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Multicultural Nazism


Realising that actual Nazism and Neo-Nazism offer no modern-day presence of Nazi modes, we need to search carefully to locate the presence of the new authoritarian menace.

As has been noted, actual Nazism was confined to Germany in the period of 1919-1945. However, the modern equivalent of such authoritarianism can be sought out. Such a search brings us to the little-realised dangers of the ideology of Multiculturalism - more accurately known as Multicultural Nazism.

To evaluate this concept, we need to consider the underlying principles of Nazism, considering not the secondary or superficial aspects, but rather its primary and practical foundations. We may then compare the practical basics of original Nazism with modern Multicultural Nazism.

a) Genocidal racism
Grandiose visions of some form of racial domination
-- The original Nazis sought to rid Europe of Jews and Gypsies
-- The Multicultural Nazis seek the demise of White people worldwide, they seek the creation of a world population of the “universal brown man”; seeking, as the song goes, “coffee-coloured people by the score” - that is, they aim for the genocide of the European peoples.

b) Authoritarianism and elimination of opposition
Against freedom of speech; jailing those who publicly oppose the government's ideology
-- The original Nazis took “legal” action against, or jailed, their political enemies who publicly disagreed with their world-view.
-- The Multicultural Nazis take “legal” action against, or jail, their political enemies who publicly disagree with their world-view (using so-called racial vilification laws), and create a climate of fear amongst the general populace of expressing racial views.
-- The Multicultural Nazis are usually more subtle than the original Nazis
       - so-called racial vilification laws that are designed to hamper opposition to Multicultural policies
       - electoral laws that specifically favour mainstream parties
       - use of political police to harass opposition

c) Imperialism, or domination of many countries
-- The original Nazis sought domination of other countries by territorial expansion and war
-- The Multicultural Nazis seek domination of other countries by using cultural expansion and cultural war (cultural imperialism); the Multicultural ideology is an inherently globalist political view. In this regard, the Multiculturalists' main weapons are twofold.
- Americanisation - also known as Globalisation (cultural expansion)
- Political Correctness - also known as Liberalism (cultural war), whereby the cultures of Western (usually White) countries are constantly undermined by continual attacks on their traditions and culture, usually accompanied - and assisted - by campaigns for large-scale immigration.

There are also other similarities between original Nazism and Multicultural Nazism.

d) Discrimination in favour of certain racial/ethic groups
-- The original Nazis favoured “Aryans”, and discriminated against Jews and Gypsies
-- The Multicultural Nazis favour Aborigines and non-Whites by usage of “affirmative discrimination”, discriminative procedures, and special grants and special funding for certain non-White ethnicities; all of which are, in practice, actually discrimination against people of European backgrounds. Multicultural Nazis are also often disparaging of Australian culture, whilst asserting that foreign Third World cultures have “real culture”.

e) Indoctrination of youth
-- The original Nazis organized indoctrination via schools and youth camps
-- The Multicultural Nazis have organized indoctrination via schools and the media (via fellow-travellers in the eduaction system and in the media)
       - specific Multicultural programmes in school
       - training of teachers in Multiculturalism and “anti-racism”
       - television shows and movies with subtle pro-Multiculturalism and pro-multiracialism themes

The only notable differences between classical Nazism and Multicultural Nazism are:

1) The matter of degree - Nazism was authoritarian, whereas Multicultural Nazism, at this stage at least, would be regarded as semi-authoritarian.

2) Multicultural Nazism is lacking the “führerprinzip”, or leadership principle. However, there are some minor examples of this in action, such as the unilateral decision of the Multiculturalist Prime Minister Bob Hawke to allow some 30,000 Chinese students to stay in Australia (with families, this figure rose to approximately 90,000) without consultation with the Federal Cabinet or parliament. Gough Whitlam, past Multiculturalist Prime Minister, enjoys a cult status amongst Labor Party adherents, similar to that of Adolf Hitler with his Nazi Party adherents.

The Multicultural Nazis are not so much national, but rather international - their internationalism is not necessarily regarding belief in an international state (although that outcome is highly desired by many Multicultural Nazis), but regarding a belief in an international political culture. Perhaps the left-wing Multiculturalists should be called not National Socialists, but rather International Socialists. Similar to the original Nazis like Adolf Hitler, the Multicultural Nazis are not necessarily attached to a socialist point of view, but rather are attached to the pursuit of power insofar as their Multiculturalist ambitions may be realised.

Along with their anti-national and anti-democratic laws, the Multiculturalists have established, by use of the public purse, many Multiculturalist government organisations. In true Orwellian fashion, the Multicultural Nazis label their organizations as the opposite of what they represent. For instance, the Human Rights Commission is actually used to stampede over human rights, using a “kangaroo court” system to attack those who use their right to free speech to oppose Asian immigration and anti-Australian policies.

The Multiculturalists use the power of media, law, and indoctrination to establish and solidify their political ideology. Author Michael Cathcart recognised part of the true nature of Multiculturalism, when he discussed the style of dominant ideologies in societies:
    “The dominant ideology is the political culture which is gen­erally recognized as 'central'. That is to say, it is the world view which is generally acknowledged to be the prevailing ortho­doxy. It need not be the expression of the views of the majority, nor need it encapsulate the private convictions of the ruling class, but it is necessarily the world view which the majority recognizes as authoritative, even if only because it is enforced by menace or fear. …

    The dominant ideology is, therefore, that amalgam of social forces which establishes its interpretations and practices as objectively true, sane or moral. It dominates the realm of the self-evident. Under different dominant ideologies, such con­cepts as the flat earth, market forces, the mental and moral baseness of slaves, Lebensraum, the tenets of Marxism-Leninism and (to take one modern Australian example) multi-culturalism, have been established as objective realities or moral absolutes. The marginalization of alternatives which are regarded as threatening to the dominant ideology (and thereby to the pre­vailing power structures) need not necessarily be achieved by physical punishment or persecution. In some cases, margin­alization may be achieved simply by branding such alternatives as departures from the given nature of things. They may be declared, say, biased, immoral, dishonest, heretical or insane.” [emphasis added]
Cathcart notes that:
    “In extreme or sensitive cases of mass dissent or non-conformity, the margin may be defined by police or troopers, either defend­ing the ideology and power relations of the centre from ideological or physical attack, or attempting to contain or suppress activities which are considered dangerously marginal.”[1]
In recognising the reality of Multiculturalist regimes, we can perceive the true nature of state power; that Multicultural Nazism, whilst professing a belief in democracy, actually uses all manner of anti-democratic means to keep itself in power.

We can also see that Multiculturalism - despite its outward appearance - is not a viewpoint of calmness and reason as many suppose that is, but is actually an evil political ideology dedicated to genocide on the world stage. It is a wolf in sheep's clothing, seemingly fluffy and nice, but in reality horrible and dangerous. Multicultural Nazism is the true modern successor to the Nazism of the mid-20th Century, and is just as dangerous to the continuance of Western Civilisation, if not more so. All those who believe in the democratic ideals of Australia should gather together to fight this menace.


[1] Michael Cathcart, Defending the National Tuckshop: Australia's Secret Army Intrigue of 1931, McPhee Gribble (Penguin), Fitzroy, Victoria, p.124-125


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