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Northern Nigeria

The Niger River plays a vital role in survival for the people of Eastern Nigeria. The Nigerians so a lot of fishing in the Niger River. Oil was found in the river's dealta. Now the oil spills have killed most of the fish in the dealta making life a great struggle due to the lack of food and drinkable water. Though the spill killed many fishes... there was a large number of profits made by the oil.

Eastern Nigeria get the most rainfall of all other regions. Long ago, East Nigeria was covered by rainforest but due to the cuting down of the trees for timber, they are now gone. Today the coast is lined by swamps. The Niger River has built a loarge delta that flow to the Gulf of Guinea. This delta is one of the largest wetlands.

The Igbo are the main ethnic group in East Nigeria. The Igbo settled here thousands of years ago. They formed villages that were ruled by a council of elders. Each village has its oen dialect of the Igbo language. There is more than 300 differnt dialects but many are disappearing due to the English. English became the main Igbo language.

During colonial times, the Igbo worked with the British. Many became Christians. After Nigeria became independent, things went bad for the Igbo people. The other ethnic group began to try to take control. Then the Igbo people migrated to other ragions of Nigeria, they were killed by the thousands. More than one million Igbos fled to their home region of Eastern Nigeria. In 1967, East Nigeria tried to break away and created their own country but the government was sent to stop this act. This resulted in hundreds of deaths. In 1970, Nigeria was ove again reunited as one country.

Igbo boy dancing