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2006 UK TOUR:
Friday, June 2nd;
We Head To

First, we breakfasted in the SCRUMPTIOUS and

absolutely LOVELY Airth Castle Reception Center Dining Room.

(Yes! Hagis & Black Pudding again!)

Then, we headed to Kincardine’s POST OFFICE.
(We’d seen it while enroute to the UNICORN Restaurant the night before,
and Kincardine was on the way to Edinburgh.)

There, Ruby shipped TWO BOXES containing her Ren Costume bitz, her
MANY unneeded SHOES (LOL), and a few purchases back to the USA!
[It was MY SUGGESTION that she do so, and not have to lug all that weight around
for the rest of the trip. But, I had no idea how terrifically expensive it would be!]

After THAT, we headed off to EDINBURGH – only a 45 min drive.

OK. I have to comment on Ruby’s purchase of a
LAUREL BURCH Kat Bag while shopping in Stirling!

Laurel Burch’s paintings, cards, and accessories are decidedly distinctive in appearance. And, even though Ruby doesn’t have KATZ, she LUVZ Laurel’s Kat Art.
I luv Laurel’s Kat Art, too! But, since I HAVE katz, I usually never purchase KAT STUFF. Ruby’s new bag, however, was particularly (enviously) gorgeous!

This canvas purse features three colorful Cats with gold metallic accents on the front. The back of this purse is black with multi-color mini-triangle accents. It has 2 handles and a detachable shoulder strap. This purse also [comes with a] wooden ornamental attachment. Measures 12" x 4" x 8".

Here is the pic Ruby took of her gorgeous LB Bag (described above)

while it was perched on our DASH during our drive to Edinburgh:
Laurel Burch’s personal website is “DOWN” right now.
But you can check out (or purchase) her products on MANY websites,
such as THIS ONE!

All RIGHT! Back to “BiZness!

PLZ NOTE!: The “correct” pronunciation of “EDINBURGH” is
[Thank you, CHET, for filling me in on that before this trip!]

In spite of VERY GOOD MapQuest routing, we MISSED (drove right by)
The Gifford House at first. But, after pulling onto a side street,

asking and looking around, we soon discovered that we simply were
looking on the WRONG SIDE of the street!

Once we found it, ALL was LOVERLY!

Pix o’ The GIFFORD HOUSE – the ONLY “B&B” We Stayed In!

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