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A Holiday Letter to My Friends  



  Another Year is almost upon us. 

I Especially wanted to take This Time

To Come By and Wish each and All 

The Happiest of All Holiday Seasons.

This Year has been a Most Joyful One.

So Many Events, both Big and Small 

have come My way.

So Many Blessing, both Big and Small 

have touched My Heart.

And for Each of these Blessings

 I am so very Thankful.

Two Years have past since

 I created a Place called

Moments To Remember.

I ventured Into this endeavor almost two years ago.

January 2008 

will be 

Moments to Remembers 

Second Birthday.

This very special place was created with the purpose

of  giving a home to poets who wanted to showcase

their poems, and did not have a website of their own

or a way in which to show the world their message.

Somehow, along the way, I was so very blest

to have some of the most

Phenomenal Poets & Artists

On the Internet 

share their words of Inspiration

and their Talents so unselfishly with Us all.

Inspiring each new poet  & artist to write and design and showcase.

Encouraging each other every step along the way.

The poets, artists and Friends

that have met here at Moments To Remember

have grown enormously this year.

For this I am eternally grateful.

The bonds of Friendship made here 

I know will last forever.

The messages left behind 

now immortalized and treasured.

This is all because 

of the caring hearts who have made 

Moments to Remember

once a Dream 

now a Reality.

I want to Thank each one of You .

Firstly, My daughter Stacey.

She not only encouraged me

 to take on this massive project, 

but she taught me how to create 

my very first solo web page.

She is My Teacher, 

and my Inspiration.

Thank you My sweet angel Tae.

Secondly, My Best Matey  Jean.

aka: LaLuna.

She is the driving force behind each and every

Beautiful Golden graphic and award that

is so graciously given to 

Our Moments to Remember Poets.

Thanks  Jean for all that You are to me 

and for All that you do.

Jean is also My Other Half that this Year

managed to Create Two more Unique

and Beautiful Websites:

Forever Mother

A Most serene and touching place

where many have come to place plaques in

Memory of their Mothers as a loving Tribute

And Also

Inspirations Card Shoppe.

A Place where literally every sentiment

can be sent to those you care about for every occasion.

There have been many New Additions

to Our Moments to Remember Family

But I would be remiss If I did not make special

mention of the One Loss that will always

leave a huge void in Our Hearts. 

The passing of  Les Willson .

A Friend and mentor to Many.

He will be greatly missed, But his work

will live on here at Moments to Remember

as long as this site Remains.

And Also Our Longtime Friend

Jan Redbird.

Moments to Remember

has brought into my life some of the most

 Treasured friends and poets

I could have ever hoped for .


For My Old Friends,

 this is another Year .

I cherish you.

Mike Leach, Donna Matthews, Darlene, Mikki ,

 Sharon AngelHeart,  Dee , Derek,  Sharon Branson, 

Norma Stevens, Patches ,  Don , Becca , 

Linda, Denise, Norma V., Marian , Gary & Deb , 

Debi Fisher, Andrea, Teresa,  Alana , 

Jim, Ken, MarieJoy, Sharon Steege, 

Lee Bozeman ,Tom Jutte, Kid Tacoma , 

Annie Byam, Mae Whitney , Bernice, Dusty Ole Jim

Irish Warlock , AngelEyes Sue , Joyce Lock 

  Reindeer, Zoie , Ross Bowen, Bev & Cheryl 


You are Loved more with each passing year.

To My New Friends

Thank You for making my days and my life

Brighter By having you in it.

June, Joycie, Doris, Bent Bay, Sue, Val,

Betty Jo Mings, Carol Meeks, Pearlie Walker,

Chris Hansen, Rose, Kathy Stilley, Carol Reagan,

Connie Arnold, Charlene, Debby Carlson, Jim Nassium

Joan Costner, Miriam, Judy Catchot, Mary Mizany,

 Joanie Misseau,Myra Wood, Ralph Clark,

 Richard in Iraq, Sandra Pringle,

Shirley Harwood, Sylvia and Greg Watkins, Jade


Vickie Lambdin.


Happiest of Holidays to You All.

To My Family...

Stacey, Jason, Jess ,

Mark, Pennie 

You are My Inspiration...

Happy Holidays  My Sweet Friends

May the Coming New Year

Turn Your Every Dream Into Reality


Peace, Light and Forever Love :


And a Most Wonderful Coming Year !!!





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