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WHAT A DEAL for just $65!!!  Call Paul at 210-415-5340 before someone else buys this!  SEE PICTURES BELOW.

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Do you think you can tell the difference in sound quality between this receiver, and a state-of-the-art $900 receiver just bought from Circuit City?  Unless you're an audiophile with a trained ear, I am confident that you won't.  If you've read this far and caught yourself thinking, "I want a great piece of equipment, but I am on a budget, and this might be what I need", then I suggest you buy this receiver from me.

My rants and raves about this device:

Why am I selling this?  I just got married and moved into a dinky 750 sq ft apartment; the wife and I need to sell of our duplicate items to make room for us.   I have to admit, it is tough to part with this receiver.  We've been through a lot together.

The one drawback is that the remote control does not consistently work.  Despair not, however.  Chances are, an electronics shop could repair it.  Better yet, if you connect the receiver as the hub of your system as described above, you may consider buying a universal remote (click here for an example of universal remotes) to control this receiver, plus all of your other components. 


Model: VSX-9700S

Year: 1991

Complete Description:

This is an auction for the difficult to come by, highly coveted, and most awesome, PIONEER VSX-5700S A/V  RECEIVER. This is one of the top-of-the-line audio / video receivers.  This superb unit is the perfect addition to any home theater system, and one of the most recommended upgrades to any good system already in action.  It is one heavy, well made piece, and is fully loaded with all the features you'd expect. (unfortunately, we do not have a working remote)

It works perfectly (w/o the use of the remote control) it will run everything you have, (but it won't make your coffee!).  Here are the specifics: courtesy of Pioneer. 

- Built-in Digital Delay, Dolby Pro Logic surround circuit
- 5 power amplifier modes
- Motor driven large volume knob with L.E.D- Enhancer, split-screen function- Video signal selector
- Two-way VCR copying and monitoring
- Acoustic memory function (Five types)
- Multi-room remote jack (SR function)
- Station call-letter display function
- Direct access tuning switch
- Output power amp (front) 105 Watts/channel
- Output power amp (rear) 20 Watts
- Output power amp (center) 25 Watts
- 3 inputs S(connector) video jacks (VDP-VCR1-VCR2)
- 2 Tape Rec/Play
- 2 VCR'S inputs (VCR1, VCR2, VCR3 - RCA and S-Vid for VCR1-VCR2 - RCA only for VCR3)
- 1 Video input
- 1 VDV(RCA)/CDV input
- 1 TV/Monitor RCA input