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Thank you for visiting my page!!! as i have worked very hard please come back soon! My theme for this site is bumble bees and ladybugs and all the pics are in my photo album although i have no idea how you can get there. OK so enjoy!! img WARNING TO THE EARTH Dear people of the earth. This is a warning that must not be taking lightly. There is a girl who has slaughtered many innoccent beings including lady bugs. grass hoppers and bumble bees. She is charged under pain of death but for some reason the law cannot track her down, and so if you see her beat her with a walking cane and make sure you knock her out nice and good, and then strangle her to death. The same goes for her accomplice, Shelby, she has commited the same horrible crimes as Mackenzie, but has not been as violent, even so she is wanted dead. So remember get your walking canes out and be prepared to beat someone!! IF you see any two girls who look like rats then by all means KILL THEM!!!!!!! Thank you for you time!