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What's New?

March 18 2006: Finished the akathist for Holy Communion. Also, regrouped the links found in the akathist pages. Added 'About this site' section and 'What's New?' subsection.
March 19 2006: Relativly minor update today. Corrected some mistakes in the akathist for Holy Communion and the akathist to the Most Holy Theotokos. Also changed the picture found in the akathist to the Divine Passion of Christ.
March 20 2006: A really special update today. I added my favorite akathist, akathist for the repose of those who have fallen alseep. May this beatuiful prayer be a consolation to you all!
March 21 2006: I put the life of St. George the Greatmartyr. St. George, pray for us!
March 22 2006: I finally added an article about prayer. Single but probably the most important addition so far.
March 23 2006: I added a short exscript from St. Justin Popovic's introduction to the lives of the Saints. Saints in those section shall be arranged alphabetically.
March 24 2006: Added the life of St. Nicholai of Zicha.
March 25 2006: Added an article regarding the Creed.
March 26 2006: With the addition of the Sacred Scripture article, Real Basics section is completed.
March 27 2006: Prayers subsection finally commences! I plan on placing all common prayers here, with akathists and canons in separate subsections.
March 29 2006: Whew. After a load of work, morning and evening prayers have been added. Enjoy!
March 30 2006: Prayers subsection is nearly complited. Prayers during the day added.
April 1st 2006: I added a really helpful (and tad combined) article on vigil lamps.
April 4th 2006: Thanks to Fr. Dionisy, Lyudmila and Lazar, the site is flourishing! Please remember these kind people in their prayers.
April 5th 2006: Well, my heart skipped a beat when I notced that I lost my daily troparia and kontakia page, but it turned out that I simply placed it under a different name. Silly me.
April 6th 2006: Another subsection is finished - I added prayers for different needs. Please note that I'd REALLY REALLY appreciate any prayers you'd like to share that aren't found in a typical prayerbook.
April 7th 2006: Prayers of thanksgiving for Holy Communion added, as well as some new prayers for different needs. Enjoy, and keep on contributing!
April 10 2006: Preparatory prayers for Holy Communion (FINALLY!) added. Whew, that was sure a lot of work...
April 11 2006: Huuuuuuuuuuuuuge update. I kind of remodeled the prayer rule, and I've also added three nice prayer rules for inspiration.
April 14 2006: Altered the akathists page just a tad. I will redefine icons in most akathists pretty soon. Bear with me!
April 17 2006: Finished updating pictures on the akathists page. Nothing grand, but I should start adding new akathists tomorrow...
April 18 2006: Added the akathist to Joy of All Who Sorrow and Queen of All.
April 19 2006: Added the akathist to Saint Michael and Saint Elizabeth.
May 11 2006: Two akathists, one to St. Michael and the other to the Holy Cross. Sorry for the late update :(
May 13 2006: Added the akathist to the Protection of the Theotokos.
May 18 2006: Late update again. Here's the akathist to the Theotokos, the Inexhaustible Cup. That is all for today.
May 24 2006: And AGAIN, a slow update. And yes, it is another akathist. To the Daughter of Zion. :-)
May 27 2006: Weee, another akathist. In Prase of God's Creation. Nota bene: This akathist is also knowns as "Glory to God for All Things" and "Akathist of Thanksgiving." Also added akathist to Saint Seraphim Rose. Note that this akathist shouldn't be used liturgically, as Seraphim Rose isn't an official Saint yet. :)
May 28 2006: Well, I finally added the akathists to the Martyrs of Boxer Rebellion. Took me a long time because the original akathist was written in pdf. format. Holy Chinese Martyrs, pray unto God for us!
May 29 2006: Akathist section is nearly complete. Enjoy akathists to St. Raphael of Brooklyn and St. Tikhon of Moscow.
May 30 2006: Additional akathist in honor of St. Nilus of Sora.
May 31 2006: Finals are approaching, and I'm not too certain if I'll be able to update during next couple of days. Enjoy the akathist to Saint Nicholas, Tsar and Passionbearer.
June 1 2006: Early today, with an akathist to St. Nectarios.
June 8 2006: I'm baaack! With akathist to St. Juliana of Lazarevo.
June 11 2006: Well, after some lazing around, I hope you all enjoy akathist to St. John of Shangai and San Francisco.
July 16 2006: As soon as I post some akathists, the entire section will be complete. I present the akathist to Saint Innocent of Alaska.
July 26 2006: I added the akathist to the Theotokos, Nurturer of Children. Please note that I lack the Icon - if you have a high quality icon, please send.
July 29 2006: Off to vacation soon, so don't expect any updates during August. If anyone's following this site anyway. But I have a looooong one for you peeeps: akathist in honor of Prophet David. Enjoy!
July 30 2006: Brothers... Sisters... Reverened fathers... I give to you: the newly opened canons section! Canons - you just gotta love 'em!
August 25 2006: You can imagine my surprise when I noticed how long I haven't updated this site - but then it occured to me that I got back from vacation a week ago - and yes, I was lazy. But not today. Tad predictable, but the first canon I have for you is canon to our Sweetest Lord, Jesus Christ.
August 26 2006: I guess this is one of my more inspiring periods. I hope you all enjoy the canon to the Most Holy Theotokos.
August 27 2006: And yet another canon - to the Guardian Angel.
September 17 2006: Due to my laziness, I failed both of my exams. Therefore, it is fitting and right to give you the canon of repentance.
September 30 2006: You know, I don't think I even notice just how slowly I update this... Anyway: Canon to Saint Walstan.
October 1 2006: Not much to report. Canon to Saint Nicholas, Tsar and Passionbearer.
October 5 2006: I decided to skip the canons for a while - the site that hosts them has a problematic way of presenting them, which means that I'd have to do some research in order to post the correct irmoi. So, today, I give you prayer ropes and beads.
October 11 2006: Ok, I finished the article on Sunday - even though it is Wendesday.
October 12 2006: A friend of mine is coming over, she'll need my computer for the rest of the day, so I'm updating early. Here are the feast days.
October 16 2006: Enjoy the article on the Resurrection.
October 17 2006: Nativity of the Theotokos.
October 18 2006: Elevation of the Holy Cross
November 4 2006: I decided that I do not update the 'News' section until I finish the entire 'Feasts' section (which is now complete). This includes all future sections.
November 5 2006: I hope everyone likes the new, improved Bright Week article. The picture is just so adorable.
November 23 2006: I had hard time updating because tests were approaching and I couldn't find the appopriate picture to go with Name Days article. Thanks to the courtesy of Sergei Karpenko, I have a good pic now. Thanks a lot Sergei!
November 24 2006: Found a great article on Serbian custom of Krsna Slava. If you're a Serb or if you wish to adopt this custom - do not forget to celebrate your Slava!
November 25 2006: Updated Daily Services article.
November 30 2006: Services for Special Occasions.
December 5 2006: Royal Hours.
December 6 2006: I had a problem yesterday, couldn't update the news page. It's gone now. Enjoy the Passia article.
December 8 2006: I added the introduction to the Divine Liturgy. And I also noticed that the image for the Creed article is WAY off. I have no idea how that happened. Will check tomorrow.
December 10 2006: Today is Mom's birthday. :) I placed preparation for the Liturgy article. I also fixed the Creed article photo.
May 5 2007: I gave birth to a bear. A Serbian saying implying heavy hardship. The bear in this case is the Divine Liturgy of St. John. I haven't updated for months, but that doesn't mean that no work was done - I was actually working on the liturgy page. Once I lost all my work, which significantly delayed the post... Hope you all like. Too bad I missed site's anniversary.
May 17 2007: Added the Divine Liturgy of St. Basil the Great.
June 27 2007: Added the Liturgy of Presanctified Gifts which is performed on Wednesdays and Fridays of Great Lent.
July 12 2007: Tad late, due to exams. Added a cute lil' page on liturgical colors.
July 13 2007: Another short, but hopefuly helpful, article on commemoration lists.
August 1 2007: Back in Belgrade after vacation. Hope you enjoy the Baptism article.
August 11 2007: Finally finished the service of baptism. Hope you enjoy!
August 14 2007: Added an article on godparenting.
October 20 2007: Another extremly late update. Finished the page on Chrismation.
October 23 2007: Working hard to add as much as new articles before new batch of exams arrive. Today's special is the Mystery of Confession. I must say I'm extremly impressed by Jovana's photo.
October 26 2007: I have added this handy lil' list that should help you with your Confession preparation.
November 14 2007: Hopefully, Confession section is finished with the final addition of prayers article.
February 28 2008: After an extremely long break (due to some personal issues) I bring you the article of utmost importance - the one about Holy Communion.
April 7 2008: Page on marriage has finally been added.
June 10 2008: Thanks to Molly Grabowski, a number of spelling mistakes have been corrected in akathist to St. Michael. Thanks Molly!
June 23 2008: Finally a more substantial update - Mystery of Ordination.
June 27 2008: While the information on the Mystery of Unciton was scarce, I managed to find just enough.

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