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Paranormal Phenomenon

This website gives first hand experience of different types of paranormal activity, including such things as:  paranormal phenomenon, psychic advice, spiritual enlightenment, etc.

As far as I can tell this is just a first hand type experience, to my knowledge they are not affiliated with any group or organization.

The Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena.  The ASSAP is a registered charity.  This group publishes a bi-monthly newsletter. You can get some information through the site, however you need to be a member to get the full benefit of the site.  This group works in its own way, they do not promote corporate views, beliefs or disbeliefs.

The ASSAP is also affiliated with many other groups such as: Melton Paranormal Research Society, Chesterfeild Psychic Study Group, Spirit Team, Etc

This website has a wide variety of paranormal things, ranging from a state-by-state listing of haunted places, International haunted places, photo galleries from particular places, etc.  You can find a list of currently haunted places and read up on them as well as past hauntings.  There is also a search so that you can search for a particular place you might want to know more about

This page just gives a few stories and locations of paranormal activity.  There are some interesting stories and pictures but that is about it.

In this website you can find many haunted stories and photos.  They also have some videos as well as some clips from radio broadcasts.  This website also contains a chat forum where you can chat with people to share stories or find out more information.

Again this is another website where you can find some useful information but must become a member to get the full benefit of the site.  Even without becoming a member you can find where conventions are, who their researchers are, galleries of crop circle pictures as well as DVD and VHS to buy.

This website is dedicated to the research of crop circles. Like some of the other websites you must become a member to reap all of the benefits of the site, but as a guest you can also gain some knowledge of crop circles and their related research.