhere near as large as Drake's but his mouth was almost completely full of his anyway so he just rubbed back at whatever was close.

      Drake smiled inwardly when he felt the smaller tongue rub against his, he leaned over Blue's body, kissing him the entire time as he began to press Blue towards the ground. He eventually stopped stroking Blue's ears and supported himself on both of his arms.

      Blue squealed at this, starting to feel his balance slip as Drake continued to push him downward. Once Drake leaned completely over, Blue rapped his arms and legs around Drake's body. He was extremely light so he knew weight wouldn't be a problem but his awkward position forced him to give up trying to give Drake backrubs, so he just hanged there, getting more and more involved in the kiss.

      Seeing this wasn't going to work Drake leaned back up and pushed his front away from Blue. He licked his nose and leaned back towards him nuzzling his cheek again. "... Please, turn around" he whispered into his ear.

      Blue blushed again and paused for a moment. Before he could think about it too much he responded in a hushed voice "Okay". He turned around nervously and waited for Drake to make the first move, his heart racing with excitement.

      Drake pushed him over and smiled as he fell onto his stomach "Now on all fours" he said.

      Blue laughed and let himself fall, the soft grass preventing it from being rough in any way. He got up on his legs and leaned forwards until his chest was practically touching the ground, the grass ticking his nose. After spreading his legs slightly he smiled while looking over his shoulder at Drake, his eyes sparkling.

      Drake smiled and noticed the special look. He leaned forward and began licking his neck while fidgeting with Blue's tail base. "Raise your tail" he whispered nipping at Blue's neck, the paw on his tail base moved down to pat his bottom.

      Blue whole body tingled when Drake bit softly at his neck, the attention to his tail base was great too. He draped his tail over his back and shivered, fully exposing himself for Drake's viewing pleasure. The entire time his ruby glowed a brighter red, matching the pleasure coursing through his body perfectly.

      Drake squeezed Blue's rump as he leaned down. The sight of blue on all fours like that just waiting to be screwed hard was making it pretty hard to concentrate but going at it without a little preparation would ruin the moment, and possibly harm Blue. He put his paws on both of Blue's cheeks, spreading them out so he could get a good look at his pucker. His tailhole was pretty small but it was good enough for Drake, it just meant it would be an even tighter fit and he liked the thought. Leaning forward he licked in a circle around Blue's hole before pushing in slightly. The resistance was strong and Blue's constant clenching was only making it tighter, but Drake tongue was slippery enough to go in without any trouble. He smiled as Blue's tailhole constricted around his tongue hard. He took his tongue out and licked at Blue's hole" Relax, cutie pie" he said, massaging Blue's rump. He stuck his tongue in again more of his tongue slipping in this time; he licked everywhere, leaving no spot untouched until a coat of saliva covered his insides. <i> For someone who's never done this before he keeps himself unusually clean </i> he thought, swirling his tongue around and teasing Blue's insides.

      Blue's blush came back stronger than ever. Gasping as Drake started to rim him; he squeezed down on the organ without meaning to, trying to relax but failing miserably since he was so anxious. Drake's intrusion felt sooo weird and he tried to squirm and move away from it but Drake had too strong of a grip on him. He closed his eyes and tried to focus on Drake's fondling with his rear. His member slowly peeking out from his sheath, unnoticed while Drake kept up his work.

      Drake smiled widely again and stood up behind him, satisfied with his job of lubing Blue up. He moved his paws up to Blue's waist and lined up his member to Blue's slickened tailhole. Then he rammed his member inside, holding his hips tight and grinding hard in satisfaction, enjoying the sensation of Blue's rectum caressing his cock.

      Blue cried out, his eyes tearing up a little. The pain causing the light to instantly dim around them until it was barely visible. Having never been taken before in his virgin hole he found all of this new and painful. He clenched down in reflex, causing more pain to come but a little pleasure followed with it.

      Drake yelled slightly and moaned, relishing the tight trap. "Oooooh yeah" He grinded a little more and leaned over Blue's whole body, licking his neck softly "Your so nice and tight". He grabbed Blue around the waist and fondled his crotch as he humped slowly, getting lost in satisfaction.

      Blue squealed to the humps, his hole convulsing around Drake's cock. He murred at Drake's comments, but before he could really think about it Drake's paw was on his small prick. His member had already poked out without him realizing it. He looked over his shoulder again and moaned to a particularly hard thrust, more tears coming down.

      Drake took that opportunity to kiss him again trying to direct his attention from his sore rump. He started humping faster now and picked up the speed of his stroking, squeezing his member hard with lust. Blue's squeals turning him on even more.

      Blue squealed louder but it's muffled by Drake's mouth. He finally relaxed his muscles, allowing Drake to take him with less resistance, while becoming totally distracted by the kiss. His cock, fully exposed, began to leak unto Drake's paw. The tears had finally stopped flowing and the pleasure was quickly starting to get to him, his ruby lighting up again now that he was feeling better.

      Drake smeared the pre onto Blue's cock, and stuffing his big charmeleon cock into him over and over. His pre leaking into Blue's bumhole making the humps smoother from the natural lube. He used Blue's body for all it was worth, massaging, tugging and masturbating his cock as he thrusts, loving the cute little sounds Blue made.

      Blue broke the kiss and moaned loudly as Drake began to thrust faster, rocking his smaller frame forward each time. He started to rock back towards Drake, attempting to take in as much as he could. Drake's knot grazing his tailhole each time their hips slammed into each other. The glow steadily got brighter until it went from red to bright red, the small hill they were on was covered in the warm luminance. Blue tried to calm down a little before speaking but it was impossible. Some of Drake's thrusts were hitting his prostate pretty hard and he was getting more turned on by the second. Another strong hit to it caused Blue to gasp out "Drake..." talking was getting harder and harder and he was starting to pant now.

      Drake was panting hard as he kept on humping. Upon hearing his name he looked at Blue's eyes. "Y-Yes *moan* Cutie?"

      "Drake...harder...ah" Blue was desperately trying to think coherently but Drake's cock piercing into his depths and his paw were making it increasingly hard. He stretched his legs out as far he can and hiked his rear up.

      Drake moaned loudly and pumped into Blue harder, quickly getting the message. He pounded his hips into Blue as hard as he could, lewd noises being made every time their hips came in contact thanks to all of the pre Drake had leaked into the tiny cavity. He could tell Blue was going to lose it soon. His legs were beginning to get shaky and his panting was getting quicker, not to mention all the light he was emitting. Drake suddenly had an idea. He sat down, pulling Blue with him. After that he put one paw over his small prick, and the other one around his stomach, as he pulled him up and let Blue's weight push himself back down, helped along with his paws. He started jerking up and down and smiling to him "As you wish, slave"

      Blue's squealing started up again, bouncing on Drake's lap and taking all of the char cock deep inside him. The new position they were in causing his prostate to get hit roughly with every bounce. He grabbed Drake's paw and tried to relax again, squirming at the feeling of being so full of char meat. He was almost there, he could feel himself on the brink and only needed one more push to send him over the edge.

      Drake yelped and squeezed Blue down over his charmeleon knot, being really sleek and wet; it made a little "plop" sound as his rump got spread hard the last few seconds. Pressing Blue down on his member he finally orgasmed, sending his hot seed long into Blue and shivered with him on his cock.

      Blue jumped when Drake popped his knot in, the gem flashing brightly in response. The sensation pushed him overboard as his hole clamped down hard on Drake's pole, his seed shooting upward a little bit before landing back on Drake's paw and dribbling down. He moaned in ecstasy as his tailhole clenched sporadically, enjoying the feeling of being filled like this. He could feel the thick cum coating his insides and warming him as it settled in his rectum. Drowsiness was starting to kick in though and he leaned back onto Drake's chest, sighing as he kept pumping more char seed into him. The light around them slowly was fading away as they rested.

      Drake stopped after a while and relaxed, Letting go of Blue's cock and hugging him tightly." That was soooo gooood"

      Blue just lied there, too exhausted to really say anything. He could feel Drake slowly rubbing his belly and clenched teasingly around him before relaxing himself and catching his breath, enjoying the warm squishy feeling of Drake's jism in him. He sighed and looked at the stars again before eventually falling nodding off, snoring softly with Drake's arms around him. His ruby had finally stopped shining brightly and went back to its customary red glow again. 

      Drake chuckled softly at Blue before whispering in his ear" Who's asleep now Blue?" getting no response of course. He moved his legs around and laid down on his side, his member still locked inside Blue. Thanks to his knot they weren't going anywhere soon so he figured that he might as well go to sleep. He didn't have any plans tomorrow so he would have plenty of time to get cleaned up. He yawned and dismissed the thought entirely, snuggling up to Blue and nuzzeling his neck, falling asleep shortly afterward.


Chapter 2


      It had been a week since Drake and Blue had spent the night in the park and since then, Blue's attitude had completely changed. Suddenly, women were noticing him more. This was probably due to the fact that he actually ventured out of his room. He had even managed to bag a girlfriend, a cute espeon by the name of Frea 3 days ago. The best part came when they had decided to go to her apartment and making out on her bed. Blue's house was full of siblings so there was nowhere else to go. Thanks to Drake he had a good idea of what to do to make her feel good, but he wasn't on the receiving side this time so there was a fair amount of exploring to do. Fortunately, Frea had done this kind of stuff before and gave him a few pointers. They had a blast but the fun was cut short due to Blue's lack of endurance. After exploring the missionary position and managing a second orgasm he conked out on top of her. She said that he needed some more practice but she had fun wouldn't mind helping him out with that. This did wonders for his ego and the first person to notice this was his parents.

      Drake cleaned up at Frea's house and got her number before heading out. On his way home he past by the park. <i>I wonder how Drake's doing</i> he thought to himself <i>I know! I see if he's on the computer when I get back home</i>. It was 2:30 so there was a good chance that Drake was already on, chatting with other people. Blue rushed home, opening the door and running straight into his mother. He tried to stop himself but his momentum was too great so they went skidding down the hallway. When they had stopped moving Blue found himself on top and quickly got off his mom, who looked slightly dazed. He and his mom looked almost exactly alike. The only visible differences being that her fur was a slightly lighter shade and had more sheen to it. This was most likely the effect of her constant bathing, which happened to be her favorite activity. She loved the scent of strawberries and had the entire house smelling like it, she even had strawberry scented shampoo which she used daily.

      "Blue, what's the rush" she said, trying to get up.

      Blue grabbed a paw a helped her get back on her feet. Once she was standing again she quickly hugged Blue tightly, nuzzling the side of his face "Oh Blue, you've been acting so differently lately, I haven’t seen you this happy in so long” she said. She was about to say something else but she froze, sniffing Blue’s neck. “Blue, you smell different...” she said moving from for neck and down his chest. Blue was horrified, he completely forgot