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Introduction to Nazi articles


Originally, Nazism existed as an imperialist doctrine (centred on Germany 1930s-1940s), however the ideology has since then been picked up and transformed as a globalist doctrine espousing authoritarianism and genocide.

Introduction to articles
1) This article establishes the definitions of Nazism:
Oppose Nazism in all its forms
2) This article shows that Multicultural Nazism fits those definitions:
Multicultural Nazism
3) This article gives further information on Multicultural Nazism:
Multiculturalists are the new Nazis

There are also those who participate in "Nazism" as a cult, rather than as a true political ideology or style. These people are often termed as Nutzis. Read further information in The Strangeness of the Nutzi Cult.

The term "Nazi" is also used as a derogatory word to imply basic authoritarianism, such as in "Feminazi", and even in lesser applications such as "Soup Nazi" (from the well-known episode of the TV series "Seinfeld").

Nazi plans for Australia


People Against Nazism, Communism, and Authoritarianism